Almy Dwight, d.Merrill and Pamela, June15,1831, [? in] Montague.CR2 [w.Silas Phillips.GR7]

Augustus Lyman, s.Omar and Experience, July13,1813, [? in] Montague.CR2

Byron, s.Omar and Experience, Sept.6,1825, [? in] Montague.CR2

Dandridge Lyman, s.Merrill and Pamela, June20,1837, [? in] Montague.CR2

Dwight Merrill, s.Merrill and Pamela, Nov.29,1829.CR2

Dwight Merrill, s.Merrill and Pamela, Aug.5,1833, [? in] Montague.CR2

George Hubbard, s.Merrill and Pamela, Aug.25,1824, [? in] Montague.CR2

Jane Maria, d.Merrill and Pamela, May24,1821, [? in] Montague.CR2 [w.Philbrook Holden.GR1]

Lucretia Wrisley, d.Merrill and Pamela, Mar.18,1826, [? in] Montague.CR2

Mary Electa, d.Omar and Experience, Dec.26,1816, [? in] Montague.CR2

Mary Dexter, d.Merrill and Pamela, Nov.3,1827, [? in] Montague.CR2

Pamela Ann, d.Merrill and Pamela, Sept.16,1822, [? in] Montague.CR2

Samuel Wrisley, s.Omar and Experience, Sept.20,1811, [? in] Montague.CR2


Clara D., w.George M.,末蔓末,1839.GR7

George M., h.Clara D.,末蔓末,1829.GR7

Vesta C. Wmg, w.William L., Aug.30,1844.GR7

William L., h.Vesta C. Wing, Nov.13,1831.GR7


Lowell, June30,1840.GR7


末末, s.Elizabeth, June17,1848.

Clark, h.Sarah (Wilcox), s.末末 (b. CT.),末蔓末, 末末. in Colerain.PR29

Edgar, ch.Clark and Sarah (Wilcox),末蔓末, [before Mar.10,1837].PR29

Elizabeth, ch.Clark and Sarah, Feb.10,1830.

Nancy, ch.Clark and Sarah (Wilcox),末蔓末, [before Mar.10,1837].PR29

William Morton, ch.Clark and Sarah, Dec.2,1827.

TAYLER (Taylor)

Erastus, ch.Thomas and Sinthy, Apr.25,1771.

Lucy, ch.Thomas and Sinthy, Dec.27,1772.

TAYLOR (Tayler)

Abigail Rowe, d.Rodolphus and Lucretia, June30,1826, [? in] Montague.CR2

Abigail Almira, d.Rodolphus and Lucretia, Nov.2,1830, [? in] Montague.CR2

Catherine Frances, w.Rinaldo R., Mar.16,1824.GR7

Charles Henry, ch.Charles and Sarah Frances (Wells), Jan.25,1846

Daniel Winthrop, s.Rodolphus and Lucretia, Dec.11,1828, [? in] Montague.CR2

Electa Lucretia, d.Rodolphus and Lucretia, Aug.19,1824, [? in] Montague.CR2

Hannah Lucinda, ch.Charles and Sarah Frances (Wells), Apr.22,1841.

Joseph Willard, ch.Charles and Sarah Frances (Wells), Nov.19,1848.

Linus Austin, s.Rodolphus and Lucretia, July17,1822, [? in] Montague.CR2

Lorenzo, s.Rodolphus and Lucretia of Montague, Mar.11,1818 [? in Montague].CR2

Lysander, s.Rodolphus and Lucretia of Montague, June13,1819 [? in Montague].CR2

Polly Almira, d.Rodolphus and Lucretia of Montague, Aug.3,1820 [? in Montague].CR2

Mary Jinsy, ch.Charles and Sarah Frances (Wells), Nov.21,1842.

Rinaldo R., h.Catherine Frances, July11,1823.GR7

Sarah Frances, ch.Charles and Sarah Frances (Wells), July14,1844.

Sophronia, bp. June27,1830, a.18, in Montague.CR2


Fannie, w.Frederick S. Ward, Aug.27,1841.GR7


末末, s.William, farmer, Oct.21,1849.

Ambrose T., Jan.11,1821.GR7

Ann Maria, w.Ambrose T., Jan.2,1822.GR7

Emily, w.Ambrose T., May22,1824.GR7

John, h.Releif B., Oct.9,1814.GR6

Mary J. Hughes, w.Henry D., Dec.23,1841.GR9

Releif B., w.John, May8,1817.GR6


末末, d.Henry,末蔓末, [? 1849].

末末, s.Stillman and 末末, Aug.15,1849.


末末, d.Chester, laborer, and Almira, July2,1844.

Charles, h.Mary A. (Barclay), June6,1833.GR7

Elvira Adams, w.John, Apr.13,1796.GR5

Janette [? m.],末蔓末,1820.GR7

John, h.Elvira Adams, Jan.3,1790.GR5

John B., Mar.9,1801, in Liverpool, Eng.GR7

John Webber, h.Sophia Legg (Adams), Dec.16,1827, in Rowe.PR28

John B., "Co. B. 22nd Reg. Mass.Infantry," Oct.26,1840.GR7


Achsah E. Newell, w.George W., Feb.7,1839.GR7

George W., "Member of Co. A. 52 Regt. Mass.Vols.," h.Achsah E. Newell, Feb.26,1838, in Manchester, Eng.GR7

THWING (Twing)


Luther, "clerk Co. G. 4th U.S. Cav. Indian War-Civil War," July1,1831.GR7

Sarah A. Crafts, w.Luther, Aug.7,1832.GR7


Theodore C., May25,1841.GR7


末末, d.Frederic G., lawyer, and Hannah, June29,1848.

F.G., s.Edward of Boston, Feb.4,1821 [? in Greenfield].GR1


Almond, s.Jonathan, bp. July3,1796.PR1


Emma W., w.W.W. Ward, d.L. and S.C., Apr.末,1845.GR1

George Burt, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.14,1830.

H., Maj., h.Sophia P., June16,1822.GR7

Harriet Stone, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.23,1826

Joseph, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.24,1828.

Levi, h.Sarah C. (afterward w.Levi W. Rice), Apr.末,1818.GR1

Persis U., d.L. and S.C., Aug.末,1843.GR1

Sarah Hall, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.25,1821.

Sophia P., w.Maj. H., Jan.3,1825.GR7

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