Mary M. [int.Miller] and Horace Graves 2d [int.2d crossed out],末蔓末, 末末. [Mary Miller Sage and Horace Graves, Mar.31,1822.CR2]

Orra and Nelson N. Bissell [int.of Colchester, VT.],末蔓末, 末末. [both of Greenfield, Nov.9,1828.CR2]

Oliver and Polly Denio, June10,1790.

George R. and Thankful Graves, int.Sept.27,1812.

Abigail G. and Warren Smead, Apr.19,1836.


John and Hannah Johnson, Mar.21,1782.*.PR1

Elnathan and Sarah Stricklen, int.Aug.4,1783. [Strickling, m.Sept.18.PR1]

Mary Ann of Sunderland and George L. Hodges, int.Mar.13,1841.


William [int.of Fitchburg], S. Stephen and Beulah P., and Abigail Ellson [int.Abby Ellison], d.Samuel and Persis Harrington, May15,1849.


Charles E.T. and Ophelia A. Mitchell, int.Jan.16,1841.

SARTWELL (Sawteel, Sawtell)

Sylvanus [int.Silvanus Syrtle] of Barre, and Lucy Hosley [int.Horsly], Feb.3,1785, in Northfield.

SAWTEEL (Sartwell, Sawtell)

John and Anne [int.Anna] Denio, June9,1785.

SAWTELL (Sartwell, Sawteel)

Saloma and Curtis Newton, int.Apr.15,1808. [Salome, m.May30.PR1]

Eliphalet and Lura Burroughs of Gill, int.Sept.6,1823.

John and Mary Craw, Apr.4,1838.


Benjamin of Northfield and Charlotte Griswold, int.May4,1818.

Jonah of Northfield and Adeline Griswold, int.Nov.5,1822.


Tirzah A. of Deerfield and Charles Williams, int.Apr.末,1818.


John C. and Caroline Wenzel, int.Nov.15,1848.


Caesar Andrew, see Leasur Andrew Scott.

Moses and Eunice Woods, Nov.28,1782.*.PR1

Leasur Andrew and Emeline Bates, int.Nov.13,1830. [Caesar Andrew Scott and Emiline Bates, "coloured persons," m.Dec.5.CR1]

Nancy and Asahel Stebbins of Northfield, int.May10,1831.

Joab and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Mary Burt, Sept.13,1836.

Rufus of Gill and Olive Lane, int.Feb.2,1839.

Charles W. [int.H.] of Springfield and Sarah Barton, Feb.14,1844.

Almeda S. of Gill and Ira Carpenter, int.Aug.30,1845.


Gershom and Hannah Knap, int.Jan.19,1799.


Ebenezer and Lydia Graves, May9,1771.*.PR1

SEATON (Seeton)

SEAVER (Sever)

Silas H. and Louisa Reynolds, Jan.3,1842.


Katherine [int.Catherine] and Eber Hamilton, Nov.8,1787.


John of Bradford and Margeret Mecreles of Colrain, Jan.末,1764.*.PR1

SEVER (Seaver)

William James and Adeline. Trask of Gloucester, int.Oct.22,1819.

SEVERANCE (Severence)

Adaline and James Tufts of Boston,末蔓末, 末末. [Adeline, Dec.22,1835.CR2]

Pliny and Sophia Wrisley,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.1,1822.CR2]

Experience and Reuben Wells, Oct.1,1772.*.PR1

Thankful and Ariel Hinsdale, Jan.13,1774.*.PR1

Joseph and Mercy Allen, Sept.28,1778.*.PR1

Tirzah and Elisha Wells, Apr.11,1782.PR1

John of Barnardston and Zeviah Nichols, int.May22,1784.

Jane and George Darling, June27,1785.

Solomon and Hannah Hoit, int.Nov.21,1785.

Abigail and Amos Cornwell [int.Comweell], Dec.14,1785.

Matthew [int.Mathew] and Mary Wells, Nov.25,1786.

