Mary B., of N. Yarmouth, ME, and Capt. Joel R. Peabody. int. Mar. 30, 1828.

Moses, of Ipswich, and Mary Hood, July 23, 1768.*

Samuel, of Newbury, and Polly Hobbs, Mar. 26, 1807.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Thomas Howlet. int. Nov. ––, 1759.


Olive, and Joseph Gould, Dec. 24, 1834.*


David, jr., of Salem, and Sally Balch, June 17, 1822.*

Lucy N., of Portland ME, and George A.C. Hartwell. int. Oct. 4, 1833.


Thomas, and Hannah Porter of Coxhall. int. May 6, 1779.


Sabrina, of Methuen, and John C. Balch. int. Mar. 22, 1829.


Joseph [Serjeant. CR], of Gloseter, and Martha Baker, Apr. 17, 1712.


Angeline, d. Israel and Lois, and Capt. John Rea, at Ipswich, Sept. 5, 1837.*

John, and Sarah Averell [4th. int.], Feb. 9, 1829.*

Joseph, Capt., and Mrs. Sarah Averell, 2d, Nov. 6, 1831.*


James, of Rumford, and Susannah Hovey, Sept. 10, 1736.


Sarah, of Ipswich, and William Cummings. int. Mar. 26, 1815.


Matthew, Rev., of Westford, and Sarah Porter, Dec. 16, 1779.*


Betsey, and John McKenzie, Apr. 30, 1807.*

Mary, and John Perkins, jr. int. Oct. 3, 1819.

Mehitable, Mrs., of Rowley, and Benjamin Hobbs. int. May 20, 1804.

Mehitable, and Pelham Orcutt of Lynn, Aug. 12, 1811.*

Nathaniel Cogswell, of Mason, NH, and Mrs. Phebe Dorman. int. Feb. 6, 1820.


Mary Ann, and Daniel Gould, Nov. 29, 1844.*


Andrew, of Boxford, and Margreet Wood, Sept. 14, 1741.


Samuel, of Andover, and Mary Cox, Feb. 17, 1707-8.


George W., of Danvers, and Mary Pike. int. Sept. 25, 1814.

Mary A., of Auburn, NH, and Sewall L. Towne, Dec. 24, 1846.*


David [Shepley. CR], of Marblehead, and Hephzibah French, Nov. 13, 1704.


Josiah, and Margaret A. Mascoll, Sept. 3, 1844.*

Peter, of Beverly, and Nabby Gould, Feb. 9, 1792.*

SHEARIN (Sherwin)

Ebeneser [Sherwin. CR], of Boxford, and Susanah Howlet, Feb. 1, 1699-1700.


Charles A., and Emma Kilgore, both of Danvers, Oct. 29, 1848.

Craft, of Marblehead and Rebecca Balch. int. Feb. 16, 1777.

Lucy Ann, and Asa B. Bixby, both of Topsfield, at Newburyport, Aug. 4, 1838.*

SHERWIN (Shearin)

Frances, of Boxford, and Isaac Comings of Ipswich, Nov. 23, 1696.


John, of Boxford, and Mary Gould, Nov. 8, 1764.*


Charles, and Mrs. Lydia Phillips of Salem. int. July 13, 1838.

Dorcas, and Volintine [Valentine. CR] Butler of Gloster, Nov. 26, 1711.

Peter, and Mariah Smith, both of Boxford, Feb. 11, 1700-1.


John [Sibley. CR], of Sutton, and Abigail Towne, Aug. 28, 1740.

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Gras [Grace], of Boxford, and Zerobabel Endicott, at Boxford, July ––, [bef. 1691].

John, of Boxford, and Ruth Dorman, at Rowley, May 13, 1746.*

SIMONS (Symonds)

Samuell, of Boxford, and Abigail Porter of Salem, June 8, 1698.


Amos [Singletory. CR], of Sutten, and Mary Curtis, Sept. 6, 1742.


Almira T., and Hiram Wells [2d m.], Sept. 17, 1838.*

Fanny, and Daniel Towne, jr., Oct. 23, 1834.*

Isaiah M., and Betsy K. Gould, Sept. 15, 1836.*

Lois M., and Thomas M. Butman of Danvers. int. Sept. 23, 1848.

