Mary Ellen, d. Justen E., carpenter, and Ellen, May 1, 1847.

AMERADGE (Ameridge)

Frances W., ch. Francis, cordwainer, and Balenda, Mar. 25, 1849.

AMERIDGE (Ameradge)

George M., s. Francis, shoemaker, and Belinda, July 26, 1846.


Mary, d. Jacob and Irenia, Aug. 2, 1838. PR4


Charles F., s. Joseph M. and Cyntha, Nov. 1, 1818.


Mary Jane, d. John, weaver, and Nancy, July 11, 1844.

Harriet Maria, d. John, spinner, and Nancy, Dec. 5, 1845.

Charles Henderson, s. John, laborer, Aug. 6, 1848.

Sharlott A., d. John, laborer, and Nancy, Nov. 4, 1849.


Artemus S., July 3, 1820. GR2

Sarah A., w. Artemas S., July 15, 1820. GR2

Simon A., s. David, laborer, and Harriet, Aug. 2, 1845.

Sarah Delia, d. Artemas, shoe manufacturer, and Sarah A., May 23, 1846.

Horas H., s. Artimas L., shoe manufacturer, and Sarah A., Oct. 23, 1847.

Sarah Maria, d. David, laborer, May 30, 1848.

–––––, s. Artimas S., shoe manufacturer, and Sarah A., May 13, 1849.


Melzer L., May 27, 1824. GR2

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