Joseph and Lydia Nims, Nov.28,1790.* [both of Shelburne.PR1]

Elisabeth and James Severance, Aug.19,1793. [Aug.29.PR1]

James and Elisabeth Severance, Aug.19,1793. [Aug.29.PR1]

Christiana and Aaron White, int.July5,1800. [Christina, m.Sept.11.PR1]

Eunice and Elijah Watkins, int.Mar.19,1801.

Elihu and Patty Hitchcock, int.Nov.2,1801. [Polly, m.Nov.26.PR1]

Rufus and Sarah Newton, int.Dec.12,1801. [m.Jan.7,1802.PR1]

Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth Hubbard, int.Oct.20,1804. [m.Nov.15.PR1]

Rufus and Tirzah Root of Montague, int.Dec.5,1807.

Susanna and Elisha Munn Jr. of Gill, int.May27,1812.

David of Bernardston and Lucy Billings, int.July3,1816.

Hannah of Shelburne and Uriah Martindale, int.Feb.8,1817.

Horace and Mary Fisk, int.Aug.14,1819.

Chester of Leyden and Martha Nash, wid., int.Dec.10,1821.

Mathew Jr. of Lyden and Maria T. Stebbins, int.Sept.15,1828.

Ptolemy P. and Margaretta Caldwell, Dec.29,1833.

George W. and Marietta Thurston of Westminster, int.Aug.1,1835.

Sarah and Silas O. Long of Oak Park, m., June24,1839.

Joseph and Abigail H. Newton, Oct.2,1839.

Catharine [int.Catherine] M., 21, d.Horace, and Chester Marsh, 26, mechanic, of Shelburn, b. Montague, s.Joshua Jr. and Mercy of Montague, May31,1848.

Seth W. and Abby Field, int.Apr.28,1849.

SEVERENCE (Severance)

Matthew and Experience Nash, Apr.10,1762.*.PR1


Fanny of Hadley and Pliny Russell, int.Nov.13,1813.


Samuell and Chloe Field of Bernardston, Nov.末,1764.*.PR1

Consider and Anna Atherton, Jan.1,1794.

Richard of Leyden and Tryphena [int.adds H.] Nash, May30,1837.


Catharine and Thomas Cronie, int.Nov.3,1849.

SHELDEN (Sheldens, Sheldon)

Naoma of Barnardston and Joel Smith, int.Nov.8,1804.

SHELDENS (Shelden, Sheldon)

Solomon of Bernardston and Prudence Thayer of Bernardston, Nov.28,1782.*.PR1

SHELDON (Shelden, Sheldens)

Caleb of Bernardston and Dorithy Denio, Oct.15,1772.*.PR1

Elihue of Barnardston and Hanah Wood, int.Sept.22,1783.

Izatus of Barnardston and Mary Pickett, int.Mar.13,1819.

Sarah E. and Samuel F. Warner, Jan.26,1843.

Mary A., d.Izatus, and Roswell Holton of Northfield, Nov.1,1846.


Joel M. [int.Shepard] of Montague and Semira Stiles,末蔓末, 末末. [Shepard of Montague, Apr.15,1835.CR2 Shepard and Semira Stiles, ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), Apr.15,1835.PR10]


Sebra of Northampton and Elisha De Wolf of Northampton, Nov.3,1840.* [Sabra of Northampton.CR2]


Chales [int.CharleB of Roxbury], b. Roxbury, and Annie Jean Lyman, d.Elihu, Oct.9,1849.


Abel and Lucy Brown, Nov.12,1773.*.PR1

Joseph and Elisabeth Wells, Feb.27,1782.*.PR1

Mercy of Gill and Noah Munn Jr., Dec.15,1796.*.PR1

SKINER (Skinner)

Amisa and Salome Bushnel, Mar.13,1788.*

Sarah and John Bennet of Alated, NH, int.Mar.28,1797.

