Elizabeth, and Finias Fisk, Apr. 4, 1660. CTR

EATON (Eaten)

Henry L., of South Reading, a. 22. y., surveyor, s. Lilley and Eliza, and Mary A[nn. CR] Gould, a. 20 y., d. Amos and Lavina, Nov. 30, 1848.*

Marah, and Richard Dodge, Feb. 23, 1667. CTR

EDWARDS (Edward)

Abigail, and Jacob Dodg of Beverly, Jan. 1, 1740.*

Abigail, and Israel Dodge, int. Nov. 22, 1783.

Abraham, and Mrs. Prudence Dodge, int. Jan. 11, 1777.

Anna, and Samuell Houlton of Salem, Jan. 22, 1727-8.*

Anna, and Esra Lovett of Beverly, int. Feb. 22, 1783.

Anna, and Zachariah [M. int.] Cole of Beverly, June 28, 1810.*

Anna, a. 28 y., d. Benjamin and Susan, and John Conant, 4th of Beverly, a. 28 y., carpenter, s. Ezra and Mary, Nov. 22, 1846.

Augusta, of Beverly, and Abraham Dodge, 2d, int Aug. 28, 1829.

Benjamin, and Martha Games, 14: 5m: 1681. CTR

Bennemin, and Abbigail Lamson, of Ipswich, int. Dec. 15, 1717.

Benjamin, and Abagail Foster of Manchester, Apr. 25, 1744.*

Benjamin, jr., and Anna Baker, Oct. 26, 1748. CR*

Benjamin, and Mrs. Abigail Thorndike of Beverly, at Beverly, June 17, 1756.*

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Corning of Beverly, int. Oct. 26, 1782.

Benjamin, 2nd, and Sukey Roberts of Hamilton, int. Jan. 7, 1812.

Benjamin, and Abigail Roberts of Hamilton, int. May 25, 1834.

Edith, and Isaac Patch, at Beverly, Mar. 10, 1708-9.*

Eleaner, Mrs., and Androw Dodge of Beverly, Jan. 14, 1735-6.*

Elenor, Mrs., and Josiah Dodge of Beverly, May 14, 1771.*

Elisabeth, and Dannill Buckman, of Ipswich, int. Dec. 7, 1720.

Betsey, and Benjamin Cleaves, 3d of Beverly, int. Jan. 5, 1805.

Elizabeth, a. 29 y., d. B. and A., and Albert Cogswell of Essex, a. 39 y., s. A. and L., Dec. 26, 1849.

Ellen M., of Beverly, a. 25 y., d. Monam A., of Beverly, and William I. Smith, widr. of Beverly, a. 28 y., shoemaker, s. Simeon, of Beverly, Aug. 17, 1845.

Easter, Mrs., Richard Stanley of Beverly, Nov. 29, 1759.*

Francis R., and Martha Conant of Beverly, at Beverly, May 17, 1840.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and John Porter, int. Mar. 7, 1812.

Hester [Ester. int.], and Thomas Tarbox, at Beverly, Mar. 13, 1706-7.*

Jacob, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Cole of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov. 3, 1770.*

Jerusha, of Beverly, and David Standley, Mar. ––, 1834.

Jonna, and Jeremiah Foster of Beverly, Dec. 24, 1838.*

John, and Annah Dodge of Ipswich, int. Apr. 1, 1698.

John, jr., and Sarah Pierkins, Nov. 23, 1709.*

John [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Hannah Dodge, Dec. 10, 1805.*

Joshua, of Newbury, and Elisabeth Pulcifer, int. July 3, 1819.

Lucy, and Mark Dodge [jr. int.] of Beverly, Dec. 21, 1742.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Thomas Dodge, int. Mar. 12, 1791.

Margery, and Benjamin Larcom of Beverly, May 10, 1738.*

Martha, and Phenihes Dodge, int. Nov. 15, 1712.

