Mary Stilman, d. Nathaniel B. and Betsey P., July 22, 1830.

William Thurlow, s. Joseph B., cordwainer, and Ann T., Mar. 8, 1845.

George Dudley, s. Dudley H., shoemaker, and Sally Ann, June 21, 1847.


Robert, jr., s. Robert and Mary, May 16, 1832.

Jane, d. Robert and Mary, Nov. 2, 1834.


Charles Wheelock, s. James T., farmer, and Mary Jane, July 4, 1847.


Betsey Jane, d. William and Mary, Dec. 25, 1837.

Ann Elizabeth, d. William and Mary, Nov. 6, 1841.

William Henry, s. William, engineer, and Mary, May 31, 1845.

Elizabeth A., d. James S., laborer, Apr. 2, 1849.


Abigail Elizabeth, d. Thomas B. and Abigail T., June 8, 1842.

Caroline Augusta, d. Benjamin H., cordwainer, and Rebecca Augusta, Feb. 5, 1845.


David C., s. Caleb M. and Sarah R., Apr. 1, 1820.

George Thatcher, s. Sumner and Mary, Oct. 7, 1832.

Hannah Jane, d. Nathan S. and Sarah Jane, Sept. 29, 1838.

Mary N., d. Henry A. and Mary J., Feb. 4, 1844.


Sarah Ann, d. Edmund, jr. and Anna, Aug. 28, 1820.

Lydia, d. Edmund, jr. and Anna, Mar. 27, 1822.


Calvin Stowe, s. Nathan, bp. July 5, 1835. CR2

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