SKINNER (Skiner)

Aaron Jr. of Shelburne and Charity Nims of Shelburne, Jan.14,1796.*.PR1


Zebediah of Bernardston and Mary Atherton, June3,1779.*.PR1

Clarinda [int.Florenda] and Charles Williams of Northfield, Aug.29,1793, in Northfield.

Rebecca M. of Bernardston and Dexter Marsh, int.Apr.5,1834.

Jane of Shelburn and David Lyon, int.Apr.28,1849.


Bathia [int.Bathyah] and Joseph Stanhope, Jan.13,1784.


William Esq. [int.of Gildfor] and Susanna [int.Susannah] Bascom, Nov.29,1787.

Thankfull and Mulford Phillips, Feb.18,1788.

William [int.Jr.] and Ruth Martindale, Nov.19,1792. [William Smally.PR1]


Irene, see Philomena.

Rosanna and Theodore Martindale,末蔓末, 末末. [Nov.11,1824.CR2 Rosannah, Nov.11,1824.PR9]

Abigail and Philip Root of Montague, July1,1762.*.PR1

Lemuel and Sarah Nims, Sept.末,1764.*.PR1

Jonathan and Rosanna Patterson of Colrain, Jan.21,1768.*.PR1

Daniel and Tirzah Wells, June13,1771.*.PR1

Philomena "(bap. Irene) " and Ebenezer Bardwell of Montague, June13,1771.*.PR1

John and Urania Arms, Sept.28,1773.*.PR1

Abner and Hannah Albert "(Alvord)," Jan.19,1774.*.PR1

Solomon and Esther 末末, June10,1777.* [Esther Smith.PR1]

Amasa and Sarah Deane, Aug.5,1779.*.PR1

Chloe and Thaddeus Merrill of Rowe, Dec.7,1780.*.PR1

Mary [int.Jr.] and Joel Allen, Dec.15,1785.

Abigail and John Alvord [int.Alvard of Brookfield], Dec.14,1786.

Eunice and Elijah Allen, Nov.29,1787.

Sarah and Elihu Goodman, Feb.末,1790.

Eli and Submit Corss, Mar.11,1790.

Rachel [int.Rachle] and Ruben Judd, Nov.27,1791.

David Jr. and Electa [int.Electi] Smead, Dec.6,1791.

Electa [int.Electi] and David Smead Jr., Dec.6,1791.

Thomas and Rebeckah Hindsdale, int.Apr.19,1794.

Lucinda and Daniel Clay, Nov.22,1795.

Electa and Elihu Allen, int.Dec.14,1796.

Elizabeth and Julia Smead, int.Dec.14,1796.

Julia and Elizabeth Smead, int.Dec.14,1796.

Benjamin of Brattleborough and Clarissa Hall, int.July15,1797. [m.Sept.6.PR1]

Hannah and Ozias H. Newton, int.May26,1798. [m.Aug.26.PR1]

Jonathan Jr. and Lucy Purple of Bamardston, int.Dec.7,1799.

Asaph and Mary Newton, int.Oct.26,1805. [m.Nov.19.PR1]

Caroline and Richard B. Calender of Chester, VT, int.Nov.10,1807. [Callender of Chester, VT, m.Jan.7,1808.PR1]

Solomon Esq. and Lovina Burke of Barnardston, int.Dec.10,1808. [Mrs.Larinda Burke of Bernardston, m.Feb.1,1809.PR1]

Ozias of Willmington, VT, and Sarah Hindsdale, int.Feb.25,1809.

Seth and Elizabeth Newton, int.Oct.14,1809.

Jesse and Martha Allen of Shelburne, int.Oct.6,1810. [m.Nov.15.PR5]

Rosannh and 末末 Goodale of Westminster, VT, int.Feb.4,1811. [Rosanna and Ebenezer Goodell of Westminister, VT, m.Feb.20.PR1]

Clarissa and Ezra Purple Jr. of Barnardston, int.Oct.1,1812. [m.Nov.5.PR1]

Melinda and Lemuel Hastings 2d, int.Oct.25,1813.

