Osgood, of Middleton, and Susanna Towne. int. Apr. 25, 1830.


Elizabeth, and Benjamin Woodbury of Boxford, Mar. 29, 1748.*

Betsey, and Dudley Stickney of Rowley, Mar. 2, 1797.*

Lucy J. [Mrs. int.], and Silas Russell, Mar. 5, 1848.*

Mary, and Joshua Bixby, Apr. 2, 1713.


Dorothy, and Phinehas Reddington, both of Topsfield, at Ipswich, Nov. 8, 1726.

Elizabeth, and Daniell Redington, Mar. 23, 1680[-1]. CTR

Sarah [of Ipswich. CR], and Anthony Dike [of Salem. CR], Nov. 26, 1688. CTR


Lydia, and William Perkins, both of Topsfield, at Gloucester, Nov. 29, 1844.*

Martha, of Ipswich [Chebacco Parish, now Essex], and Jacob Wyldes, at Ipswich [Chebacco Parish, now Essex], Nov. 20, 1755.*

Tabitha, and Asa Foster, Dec. 6, 1804.*


Mary, of Salem, and Jonathan Town, at Salem, Oct. 31, 1751.*


Humphrey, of Arundell, and Abigail Dwinel, Oct. 23, 1738.

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Moses Wildes. int. Nov. 19, 1775.


Joseph, and Mrs. Sally Ross. int. Nov. 6, 1831.


Thomas, and Mary Smith, Aug. 14, 1721.


Sara, and Tobijah Perkins, Nov. 5, 1680. CTR


Rodney Gove, s. Arthur and Mary, b. New Boston, NH, Apr. 17, 1791, and Mary Parker, d. Capt. Stephen and Mary, b. Billerica, MA, May 1, 1793, m. Nov. 28, 1820.*


Hannah, wid., of Salem, and Daniel Clarke, at Salem, Jan. 7, 1728.


Mehetabel, Mrs., and Rev. John Treadwell of Lynn, Sept. 15, 1763.*

Richard, Dr., and Mrs. Mehitabel Putnam of Boxford, June 18, 1741.


Horace, of Ipswich, and Eunice Braisdell, Oct. 16, 1834.*

DIKE (Dyke)

Anthony [of Salem. CR], and Sarah Davison [of Ipswich. CR], Nov. 26, 1688. CTR

Mary, of Ipswich, and Thomas Bettes [Bettice. CR], of Wenham, Apr. 3, 1696.


Dorothy [ wid. D. Dood. CR], and Job Pingry of Rowley, Apr. 6, 1749*


Abigail, and David Gold, at Ipswich, Aug. 10, 1726.

Adoniram J., of Wenham, and Lucinda Bixby. int. May 22, 1841.

Benjamin C., of Beverly, and Almira Beckford, Dec. 20, 1837.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Chaplin of Methuen. int. June 25, 1840.

Daniel, and Mary Dodge of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec. 7, 1778.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Dyke, Dec. 4, 1806.*

Eliza, of Ipswich, and Elisha Perkins, jr. int. Jan. 23, 1825.

Elizabeth K., of Wenham, and Nathaniel Conant. int. Sept. 12, 1819.

Ephraim, and Hannah Symonds, Mar. 29, 1798.*

Ephraim, of Hamilton, and Anna Lamson, Apr. 26, 1810*

Ester, of Wenham, and Thomas Barnes, jr. of Salem, Nov. 29, 1803. CR

Francis, and Hannah E.C. Dudley of Hamilton. int. July 11, 1841.

Hannah, of Beverly, and Samuel Curtis, at Beverly, June 15, 1720.

Helena, of Henniker, NH, and Augustine S. Peabody. int. Sept. 28, 1833.

Isaac, of Wenham, and Phebe Averell, Nov. 13, 1753.*

John, of Beverly, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Bradstreet, Jan. 31, 1780.*

Martha [Mrs. int.], of Ipswich, and [Dea. int.] Solomon Dodge, at Ipswich Hamlet, Mar. 22, 1791.*

Mary, of Boxford, and Daniel Dodge, at Boxford, Dec. 7, 1778.*

Polly, and Moses Newman, Nov. 26, 1801.*

Mary C., of Hamilton, and William P. Cummings. int. Apr. 3, 1841.