Mary A., and Josiah L. Gould, Apr. 5, 1849.*


Abraham [of Salem Willage. CR], and Mary Perkins, Apr. 25, 1694. CTR

Anna, of Boxford, and Ivory Hovey, at Boxford, Apr. 28, 1778.*

Asa, of Boxford, and Mary Coffeen, Nov. 8, 1765.*

Asael, and Mary Duty, of Wenham Windham, NH, Feb. 12, 1767.*

Asenath, and Richard Hood, Sept. 22, 1825.*

Calvin L., of Boxford, and Elizabeth G.P. Pierce, Mar. 4, 1834.*

Charles, of Boxford, and Laura M. Washburn of Ipswich, at Boxford, Feb. 15, 1838.

Dudley, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Baker, Sept. 24, 1767.*

Eliza, and Samuel Brown, jr. of Lowell, Sept. 13, 1831.*

Elizabeth, and Eliezer Gould, Apr. 17, 1740.

Ephraim, and Mary Ramsdell [both of Boxford. CR], Sept. 6, 1694. CTR

Hannah, of Boxford, and Isaac Estey, Sept. 2, 1755.*

Hannah, and John Peabody, Jan. 20, 1757.*

Hephzibah, and William Gallop, July 11, 1745.*

John [jr. int.], of Boxford, and Martha Towne, July 1, 1760.*

John [s. John and Barbra Fellow, b. at Portsmouth, Eng., May 7, 1818], and Sarah Phillips [d. Timothy O. and Judith, b. at Salem, MA, June 5, 1816], at Newburyport, July 30, 1842.*

Judeth, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Perkins. int. Apr. 3, 1808.

Lydia, and Jacob Wildes, Mar. 8, 1785.*

Mariah, and Peter Shumway, both of Boxford, Feb. 11, 1700-1.

Mary, and John Towne, Feb. 2, 1680. CTR

Mary, and Thomas Demcy, Aug. 14, 1721.

Mary, and Amos Towne, May 10, 1732.

Mary, and Caleb M. Ames of Salem, Nov. 20, 1823.*

Phebe, and Jacob Towne, June 24, 1684. CTR

Priscilla, and Jacob Kimball, July 15, 1756.*

Rebecka, and Daniel Killum of Wenham, Mar. 29, 1693. CR

Rebeckah, of Ipswich, and John Robinson, Aug. 28, 1733.

Rebecca, and John Balch, June 17, 1740.

Rebecca, [Mrs. int.], and Elieazer Porter Putnam of Danvers, Oct. 16, 1781.*

Eamy [alias Ruhama], and Joseph Towne, Aug. 10, 1687. CTR

Ruth, and Enoch Perkins, May 7, 1754.*

Samuel, and Phoebe Dow, Jan. 16, 1694-5. CTR

Samuell, of Salem, and Sarah Curtious, May 12, 1696.

Samuel, and Rebekah Curtis, Jan. 25, 1707-8.

Samuel [jr. CR][2d m.], and Priscilla Gould [d. Joseph and Priscilla], Oct. 8, 1745.*

Samuel, jr., and Rebeckah Towne, Jan. 2, 1760.*

Samuel, of Roxbury [s. John of Hamilton. int.], and Mehitable Perkins, Jan. 4, 1825.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Bixby of Boxford, Feb. 2, 1692-3. CR

Sarah, of Ipswich, and David Kneeland. int. Nov. 14, 1760.

Susanna, and Isaac Hobbs, May 13, 1766.*

Vashti, and Solomon curtis of Boxford, Sept. 15, 1763.*

Willard, and Mary Gould of Ipswich. int. July 20, 1828.

William, and Rebecka Keas, July 6, 1657. CTR

William, and Elizabeth H. Wharburten. int. Oct. 18, 1829.

Zebulon, of Ipswich, and Mary Cummings. int. July 7, 1776.


Louis, and Silas T. Jacobs, Sept. 27, 1844.*


Ruth [wid. CR], and Isaac Fitts of Ipswich, Feb. 12, 1745-6.*


John, and Triphosa Dwinel, Dec. 11, 1735.


Samuel, jr., of Rowley, and Alice Peabody. int. Feb. 7, 1819.


Timothy W., a. 20 y., shoemaker, b. Wenham, s. Daniel E., and Mary E. Wildes, a. 16 y., b. Rowley, d. Ephraim, Nov. 24, 1849.*


Mary, and James Watters, Mar. 24, 1669-70. CTR

STANDLY (Stanley)

Jonathan, and Abigail Gould, Aug. 2, 1737.

Mary, [wid. CR], of Boxford, and Thomas Gould, Jan. 13, 1728-9.

Samuel, of Boxford, and Lydia Gould, Nov. 23, 1732.

