Sarah B., d. Daniel, cordwainer, and Louisa M., Nov. 1, 1844.

Caroline E., d. Daniel, shoemaker, and Louisa M., Mar. 3, 1847.

George Washington, s. Lewis, shoemaker, and Sarah Jane, Aug. 27, 1847.


William, s. James, laborer, Apr. ––, 1849.


Harriot Ann Tenny, d. Charles and Harriot, at Newbury, Oct. 10, 1818.

Mary Jane Pilsbury, d. Charles and Harriot, Oct. 12, 1820.

FITTZ (Fitz)

Charles N. s. Charles and Hannah H., May 26, 1829.

George Calvin, s. Charles, deceased, and Rebecca, Dec. 11, 1832.

FITZ (Fittz)

Sophia Haskell, d. William and Priscilla, Feb. 15, 1823.

Jacob Bartlet, s. William and Priscilla, June 30, 1824.


Lucy Demond, d. John and Judith, Oct. 2, 1822.

Butler Abbot, s. John and Judith, Aug. 16, 1825.

John Abbott, s. John M. and Rhoda S., Jan. 13, 1838.

Betsey Isabell, d. Somerby C. and May Abby, Sept. 14, 1843.

Walter Horace, s. Somerby C., comb maker, and Mary Abby, June 12, 1847.

George Abbot, s. Butler Abbott, farmer, and Alma H., Aug. 4, 1847.

Judith Bailey, d. John M., comb maker, and Rhoda S., Oct. 10, 1847.

Jenett, d. Samuel, comb maker, and Susan S., Nov. 27, 1847.


Sarah Foster, d. Hollis and Sarah, Sept. 12, 1843.

George Hollis, s. Hollis, shoemaker, and Sarah, Oct. 1, 1847.


John Smith, s. James, jr. and Elizabeth, Oct. 3, 1828.

James Edward, s. James and Elizabeth, May 30, 1830.

Josiah Wilson, s. James and Elizabeth, Oct. 13, 1832.

Hannah Hart, d. James, bp. Sept. 14, 1834. CR2

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