Mehitabel, and Joseph Baker, "a resident in Topsfield," Dec. 17, 1738.

Peter, of Wenham, and Hitty Gould, Dec. 26, 1824.*

Rebecca P. [Mrs. int.], and Elbridge F. Perkins, Mar. 30, 1845.*

Sarah, and Robert Balch, Nov. 28, 1769.*

Sarah, Mrs., of Beverly, and Solomon Dodge [jr. int.], at Beverly, Jan. 23, 1772.*

Solomon [jr. int.], and Mrs. Sarah Dodge of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan. 23, 1772.*

Solomon [Dea. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Martha Dodge of Ipswich, at Ipswich Hamlet, Mar. 22, 1791.*


Sarah, of Newbury, and Dea. Joel R. Peabody. int. Nov. 20, 1841.

Silas, of Rowley, and Rebecca Balch, Mar. 23, 1783.*


William, and Elizabeth Peabody, Dec. 1, 1838.*

DONELL (Dwinell)

George, and Hannah Thompson of Dover, NH, at Hampton, NH, July 9, 1740.


Amos, and Dorathee Robison, Oct. 7, 1702.

Amos, and Mary Clark, at Ipswich, Apr. 11, 1734.

Dammares, and Daniell Clarke, May 29, 1689. CR

Dorcas and Joseph Robinson, Sept. 25, 1706.

Dorothy, and Daniel Town, Aug. 29, 1721.

Elliner, and Nathaniel Porter of Salem Farmes, Dec. 16, 170[1?].

Ephraim, and Martha Howlett, Jan. 5, 1709-10.

Hannah, and Thomas Robinson, Nov. 20, 1695.

Hannah, and Richard Kymball of Boxford, Feb. 22, 1698-9.

Huldah, of Boxford, and Benjamin Pike, jr. int. Mar. 18, 1827.

Jabez [of Topsfield or Boxford. CR], and Hephzibah Perley [of Ipswich. CR], May 31, 1709.

Jacob, and Marcy Clark, Dec. 31, 1722.

Jesse, and Ruth Porter of Salem, Nov. 26, 1707.

John, and Mary Cooper, Nov. 21, 1660. CTR

Joseph, and Abigail Porter, June 16, 1737.

Joseph, and Phebe Berry of Andover, Feb. 13, 1800.*

Judith, and Samuell Porter of Salem Farmes, Jan. 14, 1695-6.

Mary, and John Estie, May 31, 1688. CR

Mary, and John Easty, July 20, 1688. CTR

Mary, and Timothy Foster of Boxford, Oct. 2, 1699.

Mary, of Boxford, and Joseph Stanley, Mar. 29, 1716.

Mary, and Joseph Porter of Salem, May 25, 1738.

Nathaniel and Sarah Wildes, July 2, 1765.*

Nathaniel, of Boxford, and Pamelia Gould. int. Oct. 30, 1825.

Phebe, and William Porter, Dec. 25, 1706.

Phebe, Mrs., and Capt. Nathaniel Cogswell Searle of Mason, NH, int. Feb. 6, 1820.

Rebecca E., and J. Batchelder Lake [s. Silas and Phebe (Batchelder), b. in Middleton. int.], Nov. 26, 1848.*

Ruth, and John Simonds of Boxford, at Rowley, May 13, 1746.*

Sarah, and Abraham Jewitt of Rowley, Jan. 5, 1702-3.

Sarah, and Matthew Peabody, Apr. 13, 1743.

Sarah, and Stephen Foster. int. Nov. 30, 1788.

Susanah, and Joseph Fuller, Nov. 3, 1713.

Thomas, and Judith Wood, Nov. 6, 1662. CTR

Thomas, and Deborah Moulton, Dec. 1, 1702.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Flint of Salem, at Salem, June 17, 1735.

