Charles S., s. Lewis, shoemaker, and Mary Jane, Feb. 1, 1847.


Catharine, d. Michael, laborer, Nov. 22, 1848.


–––––, s. Joseph and Mary, May 31, 1843.

–––––, d. David L., yeoman, and Susan R., Apr. 25, 1847.


Lydia Mary Hale, d. Stephen and Elizabeth, Mar. 25, 1833.

GORDAN (Gorden)

Joseph Zebulon, s. George and Mary, Aug. 23, 1820.

Abigail Sawyer, d. George and Mary, Dec. 15, 1822.

Mary Anna, d. George and Mary, Aug. 31, 1825.

Judith Bailey, d. George and Mary, Jan. 20, 1828.

GORDEN (Gordan)

Joseph Zebulon, s. George, bp. Aug. 10, 1834. CR2


George, s. Ezekiel, jr., farmer, and Hannah P., July 1, 1846.

Francis Henry, s. Ezekiel, jr., farmer, and Hannah P., May 5, 1848.


Franklin William Pillsbury, s. B.F.S. and Mary C.P., July 16, 1840.

Charles Parkman, s. Benjamin Franklin Stone, school teacher, and Mary Carr, Sept. 26, 1844.

Edward Parkman, s. Benjamin F.S., teacher, and Mary C.P., Jan. 25, 1847.

Charles, s. B.F.S., teacher, and Mary C.P., Apr. 14, 1849.


Edwin A., s. Edwin P., physician, and Harriet W. Sanborn, Aug. 30, 1845.

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