Eliphalet, d.Job of Cranston, RI, and William Holdredge Remington, ch.William and Patty or Martha (Adams),末蔓末, 末末. [? in Cranston, RI.]*.PR28

Thankful of Belchertown and Almond Williams of Hadley, Jan.3,1844.*.CR2


John and Susannah Pool, May9,1771.*.PR1

Sarah and Moses Bardwell, Sept.11,1785


John of Guilford, CT, and Parmella Wells, int.Oct.2,1808. [Pamella, m.Nov.27.PR1]


Hepzibah of Lexington and William Wait, May30,1790, in Lexington.

Elizabeth of Rowe and Edward M. Wheeler of Rowe, May28,1838

Amos E.P. and Hamet Dennis of Barre, int.Apr.30,1842


William Holdredge, ch.William and Patty or Martha (Adams), and Eliphalet Randall, d.Job of Cranston, RI,末蔓末, 末末. [? in Cranston, RI.]*.PR28

William, b. Patuxet, RI, and Patty Adams "(also called Martha)," ch.Andrew and Molly (Morse), Apr.12,1804, in Warwick, RI.*.PR28

Edward, ch.William and Patty or Martha (Adams), and Mary A. Smith of Pawtuxet, RI, Sept.4,1826 [? in Pawtuxet, RI.]*.PR28


Rufus and Louisa Goodell of Belchertown, int.Nov.16,1838.


Louisa and Silas H. Seaver, Jan.3,1842.


Tamar and John Wells, Feb.末,1764.*.PR1

Artemas of Charlemont and Katherine Taylor of Shelburne, Apr.14,1778.*PR1

Enos and Mercy Moffett of Northfield, Nov.22,1779.*.PR1

Ezekiel of Putney and Hannah Billings, int.Dec.12,1798. [m.Feb.11,1799.PR1]

Wealthy and Richard Hastings, int.Dec.7,1805.

Lathrop of Sunderland and Abigail Spurr, int.Dec.1,1815.


Moses and Sally Stoughton, Mar.15,1794.

Perrin N. of Rockingham, VT, and.Emily Griswold, int.Sept.28,1822.


George of Hanover, NH, and Elizabeth Dennison of Leyden, Sept.10,1821.*CR2

Martha of Ware and Chester Horr, int.Sept.8,1838.

John B. and Jane E. Larnerd of W. Springfield, int.Feb.12,1842.


Charles and Martha A. Wait of Deerfield, int.Sept.30,1848.


Hugh of Colrain and Jean Morris of Colrain, Feb.6,1766.*PR1


David and Oua Bliss of Springfield, int.May4,1801.

Sally and Charles Steams of Shelburne, int.Oct.1,1812. [Risley, m.Nov.10.PR1]

Thomas W. and Susan Clapp, int.Sept.2,1815.

Harriet and Sylvester Allen, int.June14,1817.

Elizabeth F. and David Brigham Esq., int.June5,1819.

Rebecca of Deerfield and Elijah Gunn of Montague, Nov.20,1833.*.CR1

Eliza of Deerfield and Timothy Dean of Adams, Sept.14,1836, in Deerfield.* [Elisha [sic] Ripley of Deerfield.CR2]

Lydia H. and Rev. Bancroft Fowler of Bernardston, Nov.13,1839.

Horace of Deerfield and Elizabeth A. Loveridge of Shelburn, Feb.4,1840.*

Martha B. and Henry Vose of Springfield, int.Sept.13,1842.

Susan of Walpole, NH, and A.P. Haskins, int.Nov.10,1849.

RISLEY (Wrisley)

Sally, see Sally Ripley.

Ruth and Benjamin Horsley, Oct.27,1772.*.PR1

Eunice and Ithemar Allen, Sept.23,1773.*.PR1

Elijah and Deborah Waters, May20,1777.*.PR1

Lucretia and John Allen, Feb.6,1788.

Jonathan and Elenor Robbins, int.Jan.11,1793.

David Jr. and Olive Starks, Aug.22,1793.*

Anna of Gill and Jonathan Sprague of Gill, Sept.3,1795.*


Elenor and Jonathan Risley, int.Jan.11,1793.

Abigail M. and Thomas Rockwood, Dec.2,1805.*.PR17

Mercey [mercey Robbins written above Mary Robins crossed out] of Deerfield and Solomon Dewey, int.Feb.14,1811.

Henry S. and Clarissa S. Gilligan, Jan.29,1841.


James and Esther Nims, Aug.14,1777.*.PR1

Ebenezer and Submit Brooks, Dec.31,1778.*.PR1

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. Amariah Chandler, Nov.17,1840.


Ephraim E. of Sunderland and Mary Ann Ryther, Mar.15,1838.


Thomas and Abigail M. Robbins, Dec.2,1805.*.PR17

Mary and Liberty Lamb, Mar.29,1830.*

Thomas Jr. of Northfield and Sarah J. [int.E.] Dewey, Jan.1,1834.

