David and Elizabeth Tubbs, Apr.21,1774.PR1

Joseph and Elisabeth Tubbs, Mar.21,1779.PR1

Rhoda and Consider. Cushman [dup. of Bernardston, int.of Barnardston], Jan.1,1792 [dup. and int.Dec.24,1791, dup. in Bernardston].

Jeheil [int.Jehiel] and Dorenda [int.Dorinda] Allen, Mar.26,1793. [Jehiel and Derinda Allen.PR1]

Chester of Guiliord, Windham Co., VT, and Susanna Atherton, int.Dec.29,1812.

Samuel of Guilford, VT, and Martha Atherton, int.Mar.5,1814.

GAMELL (Gammell)

Almira E. of Hillsborough, NH, and Anson B. Miller, int.Sept.5,1835.

GAMMEL (Gamell)

Abiah of Hillsborough, NH, and John Hoar, int.Oct.24,1840.


Catherine of Whately and Asa Kemp, Mar.13,1797, in Sunderland.

Joseph W. and Frances L. Denio, d.Harrison G., Oct.27,1846.


Sarah P. of Hadley and Theodore S. Billings of Hadley, Dec.14,1836.

Mary and Amos Pond, Aug.14,1838, in Surrey, NH.*.PR21


Fanny and Daniel Crosby,末蔓末, 末末. [Nov.28,1830.CR2]


Caroline of Westminster, Worcester Co., and Samuel M. Humes, int.Sept.22,1838.


Ezekiel G., Rev., "Missionary in the western parts of New York," and Miranda Cook of Chesterfield, NH, Mar.22,1819.*.CR2


Jared and Roxanna [int.Ronny] Allen of Bernardston, Mar.26,1795, in Bernardston.


Amos and Sarah Derby, int.May12,1783. [Jepperson, m.July2.PR1]


Mary and William Sweeny, int.Nov.10,1849.


Abagail [int.Abigail Gibbs] of Greenwich and Jonathan Jewett [int.Jonathan Juett Horsley], Nov.25,1790, in Greenwich.


Margaret and James Washington, int.Apr.8,1829.

GIBBS (Gibb)


Emily and Reuben Farnham [int.Jr.] of Camillus, NY,末蔓末, 末末. [Reuben Jr. of Camillus, NY, Feb.10,1824.CR2]

Eliel and Hannah [int.Harriot] Ashley of Deerfield, June21,1792, in Deerfield.

Thomas and Harriet Arms, int.Nov.11,1814.

Harriet A. and Charles Lombard of Springfield, int.Aug.26,1815.

Fanny Elvira, 22 [int.of Brattleboro, VT.], d.末末 of Bangor, NY, and William Burnham, 30, shoemaker, s.Reuel and Patience of Deerfield, June12,1845.


Mary Ann P. of Westfield and Jonathan Howe, int.Nov.7,1830.


Joseph and Mary Chambers, int.July23,1817.

Clarissa S. and Henry S. Robbins, Jan.29,1841.


Kelsey of Bristol, VT, and Clarissa Hinsdale, int.Dec.8,1816.


Martha and Abel Guellow,末蔓末, 末末. [Gwellow, July30,1835.CR2]


Jack and Eliza Nichols, int.July1,1820.

GOODALE (Goodell)

Ebenezer, see 末末 Goodale.

末末 of Westminster, VT, and Rosannh Smead, int.Feb.4,1811. [Ebenezer Goodell of Westminister, VT, and Rosanna Smead, m.Feb.20.PR1]

William of Grafton, VT, and Mary Arms Jr., int.Sept.24,1814.

GOODELL (Goodale)

Louisa of Belchertown and Rufus Reneff, int.Nov.16,1838.


David and Pollina Billings, int.Dec.17,1796.


Sarah B. of Deerfield and George Clay of Putney, VT, Sept.18,1832, in Deerfield.*.CR2


Elihu and Sarah Smead, Feb.末,1790.

Phinehas and Naomy Wells, int.Dec.15,1803.

