Abigail, d. Oliver and Judith, Jan. 7, 1767.


Charles S., s. Daniel and Catherine, Oct. 10, 1831.

Charles Edward, s. John and Martha W., Aug. 20, 1833.

Charlotte Augusta, d. John and Martha W., Jan. 25, 1826.

George Eustas, s. John and Martha W., Aug. 2, 1829.


Sarah Elizabeth, d. Abel C. and Sarah H., Jan. 8, 1833.


Dudley, jr., s. Dudley and Achsah, Oct. 14, 1822.

Hannah Brown, d. Dudley and Achsah, bp. May 5, 1834. CR1

Henry, s. Dudley and Achsah, Feb. 5, 1830.

Lydia Ann, d. Dudley and Acsah, Oct. 16, 1819.

Melvin Otis, s. Dudley and Achsah, Dec. 13, 1831.

Richard, s. Dudley and Achsah, Oct. 5, 1827. [1828. dup.]

Sarah Jane, d. Dudley and Achsah, Jan. 8, 1826.

Thomas Brown, s. Dudley and Achsah, June 21, 1824.


Benjamin Moody, s. Edmund and Judith N., Jan. 4, 1826. [Jan. 5. PR7]

Charles Carroll, s. Edmund and Judith Noyes, Nov. 29, 1827.

Lizzie, d. Joshua, farmer, and Mary E. [(Tenney). PR9], May 24, 1847.

Harriet Noyes, d. Edmund and Judith N.P., Apr. 26, 1836.

John Ayer, s. Edmund and Judith N., Aug. 14, 1838.

Joseph Franklin, s. Gorham and Ann, Nov. 5, 1842.

Joshua, s. Joshua and Nancy McQuillen, Sept. 23, 1821. PR9

Joshua, s. Joshua, farmer, b. Newburyport, and Mary E. [(Tenney). PR9], Oct. 1, 1848.

Judith Poor, d. Edmund and Judith Noyes, Sept. 18, 1829.

Laura Ann, d. Gorham, shoemaker, and Ann, May 21, 1849.

Lydia Ann, d. Edmund and Judith Noyes [(Poore). PR7], Feb. 27, 1823.

Mary Bethiah, d. John and Mary, at Newbury, Apr. 20, 1814.

Rufus Daniel, s. Edmund and Judith N., May 31, 1832.

Thomas Gorham, s. Gorham and Ann, Aug. 29, 1840.


Lydia Ann, d. George and Sarah, Apr. ––, 1830.

Sarah, d. George and Sarah, July 29, 1825.


Ann Maria, d. John, shoemaker, and Sarah M., July 13, 1847.

Charles Edward, s. Humphry and AIlice B., Feb. 12, 1829.

Charles Plummer, s. Daniel C. and Nancy, Mar. 6, 1829.

Eliza Ann, d. Daniel C. and Nancy, July 29, 1825.

George William, s. Daniel C. and Lydia, Apr. 10, 1833.

Mary Wyman, d. Daniel C. and Lydia W., Aug. 22, 1835.

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