Hannah and Ludolfus Stiles, ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), May1,1830.*.PR10


Sally A. of Leyden and Rufus S. Phillips, int.Oct.8,1843.


Nancy, 22, of Deerfield, d.William and Seba of Deerfield, and Benjamin M. Mattoon, 21, blacksmith, of Amherst, s.Ebenezer and Lucena, Nov.11,1845.


Esther of Colrain and Solomon Denio, Dec.18,1777.*.PR1


Deborah and Apollos Allen, Jan.24,1780.*.PR1


Joel, Capt., and Czarina Batchelder of New Ipswich, NH, int.May26,1821.

PARMENTER (Parmetor, Permenter)

Josiah of Northfield and Hannah Childs, int.Aug.19,1785.

Mary W. of Gill and George Adams, int.Feb.12,1825. Mary Wells Parmenter of Gill, d.Josiah of Gill, and George Adams, ch.Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), m.Mar.22.PR28

Horacee [int.Horace] and Sarah W. Maxwell, Mar.23,1840. [Horace.CR2]

PARMETOR (Parmenter, Permenter)

Chester of Gill [Gill written above Barnardston crossed out] and Oralena Griswould, int.May6,1809.

PARSONS (Person, Persons)

Amos Jr. and Rhoda Graves, int.June3,1808.

Mary and Joseph Barton of Leyden, int.Dec.29,1812.

Abigail L. and Nehemiah P. Barton of Oxford, int.Nov.5,1822.

Harriet of Northampton and Elisha Muon, int.Oct.5,1826.

Amos H. of Aurora, Ohio, and Mariann Hinsdale, Aug.15,1833.

PATERSON (Patterson)

Margaret and Ebenezer Nims, Apr.28,1774.*.PR1

PATI'ERSON (Paterson)

Rosanna of Colrain and Jonathan Smead, Jan.21,1768.*.PR1


Daniel [int.Dr.] of Broadbrook, CT, and Sarah Fiske, Sept.28,1847.


Elisha of Montague and Jemima Johnson, int.Mar.7,1794.

Eliza S. of Amherst and George Grennell Jr. Esq., int.Dec.4,1819.

PERMENTER (Parmenter, Parmetor)

Bethiah of Northfield and Binjamin Horsley 3d, int.Nov.29,1793.


James of Charlemont and Abigail Hawks of Charlemont, Dec.末,1766.*.PR1

Mary and James Taylor of Worcester, int.Jan.17,1807. [m.Oct.4.PR1]

PERSON (Parsons, Persons)

James J. of Port Gibson, Miss., and Harriet Wells, Sept.5,1839.

PERSONS (Parsons, Person)

Betsey and John Strickland 3d, int.Oct.10,1800.

PHELLIPS (Philips, Phillips)

Sabra [int.Philips] and Jeremiah Andrews, July19,1792.


Sayward of Northampton and Elizabeth Amsden of Deerfield, Feb.23,1798.*.PR1

Ansel and Hfannah Ames, int.May25,1813. [m.July26.PR1]

John and Almeda Newton, Feb.20,1814. [Almeda, d.Asher.PR31]

Harriet S. and Noble Bush of Hatfield [int.Westfield], Sept.7,1829.

Caroline Augusta and Sylvester J. Edwards of New York City, Feb.23,1838.

Frances A. and James H. Stebbins of New York City, int.Aug.23,1849.

PHILIPS (Phellips, Phillips)

Micha and Lois Temple, int.Sept.23,1786.

PHILLIPS (Phellips, Philips)

Israel, see Joseph.

Joseph [int.Philips] and Martha Bascom, July5,1786.

Mulford and Thankfull Smalley, Feb.18,1788.

Joseph and Mary Bascom of Gill, Nov.6,1794.* [Israel and Mary Bascom, both of Gill.PR1]

Samuel and Betsey Lyon, Jan.28,1795.

Rufus S. and Sally A. Page of Leyden, int.Oct.8,1843.

Simeon Jr. of Conway and Loisa Carrier of Hawley, Apr.27,1846. [Simeon Jr., widr., 31, clock maker, of Conway, s.Simeon and Ruth of Conway, and Loisa Carrier, 26, of Hawley, d.Elias and Betsey of Hawley.CR2]

Charles C., s.Israel, and Adeline Bascom, d.Chester, Apr.28,1846.

Simon C. and Rossy S. Ballard of Gill, int.Dec.26,1846.

Martha Louisa, 20 [int.of Buffalo, NY.], d.Simon and Eveline of Bufialo, NY, and James E. Field, 22, s.Richard and Betsey, Oct.16,1848. [Martha Louisa of Bufialo, NY, and James E. Field, express agent, S. Richard E. and Betsey.CR2]

PICKETT (Picket)

Daniel and Submit Hastings, Oct.14,1773.PR1

James and Katherine Rosseter, May19,1782.*.PR1

Phebe [int.Pheba Picket] and Job Allen, Mar.14,1789.

Hepzibah and Silvenas Burnham, int.Mar.4,1797.

Statira and Darias Kingsley of Northumberland NY, int.Aug.8,1801.

Melinda and Gamaliel Kingsley of Barnarciston, int.Apr.23,1803.

Content and Elizar Chamberlain of Durham, CT, int.Sept.2,1807.

Prudence and John Bush Jr. of Bristol, VT, int.Sept.17,1808.

