Edwin W.,末蔓末,1840.GR9


David Rodney, s.Rev. Lester, bp. Oct.9,1842.CR2

JEWETT (Jewitt)

Phila, d.Reuben and Electa, Jan.25,1791.

Sally, d.Reuben and Electa, Nov.23,1793.

Anna, d.Reuben and Electa, Apr.6,1795.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Electa, Apr.3,1797.

Electa, d.Reuben and Electa, Oct.15,1799.

Prudency, d.James and Vina[Levina], June4,1800.

Triphena, d.Reuben and Electa, Feb.10,1802.

Daniel Allis, s.Reuben and Electa, July14,1804.

James Moore, s.Reuben and Electa, Jan.22,1806.

Triphena 2d, d.Reuben and Electa, Apr.28,1808.

Dwight, s.Reuben and Electa, Dec.17,1812.

Electa Maria, d.Reuben and Electa, Mar.5,1815.

Catherine, d.Reuben Jr. and Record, Jan.8,1823.

James Moore, s.Reuben Jr. and Record, Mar.26,1824.

Electa Maria, d.Reuben Jr. and Record, Apr.2,1825.

Electa Maria 2d, d.Reuben Jr. and Record, Oct.18,1826.

Persis Chapin, w.Dwight,末蔓末,1830.GR7

Alvord A.,末蔓末,1838.GR9 [Alvord Austin, s.James More, bp. Aug.18,1839.CR2]

Charles Elwin, s.James M., bp. July24,1842.CR2

Mary Frances, d.James M., bp. June16,1844.CR2

Everard Dwight, s.Dwight and Eunice[(Orcutt)], Nov.11,1845.

Samuel, s.James M. and Sophronia[(Wait)], Dec.26,1845.

末末, s.James M. and Sophronia[(Wait)], Dec.20,1846.


末末, s.Dwight and Eunice[(Orcutt)], Dec.13,1849.

JEWITT (Jewett)

Martin Crafts, s.James More, bp. Aug.18,1839.CR2

Nathan Frary, s.James More, bp. Aug.18,1839.CR2

Sarah Elizabeth, d.James More, bp. Aug.18,1839.CR2

Gilbert Leanthan, s.James More, bp. June21,1840.CR2


Mary, d.Asa and Clarissa, Sept.24,1799.

Pamela, d.Asa and Clarissa, June23,1800.

Asa, s.Asa and Clarissa, Feb.13,1802.

Carver, s.Asa and Clarissa, June30,1804.

Harvey Childs, s.Asa and Clarissa, Sept.29,1806.

Nathaniel Trumbull, s.Asa and Clarissa, Nov.17,1808.

Ebenezer, s.Asa and Clarissa, Apr.10,1811.

William Erskine, s.Harvey C. and Eliza[(Anderson)], July23,1830.

Cynthia Ann, d.N[athaniel] Trumble[and Olive (Clark)], bp. Jan.5,1834.CR2

James Gillespie Birney, s.[Nathaniel] Trumbull, bp. May2,1841.CR2

William R., s.Thomas W. and Harriett, Aug.10,1849.

JOINER (Joyner)

Susannah, d.Edward and 末末, bp. Sept.5,1779.CR1

Eleanor, d.Edward and Mary[(Munn)], bp. May2,1782.CR1

Submit, d.Edward and Mary[(Munn)], bp. Oct.23,1785.CR1


Amos, s.Jehiel and Lucretia[(Hamilton)], Jan.1,1783.

James, s.Jehiel and Lucretia[(Hamilton)], Feb.27,1785.

Israel, s.Jehiel and Lucretia[(Hamilton)], Mar.15,1787.

James, s.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, Apr.24,1787.

Nancy, d.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, Feb.26,1789.

Amasa, s.Jehiel and Lucretia[(Hamilton)], Sept.1,1789.

Cynthia, d.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, Apr.1,1791.

Gurdon, s.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, Mar.6,1793.

Cephas, s.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, June15,1797.

John, s.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, May18,1800.

Lucinda Chapman, d.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, May3,1804.

Lorenzo Winthrop, s.Amos and Jerusha[(Sweet)], Mar.5,1805.

Alvira Long, d.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Nov.15,1806.

Adeline, d.Amos and Jerusha[(Sweet)], Dec.22,1806.

Melinda, d.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], Oct.2,1807.

Minerva Sophia, d.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, Dec.6,1807.

Adeline, d.Amos and Nancy[(Hodge)], in Blenheim, Schoharie County, NY, Mar.22,1809.

Lansford Carlos, s.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], July12,1809.

Dennis Stearns, s.Israel and Eleanor[(Broadrick)], Nov.28,1809.

