Harriet, and Jonathan Munroe, Feb. 3, 1843.*

Alfred Adams, and Sallt Butter, int. Jan. 13, 1849.


Nathaniel, of Claremont, NH, and Mary Chandler, int. Feb. 12, 1837.

DAMMON (Damon)

George, "resident of Saugus," and Mary Dammon of Reading, int. Nov. 8, 1818.

Mary, of Reading, and George Dammon, "resident of Saugus," int. Nov. 8, 1818.

DAMON (Dammon)

Samuel H., "resident of Saugus," and Mary Adams of Reading, int. Feb. 1, 1818.


Joseph, and Sally Ballard, Dec. 3, 1820.*

Lydia N., and James Pennison, int. Dec. 2, 1821.

Lucy W., and Levi D. Waldron, Sept. 26, 1824.

Lydia N., and James Oliver, int. Mar. 27, 1825.

Eliza N., and Nathaniel N. Manfield, int. June 17, 1827.

Sarah Jane, shoe biner, d. Joseph and Sally, and Albert Hitchings of Lynn, shoe manufacturer, s. John and Huldah, of Lynn, Dec. 31, 1845.*


Dorothy, and Asa Tufts of Charlestown, Nov. 13, 1823.*

Mary, and Frances Horton of Marblehead, int. July 18, 1824.

Eliza, and Charles Jordan of Danville, ME, int. July 9, 1826.

John, and Hannah Attwood of Chelsea, int. Apr. 16, 1831.

Alice B., and Alfred Copp, int. Feb. 22, 1840.

Lavina, and Aaron J. Milla, Oct. 24, 1842.*

John M., cordwainer, and Elizabeth Heaton [Elizabeth H. Eaton. int. and CR2] Feb. 8, 1849.*


Timothy, and Mrs. Sally Mansfield, June 3, 1821.*

Julia, and William W. Boardman, int. Sept. 18, 1825.

John, and Eliza Grover, int. Dec. 24, 1826.

Sarah, of Salem, and Alfred Williams, int. Jan. 2, 1835.


Mary, and Amos Stocker [jr. int.], Mar. 10, 1816.*


John, of Malden, and Mary Wilson, int. Mar. 22, 1818.


William, and Mary E. Morgan of Wenham, int. Apr. 24, 1836.

Francis S., and Sarah Mayers of Dresdon, ME, int. Sept. 26, 1840.

William, and Lucy E. White, Aug. 7, 1843.*

Harriet, Mrs., a. abt. 65 y., b. Beverly, and William Schoville [of Alespond, N.S. int.] a. abt. 28 y., laborer, b. Nova Scotia, Nov. 7, 1844.*


Albert, of Lynn, a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. Albert and Mary, deceased, b. Marblehead, and Theodora Edmands, a. 17 y., shoe binder, d. William and Ruth, Sept. 28, 1845.*

DOIZER (Dozer)

Sarah E., a. 22 y., shoe binder, d. Frances and Sally, and Michael Murphy, a. 22 y., cordwainer, s. Patrick and Brideget, b. in England June 18, 1848.*


Hannah R., of Charlestown, and Cyrus K. Witham, int. Apr. 22, 1843.


Margaret, and Thomas Tracy, "both residents of Saugus," int. Aug. 17, 1823.


David M., and Martha Grover, Sept. 13, 1841.*


Martha, and James Putnam, "resident of Saugus," int. Feb. 17, 1822.

Rebeckah F., and Elias Grover, int. Dec. 10, 1826.

Haran, and Hannah O. Floyd, int. Aug. 22, 1830.

Porter, and Lydia Capen, int. Sept. 12, 1830.

Thomas F., and Caroline Foster, Apr. 12, 1831.*

DOZER (Doizer)

Frances and Mrs. Sally Mansfield, int. Apr. 24, 1825.


Lydia, and John Edmonds [of Uxbridge. int.], Feb. 3, 1835.*

Abigail, and Wellman W. Cook [of Uxbridge. int.], Feb. 2, 1842.*

Lemuel R., a. 22 y., farmer, s. Ira, and Lydia M. Mansfield of Lynnfield, a. 22 y., d. Daniel and Hannah, of Lynnfield, Jan. 1, 1845.*


Martha, and Nathan Robinson of South Reading, int. Apr. 9, 1826.


Joshua ["resident of Saugus," int.] and Elizabeth Goldthwait, June 24, 1821.*

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