Rebecca and Chester Arms, int Nov.16,1816. [Rebakah, ch.Elihu and Sarah, m.Dec.10.PR25 Rebekah, m.Dec.10.PR26]

Sarah and Rev. Aretas Loomis of Randolph Co., VA, int.Sept.20,1819. [Sarah, ch.Elihu and Sarah, m.Oct.末,1820.PR25]

Achsah and Eliel Ammidon of Springfield, int.Oct.6,1826. [Amadon, m.Oct.末.CR1 Amadon, m.Nov.15.PR14 Achsah, ch.Elihu and Sarah, and Eliel Amadon, m.Nov.15.PR25]

GOODNOW (Goodenough)

Lemuel and Tirzah Lester, int.Apr.24,1815.


Pliny P. of Phillipston and Harriet F. Morgan,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.22,1824.CR2]

Jonathan and Betsey Stockwell of Gill, int.May19,1798.

James Esq. of Gill and Elizabeth Arms, int.Aug.9,1815.

Elijah A. of Deerfield and Isabella Ames, int.Jan.15,1820. [Elijah Addison Gould of Deerfield, m.Mar.19.CR2]

Elizabeth, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Josiah Allis of Prattsburgh, NY, Nov.4,1833. [Mrs.Elizabeth.CR1]

Sophia, d.Elijah A. and Isabella, and Leonard S. Jones, trader, Oct.30,1845.

Isabella A., 18, d.Elijah A. and Isabella, and Charles B. Bullard, 24, farmer, of Shirley [int.Boston written aboveShirley crossed out], s.Silas and Mary Ann, May2,1848. [Charles B. of Shirley.CR2]

GRANELL (Grenell, Grennell, Grenolds, Grinell, Grinnell)

Lucy and Asher Corse Jr., int.Sept.15,1797.


William and Nancy Cushman of Barnardston, int.Nov.17,1804.


Esther, see Esther Wells.

Horace 2d [int.2d crossed out] and Mary M. [int.Miller] Sage,末蔓末, 末末. [Horace and Mary Miller Sage, Mar.31,1822.CR2]

Esther and Thomas Judd of Hadley, May末,1763.*.PR1

Lydia and Ebenezer Searls, May9,1771.*.PR1

Rhoda of Hatfield and Elisha Wells, Dec.25,1777 [dup. 1778], in Hatfield.

Ebenezer and Anna Chapin, Oct.23,1778.*.PR1

Job and Abigail Wells, Mar.2,1782.*.PR1

Dimis and John Frazer, Jan.22,1787.

Polley and Esquier Bliss, Apr.14,1791.

Rufus and Esther Wells [int.Graves] of Hatfield, June16,1791, in Hatfield.

Joel and Elesabeth [int.Elisibath] Billings, Jan.19,1792. [Elizabeth.PR1]

Elihu and Eleanor [int.Elenor] Smith, Mar.1,1792. [Eleanor.PR1]

Prudence [int.Prudance] and Ebenezer [int.Ebinezer] Wilkinson, Mar.1,1792. [Prudence and Ebenezer Wilkinson.PR1]

Thankful and Elias Bascom of Orwell, VT, int.Nov.7,1795. [mJan.21,1796.PR1]

Eli and Betheny White of Hadley, int.Nov.18,1797.

Electa and Darius Hindsdale, int.Mar.29,1800.

Eli and Judith White of Hadley, int.Jan.10,1806.

Rhoda and Amos Parsons Jr., int.June3,1808.

Reuben of Montague and Ruby Bissell, int.Apr.27,1809. [Bissel, m.July6.PR1]

Rufus and Martha Workman of Colran, int.Aug.9,1810.

Obed and Mary Carrier, int.Aug.20,1811.

Luther and Ruth Judd of S. Hadley, int.Sept.26,1811.

Thankful and George R. Sage, int.Sept.27,1812.

Philenia of Swanzey, NH, and Zebina Knights, int.Aug.30,1817.

John J. and Maria Cook of Hadley, int.Mar.22,1824.

Edward P. and Sarah M. Keith, Jan.2,1838.

Bathsheba, wid.[int.omits wid.], 48, d.M. Millor Mitchell dec'd, and Robert Clark, widr.[int.omits widr.], 62, cooper, s.William dec'd, July1,1845.


Aaron and Clarissa Cushman, int.Nov.27,1800. [m.Jan.10,1801.PR1]

Peter Jr. of Colrain and Tinner Proctor, int.Feb.12,1814.