Caroline, d.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], Mar.5,1810.

Levi Normon Hodge, s.Amos and Nancy[(Hodge)], in Blenheim, Schoharie County, NY, July20,1810.

Martha Lorahamma, d.Jehiel Jr. and Martha, Sept.3,1811.

Anna Maria, twin d.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Apr.2,1812.

Lucretia Sophia, twin d.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Apr.2,1812.

Sally Maria, d.Amos and Nancy[(Hodge)], in Blenheim, Schoharie County, NY, June22,1812.

末末, d.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], Dec.末,1812. Stillborn.

Amasa, s.Israel and Eleanor[(Broadrick)], Mar.6,1813.

Dexter, s.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], Apr.6,1814.

Emily, d.Amos and Nancy[(Hodge)], May3,1814.

Patrick F., s.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Oct.12,1814.

Tirzah Ann, d.Gurdon and Delia[(Butler)], July11,1815.

Eliza Ann, d.Israel and Eleanor[(Broadrick)], Nov.18,1815.

Jerusha Sweet, d.Amos and Nancy[(Hodge)], June24,1816.

Alexis, s.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], Aug.4,1816.

Nancy Bangs[(Robbins)], w.Amasa, Sept.3,1816.GR3

Orson B., s.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Jan.12,1818.

Loisa, d.Israel and Eleanor[(Broadrick)], Feb.18,1818.

Asa Sprague, s.Amos and Nancy[(Hodge)], June26,1818.

Jackson, s.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], Mar.28,1819.

末末, s.Gurdon and Delia[(Butler)], Aug.26,1819.

Charles, s.Israel and Eleanor[(Broadrick)], July27,1820.

Margaret[(Tomb)], w.Charles, Dec.15,1821.GR2

George Washington, s.John and Elizabeth[(Wolcot)], Dec.30,1822.

Charlotte, d.Ambrose and Anna[(Loveridge)], Aug.9,1823.

Henry Gordon, s.John and Elizabeth[(Wolcot)], Feb.3,1824.

Harriet Jeanette, d.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Aug.12,1824.

Benjamin Hayford, s.Caleb and and Alvira[(Eddy)], July31,1825.

Eliza Ann, d.Ambrose and Anna[(Loveridge)], Aug.12,1825.

John Edwin, s.John and Elizabeth[(Wolcot)], Mar.28,1827.

Helen Serelia, d.Jabez and Anna[(Chapman)], Apr.9,1827.

Cynthia, d.Ambrose and Anna[(Loveridge)], Apr.18,1827.

Elizabeth Amelia, d.John and Elizabeth[(Wolcot)], May18,1829.

Harriet Minerva, d.James and Lorahamah[(Hamilton)], June18,1829.

Seth, s.Caleb 2d and Alvira[(Eddy)], Sept.15,1829.

Hosea, s.Caleb 2d and Alvira[(Eddy)], July19,1830.

Eleanor, d.Israel and Cynthia, Aug.12,1830.

Lovina M., w.Moses E., Feb.27,1838.GR3

S. Amanda, w.G[eorge] W., Nov.2,1839.GR3[The S. is on the death certificate but not on her headstone nor on marriage record.]

Thomas Franklin, s.John N. and Betsey[(Wolcot)], June7,1844.

David Smith, s.James 2d and Martha[(Jones)], Apr.10,1845.

末末, s.Caleb and Elvira[(Eddy)], Sept.10,1845.

Moses E., Sept.13,1845.GR3

Almon, s.Amasa and Nancy[(Robbins)], Nov.末,1845.

Nancy A., d.Orson B. and Charlotte, Jan.24,1846.

Charles, s.John N. and Betsey[(Wolcot)], Mar.15,1847.

末末, s.Ambrose and Lucinda[(Chapman)], Apr.4,1847.

末末, s.Alexis and Ann Maria[(Jones)], Jan.19,1848.

Orson, s.Orson B. and Charlotte, Mar.3,1848.

Washburn, s.Caleb and Elvira[(Eddy)], Aug.19,1849.

Mather R., s.Ambrose and Lucinda[(Chapman)], Sept.12,1849.


Francis Cornelia, twin d.Henry and Tryphena, Sept.30,1844.

Franklin Clarence, twin s.Henry and Tryphena, Sept.30,1844.


Guilford, ch.末末, bp. Aug.2,1798.CR1

JOYNER (Joiner)

William, s.Edward and Mary[(Munn)], Aug.10,1770.

Anne, d.Edward and Mary[(Munn)], Jan.17,1772.

Elias, s.Edward and Mary[(Munn)], Nov.2,1777.

William, s.William and Judith, Nov.8,1795.

Ele Hart, s.William and Judith, Oct.15,1798.

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