Philip, and Susanna Hobbs. int. Oct. 26, 1777.

William, Lieut., of Waltham, VT, and Eunice Averill. int. Oct. 2, 1825.

Samuel S., and Pamelia Knowlton, Aug. 22, 1832.*


Jane, and George Wiat of Danvers, Mar. 24, 1755.


William, and Sarah Perkins, Jan. 28, 1722-3.


Richard, Capt., of Ipswich, and Ruth Andrews, Nov. 29, 1764.*

Jane, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Elisha Perkins. int. Mar. 19, 1769.

Lucy, d. John, Esq., of Ipswich, and Nehemiah Cleaveland Esq., s. Rev. John, b. at Ipswich, m. at Ipswich, Oct. 6, 1787.


David, and Betsey Boardman, Mar. 4, 1824.*


Betsey, of Boston, and Rev. Thomas Stetson, jr. int. Oct. 7, 1832.

Adeline, of Newburyport, and Royal A. Merriam, M.D., at Newburyport, Mar. 12, 1839.*


John, and Rebecca Perkins of Boxford, Mar. 21, 1812.


Martha, and Samuel Roby of Dunstable, June 9, 1747.*

Frances [Marshall. CR], and Samson Kidder of Lundondary, Feb. 27, 1750-1.*


Samuell, and Hannah Gould, July 9, 1732.


Margaret A., and Josiah Shaw, Sept. 3, 1844.*


Sarah, of Sullivan, NH, and Stillman Stone. int. May 16, 1830.

Angelina, and Josiah B. Lamson, Nov. 12, 1839.*


John, and Nancy Perkins, Nov. 26, 1809.*


Sary [Sarah, of Wenham. CR], and Thomas Killum, Apr. 8, 1712.


Alexander, of Wenham, and Abigail Miles of Salem, Feb. 21, 1692-3. CR

Margaret, and John Attwell, both of Wenham, June 19, 1693. CTR


Sophia, of Salem, and Andrew J. Phillips, Oct. 26, 1848.*


Colin, of Moschitoe Cove, Queens Co., NY, and Amelia Henrietta Ward. int. Nov. 25, 1827.


John and Betsey Searle, Apr. 30, 1807.*

Louisa S., and John Boardman, jr., Nov. 22, 1838.*


John, of Ipswich, and Sophia Gould. int. May 25, 1816.


William Henry, of Essex, and Mary Ann Peabody, June 2, 1835.*


Ruthy, and Daniel Porter of Danvers, Feb. 26, 1795.*


Anna, and Moses Gould, Apr. 15, 1798.*


James, of Marblehead, and Hannah Dwinell. int. Dec. 29, 1754.

MERIAM (Merriam)

John, Dr., and Mary Stiles, Sept. 18, 1808.*

Frederick J ones [s. John and Hannah], and Hannah Perley, d. Amos, of Boxford. int. Dec. 4, 1814.

Polly, and Asa Bradstreet of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept. 17, 1816.*

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Jonas, and Mehitabel Peabody, Nov. 24, 1789.*

Hitty, and Aaron Conant, jr. int. Nov. 5, 1815.

Frederick J., and Martha Eastman of Sanbornton, NH, int. Oct. 9, 1831.

Royal A., Dr., and Adeline Marsh of Newburyport, at Newburyport, Mar. 12, 1839.*

Martha, Mrs., and Gen. Solomon Low of Boxford. int. Feb. 24, 1849.


Mehitable [Morrill. int.], and Moses Averell, Oct. 18, 1808.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and Moses Wright. int. Jan. 28, 1827.

Edward S., of Newburyport, and Sarah Horne, Feb. 16, 1836.*

Henry M., of Danvers, a. 23 y., baker, s. Calvin and Hannah, and Lucy Ann Foster of Ipswich, a. 21 y., d. Jonathan and Cynthia, Nov. 22, 1849.


Abigail, of Salem, and Alexander Maxe of Wenham, Feb. 21, 1692-3. CR


Hannah H., and Mathew W. Reed. int. Apr. 5, 1845.


William, and [ wid. int.] Luce Dwinell, Oct. 14, 1761.*


William, jr., and Mehitable Bavige of Boxford, Apr. 17, 1795.*


Sarah, of Salem, and Daniel Gloyd, at Salem, Jan. 30, 1735.

MOORE (Mower)

Mary, and David Town, Aug. 21, 1740.

Dominic, and Sally [Sarah. CR] Perkins, jr., June 12, 1794.*

Ally, and Samuel Blaisdell. int. July 8, 1798.

Thomas, jr., and Betsey Nichols, Feb. 20, 1802.*

Mary, and William Munday. int. June 5, 1814.

Annar, and Stephen P. Averill of Danvers. int. Nov. 29, 1818.

Sally, and Luke Towne. int. Apr. 11, 1819.

Sophronia, and Thomas Averell, Sept. 6, 1827.*

Thomas, and Lois Peabody, int. Apr. 26, 1829.

Lois, b. Mar. 28, 1801, and Benjamin Crosby Orne, b. at Wolfborough, NH, Mar. 11, 1800. int. Feb. 5, 1830.

Eliza, and Charles H. Adams, May 27, 1834.*

Thomas, and Lavinia Knowlton, May 2, 1843.*


Henry, and Salome Hobbs, Nov. 10, 1801.*

Mary, and John Twiss of Charlestown. int. Apr. 30, 1815.


–––––, see also Merrill, Mehitable.

Gilmon F. [Gilmore. CR], and [Mrs. int.] Mary A. Pearson, June 16, 1846.*


Sarah A., of Newburyport, and Joseph Lovett. int. Nov. 26, 1842.


Nathaniel, and Katherine Averill, resident in Topsfield, at Ipswich, Dec. 22, 1736.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Bartholemew Dwinnell, at Wenham, Mar. 19, 1752.*

MOWER (Moore)

Thomas [Moor. CR], and Mary Kinney, May 5, 1752.*


William, and Mary Moore. int. June 5, 1814.

Sally M., and Lemuel H. Gould, Jan. 23, 1839.*

Mary E., and Jonathan P. Gould, Nov. 26, 1840.*

Thomas P., and Harriet A. Field, Mar. 18, 1841.*

Lois A., and Ariel H. Gould, both of Topsfield, at Newburyport, Jan. 31, 1843.*


Thomas, and Dorathy Emerson. int. Dec. 22, 1776.

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