Jesse and Mary Stevens, int.Apr.6,1785.


Henry R. of Troy, NY, and Elanor Hall of Deerfield, Sept.25,1840.*


Reuben [int.Jr.] of Camillus, NY, and Emily Gilbert,末蔓末, 末末. [Reuben Jr. of Camillus, NY, Feb.10,1824.CR2]


Minerva of Heath and Elijah S. Bascom, int.Oct.16,1839.


Abigail [int.Farren] and Daniel Wright [int.of Barnardston], Feb.31,1791.

Anne of Hadley and Mathew Clark, Jan.3,1765, in Hadley.

Ellen M.M. of Concord, NH, and Nathaniel E. Russell, int.Apr.22,1837.

FARRELL (Ferrell)

FARREN (Farrand)


Lucius and Sarah Ann Thompson, int.Apr.28,1849.


Jael, d.Jial and Hannah, and James E. Doty, cabinetmaker, of Shelburn, s.James and S.C. of Shelburn, May4,1846.*

Susy of Shelburne and Zenas Bardwell of Shelburne, Aug.5,1798.*.PR1


Israel of Guilford and Peggy Clark, Oct.16,1792. [Dr. Israel Farrell.PR1]


Abby and Seth W. Severance, int.Apr.28,1849.

Chester and Mrs.Rebecca Munson, int.Aug.26,1848.

Chloe of Bernardston and Samuell Shattuck, Nov.末,1764,*.PR1

Elihu of Deerfield and Hephzibah Dickinson of Deerfield, Dec.29,1774,*.PR1

Eliza D. of Gill and John J. Pierce, int.Mar.7,1818.

George and Sarah McClallen of Barre, int.Apr.10,1841.

James E., 22, s.Richard and Betsey, and Martha Louisa Phillips, 20 [int.of Buffalo, NY], d.Simon and Eveline of Buffalo, NY, Oct.16,1848. [James E., express agent, s.Richard E. and Betsey, and Martha Louisa Phillips of Buffalo, NY.CR2]

Jonathan [int.Jonthan] of Winchester and Abigail Usher, Nov.3,1791. [Jonathan of Winchester.PR1]

Loring S. of Gill and Mary Hubbard, int.June20,1807. [m.July14.PR1]

Martha and Abel W. Moore, int.Oct.11,1834.

Melinda of Northfield and Bernin [sic, ? Bernice] Foot, Dec.8,1791, in Northfield.*

Moses of Leverett and Mary Spelman, Mar.12,1781,*.PR1

Persis of Deerfield and Porter Mitchell of Deerfield, int.Mar.17,1844.

Richard E. and Betsey Wait of Deerfield, int.May20,1820.

Tirzah Ann of Deerfield and John C. Andrews, int.Dec.29,1831. [m.Jan., 22,1832.CR2]

FINEMAN (Finemin)

Rosanna and Timothy Vendorus of Colrain, int.Apr.10,1798. [Henneman and Timothy Venalarus, negroes, m.May22.PR1]

FINEMIN (Fineman)

Caesar Augustus and Eunice Dawes, int.Mar.30,1822.


Edward of Halifax, VT, and Jane Barber of Colerain, Nov.2,1841.*

FISHER (Fissher)

FISK (Fiske)

Hepzibah A. and Levi S. Stiles, Apr.12,1837. [Fiske.CR2 Hepzibath Fisk.CR3 Hepzibath A. Fisk and Levi S. Stiles, ch.Levi and Diana (Martinndale).PR10]

Leonard and Rhoda A. Burnham of Deerfield, int.June5,1830.

Mary and Horace Severance, int.Aug.14,1819.

Mehitable and John Burdick of Canaan, NH, int.Dec.7,1793.

Sally of Wendell and Levi Moore, int.Aug.30,1818.

Wells and Serephine [int.Seraphine, dup. int.crossed out, Sarah F., second dup. int.crossed out, Seraphfine of Deerfield] Burnham, Sept.28,1842.

FISKE (Fisk)

James and Leonora Howard of Deerfield, int.Sept.18,1818.

Sarah and [int.Dr.] Daniel Peabody of Broadbrook, CT, Sept.28,1847.


Sally [int.Fisher] and John Morley [int.Morly], Dec.21,1790.


Sarah of Winsor Goshan [sic] and David Stricklen, int.Sept.4,1783.

Uriah [? of Shelburne] and Diadema Chapman [? of Shelburne], Jan.18,1775,*.PR1


Celia and Jeremiah Pratt, int.Jan.3,1822.


John of Deerfield and Martha Allen, int.Apr.10,1795.


Leonard of Hinsdale, NH, and Polly Dole, int.July10,1817.


Shubaal of Plainfield, VT, and Philomela Pickett, int.June15,1822.

FOOT (Foote)

Asenath and Charles Evans, Feb.2,1789.

Bernin [? Bernice] and Melinda Field of Northfield, Dec.8,1791, in Northfield.*

FOOTE (Foot)

Eliel T. of Jamestown, NY, and Amelia S.L. Jenkins, Apr.27,1841.


Daniel and Clarissa [int.Clarisy] Dickinson of Deerfield, June4,1792, in Deerfield.

William and Lucy Griffin, int.Jan.10,1795.


Nicholas and Bridget Hansborough, int.Aug.17,1846.

Samuel of Hawley and Melinda F. Lilly of Ashfield, May10,1836, in Ashfield.* [Malinda F. of Ashfield.CR2] Whitman S. and Martha [int.Mary] F. Newcomb of Deerfield, July4,1842. [Martha F. of Deerfield.CR2]

FORSTER (Foster)

Isaac Jr. and Rebecah Hunt of Beltchertown, int.Sept.29,1789.

FOSTER (Forster)

Isaac and Eddathy Miller, int.Apr.5,1794.

John Jr. [int.of Barnardston, omits Jr.] and Mendale [int.Mindal] Atherton, Apr.24,1788.

Olive and Stephen Cary, int.Jan.23,1796.

Triphena of Barnardston and Lemuel Atherton, int.Apr.24,1800.


Bancroft, Rev., of Bernardston, and Lydia H. Ripley, Nov.13,1839.


Welthy of Bernardston and Joseph Wise Jr. of Deerfield, Oct.14,1800.PR1

FRAZER (Frazier)

John and Dimis Graves, Jan.22,1787.

FRAZIER (Frazer)

Jabez and Sabra Denio, Oct.30,1794.


Dinah and John Rowley of Deerfield, May6,1794, in Deerfield.


John and Elesabath [int.Elisabeth] Bascom, Feb.29,1787.

Mary and Jonathan Hall, Feb.19,1788.

Mercy and Jonathan Hawks of Deerfield, int.Oct.29,1786.


Polly Staunton of Deerfield and Rodolphus Wells, int.Mar.29,1806.


Hezekiah and 末末 末末 of Ludlow, int.Feb.24,1845.

Joseph and Susan Guellow, int.Nov.4,1819. [Gwellow, m.Dec.2.CR2]


John and Susanne Stewart of Colrain, Dec.15,1768.*.PR1

Sarah of Colrain and John Comran of Colrain, Jan.2,1766.PR1

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