Mary, and Samuell Lamson of Ipswich, Nov. 23, 1709.*

Mary, and Robart Herrick of Beverly, Oct. 16, 1722.*

Mary, and Jonah Dodge, jr. of Beverly, at Beverly, Feb. 22, 1737-8.*

Polly, and Asa Taylor of Beverly, Mar. 31, 1796.*

Mary, and Gording Batchelder, int. Sept. 26, 1830.

Mary, of Beverly, and James Lee, at Beverly, Dec. 23, 1841.*

Mary L., and Issacher Foster, both of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov. 17, 1842.

Hitty, and Samuel Smith of Beverly, int. Sept. 1, 1804.

Oliver, of Beverly, and Fanny W. Kimball, June 30, 1835.*

Peter C., and Martha Brown of Groton, int. July 2, 1814.

Prudenc, and Nicholas Dodge [jr. int.], July 21, 1808.*

Prudence, Mrs., and Joseph Langdell of Mt. Vernon [NH int.], Jan. 17, 1809.*

Rachel, and John Dodge [3d. int.], Dec. 11, 1744.*

Rebaka, and Thomas Edwards, jr., int. Mar. 18, 1731-2.

Reuben, of Beverly, a. 25 y., yeoman, s. Ezra and Miriam, of Beverly, and Lucy D. Standley of Beverly, a. 18 y., d. Nicholas and Lydia, of Beverly, Apr. 21, 1847.

Rice, and Rebeckah Ford, of Newbury, int. Mar. 4, 1709-10.

Sarah, and Daniel Claflin, int. Mar. 1, 1700-01.

Sarah [Mrs. CR], and Benjamin Stone of Ipswich, Dec. 25, 1739.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Joshua Orne, Oct. 27, 1789.

Thomas, and Dinah Marshal of Ipswich, int. Sept. 27, 1717.

Thomas, jr., and Rebaka Edwards, int. Mar. 18, 1731-2.


William H., a. 24 y., plasterer, s. E[lnathan. int.] and S[ophia. int.], and Emily S. Conkey, a. 20 y., d. T. [Israel int.] and E[mily. int.], May 27, 1849.*


Elisha, of Beverly, and Lydia Kimball, certificate Dec. 9, 1779.

Lydia, Mrs., and Moses Brown, int. Feb. 9, 1786.

Polly, of Hamilton, and Luke Dodge of Groton, Jan. 31, 1799.

ELLIOTT (Eliot, Elliot)

Charles, of Beverly, a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. John and Abigail, and Abby J. Osborne of Beverly, a. 19 y., d. John M. and Hannah, Dec. 29, 1848.

Harriet M., wid., of Beverly and David P. Roberts of Beverly, Apr. 18, 1849.

Israel Dodge of Topsfield, and Mrs. Mary Porter Ranlet, June 25, 1820.*

John, of Beverly, and Hannah Waldron, at Beverly, Apr. 20, 1720.*

Molly [Mrs. int.], of Beverly, and Cornelius Baker at Bverly, Mar. 19, 1765.*

Stephen P. of Beverly, cordwainer, s. John and Abigail, of Beverly, and Hannah M. Osborne of Beverly, d. John M. and Hannah, of Beverly, May 25, 1847.

Billy, of Beverly, and Rebeccah Cleaves, Feb. 12, 1829.*


Nancy, of Gloucester, and Thomas Kimball, int. Nov. 7, 1814.


Darcas, of Topsfield, and [Dr. int.] Tyler Porter, at Topsfield, Nov. 9, 1760.*

Thomas, of Topsfield, and Lydia Porter, at Topsfield, Mar. 15, 1765.*


Sally, and Samuell Lamson of Beverly, Dec. 11, 1806.*

Stephen, and Mrs. Lydia Kimball, June 8, 1769.*


Mary E., a. 18 y., [d. Theodore. int.], and George W. Kimball, a. 25. y., yeoman, s. J[osiah. int.] and A[lthea. int.], Nov. 29, 1849.*

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