Hannah [L. int.], and Jonathan Curtis [Corliss. int. and CR1], Jan. ––, 1827.*


Betsey, and Wadleigh Davis, Nov. 9, 1820.*

Mary, and Benjamin Smith of Newbury, int. May 21, 1843. [June 10. dup.]

Mary, Mrs., and Nathaniel Elliot, Feb. 29, 1844.*


Joseph V., and Hannah Goodwin of Newburyport, June 13, 1841.*


Abigail, and Paul Bailey, Sept. 2, 1819.*

Belinda D., and Ebenezer Tasker, late of Ossipee, NH, int. Oct. 21, 1842.

Belinda D., and William Tasker, widr., trader, b. Bartlett, NH, June 25, 1844.*

David, and Mary Hale Little, Aug. 24, 1819. [ Sept. 2. CR1].*

Elizabeth [A. int.], and William Tasker, Dec. 23, 1841.*

John, and Lavinia Bailey, June 16, 1819.*

Jonathan C., and Hannah M. Bartlett of Lowell, int. Jan. 6, 1844.

Nancy, of Newburyport, and Samuel Carleton, Aug. 4, 1836.*


Joseph L., and Alvira Pressey, int. Sept. 1, 1837.


Moses M., and Sally Locke of Seabrook, NH, int. Nov. 25, 1833.


Joseph, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Ordway, Feb. ––, 1832.*


William [Kirk. CR1], and Sarah Thomas, July 3, 1828.*


Abby R., of Amesbury, and Amos E. Short, June 4, 1843.*


Martha L., and Samuel Moody of Newburyport, int. Mar. 8, 1834.

Mary, of Brentwood, NH, and Thomas P. Rogers, int. Jan. 27, 1821.

Sarah, and Capt. Nicholas Emery, int. Jan. 19, 1822.


Abigail, and Ebenezer Brown, Nov. 2, 1838.*

Arthur, carpenter, a. 21 y., s. Samuel, jr. and E.R.C., and Abby P. Tenney, a. 19 y., d. –––––, deceased, Oct. 9, 1845.*

Calvin, and Elizabeth R. Rogers, int. June 6, 1837.

Caroline, of Newbury, and Joseph Perry, int. Dec. 1, 1830.

Charles, and Louisa Rogers, int. Apr. 21, 1838.

Daniel, of Newbury, and Maria E. Perkins, int. May 2, 1834.

Deborah, and Samuel Chase of Portland ME, Nov. 20, 1823.*

Elbridge G., and Lydia Atkinson of Newbury, int. May 21, 1824.

Betsey, of Newbury, and Elbridge Tenney, int. June 1, 1833.

Betsey, and Rufus Barras, Nov. 2, 1835.*

Elizabeth R., and Calvin Rogers, int. June 6, 1837.

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and William Dockings, int. June 9, 1842.

Eunice G., of Newbury, and Samuel Stickney, jr., int. Aug. 16, 1821.

Greenleaf, of Newbury, and Jane Perkins, int. July 2, 1825.

Hiram, and Julia A. Davis, Oct. 26, 1843.*

Jewett, of Newbury, and Hannah Pilsbury, int. Nov. 17, 1827.

Joanna, and John L. Plummer, int. May 19, 1821.

Joseph, of Newbury, and Ann Gould, int. Sept. 20, 1828.

Joseph G., and Judith S. Chase, May 25, 1829.

Louisa, and Charles Rogers, int. Apr. 21, 1838.

Lucy Stanwood, and Charles Kimball, Aug. 19, 1819.*

Luther, Dr., of Portland ME, and Hannah Bailey, int. June 1, 1834.

Margaret Ann, of Newbury, a. 19 y., b. Newbury, d. Joseph G., of Newbury, and John C. Smith, of Newbury, shoe maker, a. 22 y., b. Newbury, Apr. 15, 1848.

Mary J[ane. int.], of Newbury, and Luther Tenney, May 2, 1833.*

Perley, and Lois Gould, Dec. 13, 1821.*

Samuel, jr., and Eliza R. Coker, Dec. 22, 1823.*

Sarah, and Caleb M. Woodman, Apr. 8, 1819.*

Sally, and William Carr Kimball, July 11, 1824.*

Sarah Jane, of Newbury, and Andrew L. Tarbox, int. Dec. 20, 1834.

Sally, and Amos Poor, jr., int. Apr. 8, 1837.

Sarah H., of Newbury, and Rufus H. Chase, int. Aug. 31, 1844.

Thomas P., and Mary Robinson of Brentwood, NH, int. Jan. 27, 1821.

Warren, and Harriet J. Sawyer of Newbury, int. Mar. 4, 1835.


Betsey, of Nottingham, NH, and Elbridge G. Young, int. Oct. 20, 1844.


Charles, shoemaker, a. 27 y., b. England s. John and Mary, of England and Charlotte Brock, a. 18 y., b. England d. Daniel and Eunice. Jan. 29, 1848.*

Thomas, and Sarah Stevens, Nov. 28, 1833.*


Vienna, of Gilmanton, NH, a. 26 y., b. Gilmanton, NH, d. Josiah and Betsey, and Joseph Z. Gordon, victualer, a. 29 y., s. George and Mary S., int. July 28, 1849.

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