William H. of Troy, NY, and Joama Osborn, int.Mar.22,1843. [Joanna, m.Apr.10.CR2]

Horatio O., s.Thomas of Deerfield, and Martha M. Allen of Deerfield, d.Willard, Jan.7,1846. [Horatio O., 26, farmer, s.Thomas and Abigail, and Martha M. Allen, 24, of Deerfield, d.Willard and Elizabeth N., m.in Deerfield.CR2]


Thomas of Northampton, Hampshire Co., and Sarah B. Clapp of Northampton, Hampshire Co.,末蔓末, 末末.* [Nov.11,1834, in Northampton.CR2]

Samuel [int.Rogerse] and Polly Dickinson of Bernardston,末蔓末,1796 [int.Dec.21,1795], in Bernardston.

Polly and John Taggart of Jeffery, NH, int.Dec.25,1802. [m.Jan.29,1803.PR1]

Charles E. of Montague and Cornelia E. Andrews, d.Sidney,末蔓末, [rec. Mar.29,1849].* [Charles E., 32, mechanic, of Montague, S. Benjamin and Abigail, and Cornelia E. Andrews of Montague, d.Sidney W. and Mary, Oct.11,1848, in Montague.CR2]


Justin of Oxford and Susan Moore,末蔓末, 末末. [Feb.3,1829.CR2]

Susan C. and Amariah Brigham [int.of Hartford, CT.],末蔓末, 末末. [Dr. Amariah Brigham of Hartford, CT, Jan.23,1833.CR2]

Philip of Montague and Abigail Smead, July1,1762.*.PR1

Spencer of Montague and Lydia Bordwell of Montague, May29,1805.*.PR1

Tirzah of Montague and Rufus Severance, int.Dec.5,1807.

Jonathan of Montague and Caroline Wells, int.Sept.28,1811. [m.Oct.22.PR1]

Ariel of Guilford, VT, and Harriet Hayley of Guilford, VT, May9,1819, in Guilford, VT.*.CR2

George S. of Chesterfield, NH, and Pamella Chandler of Colrain, Oct.17,1826, in Colrain.*.CR2

Dorcas and Francis Russell, Oct.3,1836.

Mary Ann of Warwick and Moses Arms, int.Aug.10,1839.

Spencer B. and Mary R. Allen of Amherst, int.Sept.12,1841.

Theodore D. and Mary Ann Rust of Amherst, int.Mar.5,1843.

Helen A., d.Spencer, and Edwin A. Clark, Oct.19,1847.


Elihu H. of Deerfield and Mary S. Hinsdale,末蔓末, 末末. [Apr.16,1833.CR2]

Calvin G. of Deerfield and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Cynthia Brown, Apr.22,1830.


Katherine and James Pickett, May19,1782.*.PR1


John of Deerfield and Dinah Freedom, May6,1794, in Deerfield.*


Joshua and 末末 [int.Prudance] Hastings, Dec.5,1791.

Martha and Otis Hastings 2d, int.Mar.18,1824.


Catharine E. and Nehemiah Hunt, int.Aug.24,1839.

Elizabeth C. and Frederick [int.Frederic] Bearnie, Nov.23,1842. [Runelle and Frederick Beamir.CR2]

RUSSELL (Russull)

Charles and Adeline Nash,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.1,1824.CR2]

Daniel N. [int.of Oxford] and Sarah G. Pierce,末蔓末, 末末. [Daniel N. of Oxford, July4,1832.CR2]

John and Electa Edwards of Northampton, Jan.8,1795, in Northampton.

Harriet B. (末末) [int.Harlot Russell of Rutland] and Dr. Alpheus Fletcher Stone, Sept.3,1809.

Pliny and Fanny Seymour of Hadley, int.Nov.13,1813.

Jonathan Jr. [int.of Enfield, Hampshire Co., omits Jr.] and Asenath Stebbins [int.wid.], Jan.9,1817.

Francis and Dorcas Root, Oct.3,1836.

Mary and James Deane, Oct.3,1836.

Nathaniel E. and Ellen M.M. Farrand of Concord, NH, int.Apr.22,1837.

Hannah P. and Orpheus Alphonso Long, July5,1841.

Maria Louisa of Boston and Wendell T. Davis, int.Sept.5,1841.

Nancy [int.Nany] and John Ortt, Dec.26,1841. [Nancy.CR2]

Lorenzo and Abby F. Ames of Springfield, int.Mar.1,1848.

RUSSULL (Russell)

Harriet T. of Boston and George T. Davis Esq., int.Aug.29,1834.


John P. and Theresa L. Pickett of Bernardston, Mar.22,1842, in Bernardston.

Mary Ann of Amherst and Theodore D. Root, int.Mar.5,1843.


Mary (Ryan or O'Keiffe) [int.Ryan], 21, d.Joseph (Ryan) of Ireland and Cornelius [int.Cornealius] Lahey, 23, S. John J. and Julia of Ireland Oct.14,1849.


Mary Ann and Ephraim E. Robinson of Sunderland Mar.15,1838.

Julia M. and Albert Jones, int.Aug.22,1842.

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