STANLEY (Standly)

Abigail, and Thomas Waight of Ipswich, Feb. 27, 1688-9. CR

Abigail, and John Town, July 8, 1712.

Hannah, and John Clarke, Sept. 20, 1689. CR

Jacob, and Miriam Howlett, Oct. 25, 1711.

Joseph, and Mary Dorman of Boxford, Mar. 29, 1716.

Samuel and Mary Kenney, May 2, 1706.

Thomas, and Mary Gould, June 25, 1711.


Catherine, of Gloucester, and Frederick A. Lewis of Salem, Aug. 30, 1847.


George, and Sarah Wildes, May 15, 1744.*


James White, of Salem, and Lydia Porter Emerson, Aug. 29, 1809.*

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Elizabeth, and Richard Leach of Beverly. int. Dec. 27, 1759.


Thomas, Rev., jr., and Betsey Marsh of Boston. int. Oct. 7, 1832.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Ebenezer, and Lucy Herrick of Boxford. int. Feb. 10, 1811.

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Andover, and Daniel Reddington, at Andover, July 3, 1746.*

Josiah W., jr., and Elisabeth S. Potter. int. Jan. 29, 1845.

Thomas, and Charity Perkins, both of Topsfield, at Ipswich, May 24, 1722.


Jane, and Joseph Easty, June 2, 1682. CTR


Addison, and Mary E. Caswell of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar. 25, 1841.*

Dudley, of Rowley, and Betsy Davis, Mar. 2, 1797.*


Elesabeth, and John Bussill, both of Boxford, July 8, 1700.

Frederick, and Sophia C. Perkins, July 14, 1840.*

Mary, and Dr. John Meriam, Sept. 18, 1808.*

Simeon, of Middleton, and Mary Gould, Sept. 8, 1768.*


Abby L., of Salem, and Benjamin P. Adams. int. May 15, 1841.


Hershall, of Salem, and Rebecca Kinney. int. Nov. 21, 1819.

William H., and Harriet A.S. Fuller, Apr. 9, 1845.*


Ebenezer, of Merlborough, NH, and Sarah Hammond, Mar. 8, 1785.*

Jeremiah, Dr., and Esther Wildes, d. Moses and Esther, Feb. 28, 1828.*

Julia R., of Marlborough, NH, and Ezra Towne. int. May 14, 1837.

Margrit, and Samuell Gould, Apr. 20, 1697.

Oren J., of Holliston, and Lucy P. Gould. int. Feb. 27, 1834.

Stillman, and Sarah Mason of Sullivan, NH, int. May 16, 1830.


Polly, of Ipswich, and Abraham Hobbs, 3d, at Ipswich Hamlet, Apr. 23, 1797.*


Hannah, and Moses Chaplin of Rowley, June 9, 1747.*


Elizabeth C., and William H. Elliott, Nov. 27, 1845.*


John, of Reading, and Mary Perkins, at Ipswich, Dec. 1, 1720.


Joseph, Lieut., of Hampton, and Sarah, d. Thomas Andrews of Boxford, Nov. 20, 1701. CR

SYMONDS (Simonds, Simons, Symons)

Anna, and Edward Bishop of Rowley. int. Apr. 13, 1777.

Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Daniell Robinson, at Boxford, Jan. 15, 17––[int. July 1, 1728].

Francis, and Abigail Porter of Wenham, at Beverly, May 10, 1748.

Hannah, and Ephraim Dodge, Mar. 29, 1798.*

Hepzebah, and Simeon Towne of Andover. int. Jan. 24, 1779.

Jacob, and Susanna Bishop of Rowley. int. Nov. 24, 1776.

Joseph, [jr. CR], of Boxford, and Sarah Gould, Feb. 22, 1750.*

Lydia, and John Peabody, jr., Jan. 9, 1810.*

Mary, and Joseph Averill of Killingly, Feb. 14, 1743-4.*

Phebe, and Nathaniel Potter [jr. int.] of Ipswich, Feb. 11, 1798.*

Pricilla, Mrs., and Thomas Baker, Mar. 26, 1672. CTR

Rebecca, of Middleton, and Zaccheus Gould. int. Sept. 29, 1745.

Ruth, [Mrs. int.], and Asa Porter of Wenham, Feb. 7, 1782.*

Stephen, of Boxford, and Mary Clarke, Nov. 6, 1756 [1755. CR].*

Thomas, and Anna Andrew, June 3, 1742.

SYMONS (Symonds)

Katheren, and Jacob Towne, June 26, 1657. CTR

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