Damarus and Rowland S. Strickland int.Apr.27,1811.

Samuel Jr. and Dorothy Bordwell of Colrain, int.Aug.22,1812.

Mary and Izatus Sheldon of Barnardston, int.Mar.13,1819.

Philomela and Shubaal Flint of Plainfield, VT, int.June15,1822.

Eliza and Aaron Spalding, int.Dec.8,1827.

Benjamin F. and Laura Aldrich of Bernardston, int.Feb.19,1829.

Julia A. of Bernardston and Lucius L. Long, Jan.17,1839.

Theresa L. of Bernardston and John P. Rust, Mar.22,1842, in Bernardston.

Jane A. and John C. Bangs of Montague, int.Mar.9,1844. [m.Mar.28.CR2]

PICOT (Pickett)

Samuell and Marah Cors, int.Sept.4,1783. [Samuel Pickett and Mary Cors, m.Sept.7.PR1]


George and Olive D. [int.omits D.] Wilson,末蔓末, 末末. [Olive D., Dec.28,1825.CR2]

Sarah G. and Daniel N. Russell [int.of Oxford].*末蔓末, 末末. [Daniel N. of Oxford, July4,1832.CR2]

Jonathan and Mary Woodard, int.Nov.21,1801. [m.Jan.7,1802.PR1]

Proctor and Susannah Newton, int.May14,1802. [Sukey, m.June6.PR1]

Simeon and Sally Orvis, int.Sept.13,1815.

John J. and Eliza D. Field of Gill, int.Mar.7,1818.

Elizabeth S. and George Hills of Middletown, CT, int.Dec.31,1830.

George and Lucy Ann [int.Luryann] Kemp, Mar.1,1840. [Lury Ann.CR2]

Anna F., 21, d.J.J. and Eliza D., and Theodore D. Judah, 23 [int.of New York City], May10,1849. [Ann F., d.John J. and Eliza D., and Theodore D. Judah, engineer, of New York City, s.Henry dec'd.CR2]


Mehitable and Ozias Nutting, int.Sept.14,1825. [Pink, m.Oct.5.CR1]


George Lewis, Rev., 28, of Charleston, SC, b. Utica, NY, s.末末 of Utica, NY, and Sarah D. Willard, 27, d.David and Sarah, May26,1848.


Joel and Mary Miller, int.Jan.3,1795.


Amos and Mary Garfield, Aug.14,1838, in Surrey, NH.*.PR21


Betsey of Shelburn and Nathaniel Dodge of Shelburn, Mar.22,1770.*.PR1

Susannah and John Ransom, May9,1771.*.PR1


David of New York City and Ann T. Talbot of Northampton, Nov.8,1837, in Northampton.* [Poore of New York City.CR2]


Allen of Bristol, CT, and Theresa H. Thayer,末蔓末, 末末. [Mar.4,1829.CR2]

Hitty of Dummerston and Calvin Munn, int.Oct.22,1814.

Fidelia E. of Brattleborough, VT, and James M. Burt of Hartford, CT, Oct.2,1843, in Brattleborough.*.CR2


Ichabod of Gill and Chloe Loveland of Gill, Feb.22,1797.*.PR1

Oliver and Sarah Alexander, int.Sept.20,1806. [m.Nov.27.PR1]

Sarah M. and John C. White, Dec.6,1835.

Elizabeth M. and Daniel W. Spear, Nov.27,1836. [Speare.CR3]


Richard M. [int.Powers] and Ann Eliza Steigarwalts [int.Stigerwalts], Aug.5,1839.


William F. of Northampton, Hampshire Co., and Elizabeth Clapp of Northampton, Hampshire Co.,末蔓末, 末末.* [Feb.18,1835.CR2].

Lovina and Elijah Newton of Deerfield, int.July27,1801.

Anna and Alexander Clark of Shelburn, int.Jan.27,1804.

Abigail and Jotham Bennett of Dummerston, int.June3,1805.

Stephen and Drusilly Loveland int.Mar.13,1806.

Jeremiah and Celia Fitts, int.Jan.3,1822.

Dolphus of Marlboro, VT, and Mrs.Henrietta Maria Atherton, int.Jan.31,1824.

Phebe and Joel Merriam, May23,1833.


Jarvis B. and Mary Wells of Deerfield, int.Sept.14,1833.


Justus and Rhoda Adeline Wells, int.Apr.11,1818.


Mingo and Tanor, int.Oct.17,1784.

Tinner and Peter Green Jr. of Colrain, int.Feb.12,1814.


Lucy and Simeon G. Wilson of Belchertown, int.Dec.1,1827.


Harriet, Mrs., of Ashfield, and Julius Smead Jr., int.Mar.3,1845.


Lucy of Barnardston and Jonathan Smead Jr., int.Dec.7,1799.

Ezra Jr. of Barnardston and Clarissa Smead, int.Oct.1,1812. [m.Nov.5.PR1]

PUTMAN (Putnam)

Andrew [int.Putnam] Jr. and Azuba Stanhope [int.Stanhoop], Dec.7,1791.

PUTNAM (Putman)

Eunice [int.Unice] and Eliphas Allen, Apr.15,1790.


Sarah of Goshan and Asa Strong, int.Apr.7,1792.


William of Springfield and Esther Billings, int.Oct.25,1812. [m.Dec.2.PR1]

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