Harriet of Leyden and Henry Billings of Guilford, VT, Mar.7,1822, in Leyden.*.CR2


Lurissa of Guilford, VT, and Dana Hyde of Guilford, VT, May26,1832.*.CR2

GRENELL (Granell, Grennell, Grenolds, Grinell, Grinnell)

Betsey and Jonathan Bird, int.Sept.25,1802. [Grennell, m.Nov.6.PR1]

Wise Jr. of Bath and Hannah Ames, int.Jan.10,1808.

GRENNELL (Granell, Grenell, Grenolds, Grinell, Grinnell)

Caroline and Obed Wells, May24,1779.*.PR1

Ruth of Leyden and Allen Atherton, int.Jan.6,1810.

George Jr. and Helen A. Blake of Boston, int.July23,1814.

George Jr. Esq. and Eliza S. PerkinsofAmherst, int.Dec.4,1819.

Helen E., d.George and Eliza S., and George Milne of Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept.6,1847.

GRENOLDS (Granell, Grenell, Grennell, Grinell, Grinnell)

George and Lydia Stephens, Aug.4,1773.*.PR1


Anna of Boston. and James C. Alvord, int.Sept.17,1836.


Lucy and William Forbes, int.Jan.10,1795.

GRINELL (Granell, Grenell, Grennell, Grenolds, Grinnell)

Clarissa, Mrs., and Rev. Avery Williams of Leverett, int.Jan.28,1807. [Grinnell and Avery Williams of Leverett, m.Feb.25.PR1]

GRINNELL (Granell, Grenell, Grennell, Grenolds, Grinell)

William and Lucy Clarke, July7,1774.*.PCR [Clark.PR11]

William and Lucy Keeney, Nov.5,1783.*.PCR [Kinney.PR11]

GRISWOLD (Griswould)

Sophia and Asahel Wrisley Jr. of Gill, int.Oct.1,1814.

Charlotte and Benjamin Sawyer of Northfield, int.May4,1818.

Emily and Perrin N. Richards of Rockingham, VT, int.Sept.28,1822.

Adeline and Jonah Sawyer of Northfield, int.Nov.5,1822.

Lyman and Urania Barrett of Ashby, int.Mar.20,1824.

Franklin of New Ipswich, NH, and Caroline [int.adds E.] Wells, June11,1833. [Caroline E.CR1]

Melita and Seth Munn of Gill, int.June3,1839.

Whiting, 29, and Jane M. [int.omits M.] Martindale, 18, Nov.9,1844. [Jane Maria, ch.Pliny and Maria (Smead), Nov.6.PR19]

GRISWOULD (Griswold)

Charlotte and Jesse Hutchinson, Apr.12,1791. [Griswold.PR1]

Phelina and Robert Clark, int.June26,1803.

Oralena and Chester Parmetor of Gill [Gill written above Barnardston crossed out], int.May6,1809.


Joshia of Montague and Elizabeth Mitchel, int.June22,1809.


Susanna of Montague and Jeremiah Durkee of Montague, Nov.26,1833, in Montague.*.CR2


Olive of Cheshire and Isaac Meriam, int.May5,1798.

GUELLOW (Guillow, Guillows)

Abel and Martha Gleason,末蔓末, 末末. [Gwellow, July30,1835.CR2]

Reufus of Gill and Sally Watkins, int.Feb.28,1801.

Susan and Joseph Frost, int.Nov.4,1819. [Gwellow, m.Dec.2.CR2]

Francis D. and Lepha Burrington of Colerain, int.Nov.1,1832.

GUILLOW (Guellow, Guillows)

Abel and Betsey Wheeler, May15,1793.

Irena and Jonathan Wells, int.May13,1796.

GUILLOWS (Guellow, Guillow)

Mary and William McKinsey, Apr.26,1781.*.PR1


Lucy of Montague and Isaac Morley, int.May8,1812.

Moses of Montague and Mary Hastings, int.May23,1818.

Elijah of Montague and Rebecca Ripley of Deerfield, Nov.20,1833.*.CR1

GWELLOW (Guellow, Guillow, Guillows)

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