Timothy, and Eliza Knowton [of Ipswich. CR], Nov. 15, 1668. CTR


Phoebe, and Samuel Smith, Jan. 16, 1694-5. CTR


Moses, and Anstiss P. Balch, Sept. 17, 1845.*


Richard, of Woodstok, and Marcy [Mercy. CR] Peabody, June 29, 1708.


Hannah E.C., of Hamilton, and Francis Dodge. int. July 11, 1841.

DUNNELL (Dwinell)

Michael, and Lucy Towne, at Salem, Sept. 27, 1727.

DUNWELL (Dwinell)

Mary, and John Hovey, Jan. 11, 1691. CTR


Margret [Mary. CR], and Thomas Halbert, Oct. 18, 1731.


Mary, of Wenham Windham, NH, and Asael Smith, Feb. 12, 1767.*

DWANIEL (Dwinell)

Joanna, and Nathaniel Hood of Lynn, Oct. 16, 1706.

Maudlin, and James Holgate of Salem, Mar. 3, 1702-3.

DWINEL (Dwinell)

Abigail, and Humphrey Deering of Arundell, Oct. 23, 1738.

Hannah, and Joseph Bowree [Bowery. CR], of Marblehead, Jan. 24, 1728-9.

Jacob, jr., and wid. Joanna Clarke, Dec. 12, 1769.*

John [jr. CR], and Susanna Dwinell, Oct. 28, 1735.

John, and Esther Richards, Feb. 5, 1771.*

Kazia, and Nicolas Cree of Marblehead, Oct. 7, 1723.

Mehetabel, and Cornelius Balch, Apr. 4, 1771.*

Susanna, and Zacheus Norwood of Lynn, Dec. 26, 1745.*

Thomas [jr. CR], and Hannah Towne, Nov. 3, 1738.

Triphena, and Jabez Towne, Mar. 30, 1730.

Triphosa, and John Spauldin, Dec. 11, 1735.

DWINELL (Donell, Dunnell, Dunwell, Dwaniel, Dwinel, Dwinnell)

Archalus, and Martha Perkins, Feb. 5, 1754.*

Benjamin, and Mary Easty, Feb. 25, 1751.*

Elijah, and Sarah Towne, June 2, 1762.*

Esther [Mrs. int.], and David Balch, Nov. 14, 1752.*

Esther, and Moses Wildes, jr., June 22, 1802.*

Hannah, and James Meragen of Marblehead. int. Dec. 29, 1754.

Hannah, and William Towne. int. Apr. 6, 1777.

Jacob, and Kezia Gould, Dec. 20, 1739.

James, and Abigail Platts of Bradford. int. Nov. 25, 1753.

John, jr., and Sarah Perkins, Apr. 26, 1810.*

John, jr., s. John and Esther, and Louisa Richards, both of Topsfield, at Danvers, Mar. 11, 1818.*

Luce, wid., and John Grant of Ipswich. int. Jan. 18, 1756.

Luce, wid., and John Grant of Ipswich. int. June 25, 1758.

Luce [ wid. int.], and William Moneys, Oct. 14, 1761.*

Martha, wid., and Samuel Carter of Manchester, Apr. 4, 1774. CR*

Mary, and John Homes of Marblehead, at Salem, July 6, 1737.

Michael, Dr., and wid. Mary Balch, Feb. 1, 1753.*

Michael, and wid. Martha Averill of Middleton. int. Nov. 11, 1764.

Prudence, and Benjamin Irelin of Ipswich. int. July 21, 1751.

Ruth [Mrs. int.], and David Holt of Andover, Dec. 13, 1781.*

Sarah, and Abraham Foster of Ipswich, May 14, 1718.

Susanna, and John Dwinel [jr. CR], Oct. 28, 1735.

Thomas, and Abigail Perkins, Dec. 11, 1716.

DWINNELL (Dwinell)

Amos, and Annah Perkins, at Rowley, May 26, 1749.*

Bartholemew, and Sarah Moulton of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar. 19, 1752.*

Michael, and Elisabeth Fisk of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec. 10, 1724.

Thomas, and Dinah Brimsdill of Lynn, May 23, 1701.

DYKE (Dike)

Mary, and Ebenezer Dodge, Dec. 4, 1806.*

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