EASON (Esen)


Nathan H., 24, of Sunderland s.Jonathan and Sophia of Orford, NH, and Eunice B. Munsell, 18, of Sunderland d.Thomas E. and Roxana of Sunderland VT, Jan.13,1848


Emily of Colerain and David M. Whitney, int.Apr.20,1838


Roger and Sarah Wells, June末,1780.*.PR1


Electa of Northampton and John Russell, Jan.8,1795, in Northampton.

Simon of Barnardston and Triphena Nash, int.Sept.5 [dup. crossed out, Sept.4], 1812.

Sylvester J. of New York City and Caroline Augusta Phelps, Feb.23,1838.

ELLICE (Allis, Ellis)

Judah [int.Ellis] and EIizobeth [int.Elizabeth] Stanhope, Oct.18,1792. [Ellis and Widow Stanhope.PR1]

ELLIOT (Elliott)

Desire and John Wells of Deerfield, Mar.18,1781.*.PR1

Joab and Nancy Kendrick of Heath, int.Sept.8,1797.

ELLIOTT (Elliot)

William Jr. and Experience F. Swan of Deerfield, int.May4,1827.

ELLIS (Allis, Ellice)

Matthew of Colrain and Anna Clark of Colrain, Jan.6,1774.*.PR1

ELLISON (Elison)

Mary A. and Franklin Nash, Sept.10,1833.*.PR20

ELLSON (Ellison)

Abigail [int.Abby Ellison], d.Samuel and Persis Harrington, and William Sandin [int.of Fitchburg], s.Stephen and Beulah P., May15,1849.


Charles M. of Hartford, CT, and Charlotte Chapman,末蔓末, 末末. [July30,1833.CR2]


John Jr. of Leyden and Olive Atherton, int.May15,1807. [Eson Jr. of Leydon, m.July12.PR1]

Mary and Solomon Arms, int.Jan.2,1808.


Mary and Silus Mory, Oct.21,1790.


Charles and Asenath Foot, Feb.2,1789.*


John of Montague and Hannah Morley, Jan.26,1778.PR1

Simon C., Dr., of Wendell, and Mrs.Asenath C. Washburn, int.Oct.23,1826. [m.Nov.末.CR1]

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