Tirzah and Peter Newcomb of Bernardston, int.Apr.23,1814. [m.May18.PR1]

Sophia and Robert Wheeler of N. Stonnington, CT, int.Dec.11,1814.

Sarah and Nahum Adams, int.Sept.21,1820. [Nahum, ch.Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), m.Oct.19.PR28]

Maria and Pliny Martindale, int.July6,1821. [m.Sept.27,1821.PR19]

David Jr. and Alsimena Hastings, int.May16,1822.

Esther and William E. Merriam, int.June8,1822.

Statira and Salmon Hunt of Halifax, VT, int.Aug.12,1822.

Lewis and Lucy Corss, int.Oct.2,1823.

Oliver of Shelburn and Rachel Hastings, int.Oct.28,1823.

Jesse and Matilda Allen, int.Sept.25,1824. [m.Oct.27.PR5]

Sarah H. and Amasa Barrett, int.Mar.8,1828.

Tirzah and Calvin Nash Esq. of Canton, NY, int.Jan.17,1832. [m.Feb.1.CR2].

Elizabeth and Alfred Wells, Feb.5,1833.

Albert and Lydia Merill, Oct.1,1833.

Warren and Abigail G. Sage, Apr.19,1836.

Charles and Harriet Barnard of Worcester, int.Oct.21,1837.

Mary Jane and Zelotes Dickinson of Brattleborough, VT, July22,1840.

Julius Jr. and Mrs.Harriet Pulsifer of Ashfield, int.Mar.3,1845.

Jesse Newton, 26 [dup farmer], S. Betsey, wid., and Margaret Newton, 21, d.Priestly, farmer, and Harriet, May6,1845.

Edwin, 29, farmer, s.Julia, and Isabella Newton, 18, d.Priestly, Dec.10,1845.


Lucia Mariah of Amherst and Joseph Colton of Amherst,末蔓末, 末末.* [Lucia Marl of Amherst, Apr.1,1835.CR2]

Elijah and Mary Stebins [int.Polle Stebbens], Jan.1,1784.

Asa and Abigal Brooks, int.Feb.9,1784.

Susannah [int.Susanna] and Selah Hastings, Oct.27,1784.

Joel and Elizabeth Dickinson [int.Elisabeth Dickenson] of Whately, Aug.24,1786, in Whately.

Bathsheba [int.Bathshaba] and Moses Miller Mitchel [int.Mosses Miller Michel], June16,1790.

Eleanor [int.Elenor] and Elihu Graves, Mar.末,1792. [Eleanor.PR1]

Polly of Williamsburg [int.Northampton] and Seth Wells, Mar.9,1797, in Williamsburg.

Benjamin of Hadley and Dorothy Arms, int.Mar.5,1803. [Dolly Armes, wid., m.Apr.6.PR1]

Joel and Naoma Shelden of Barnardston, int.Nov.8,1804.

Martha and Robert Nash, int.Aug.20,1813.

Robert and Lucinda Wells, int.Oct.1,1814.

Jerusha of Hadley and George Hunt, int.Feb.14,1817.

Elizabeth and Luther Wells of Whately, int.Apr.18,1818. Esther (see Unidentified).

Levi and Fanny Lester, int.July9,1825.

Mary A. of Pawtuxet, RI, and Edward Remington, ch.William and Patty or Martha (Adams), Sept.4,1826 [? in Pawtuxet, RI.]*.PR28

Orin and Mercy Lathrop of Leyden, int.Mar.27,1827. [Lothrop, m.May10.PR23]

Ann of Deerfield and Ariel Hinsdale, int.Nov.20,1830.

Eldad of S. Hadley and Sarah Nims, Apr.24,1834.

Zenas of Conway and Betsey Stone, Apr.21,1846.*


William A. and Abigail Ball of Deerfield, int.June4,1840.

Edward Hoyt, 33, farmer, of Bernardston, b. Bernardston, s.Thomas and Sybil of Bernardston, and Wealthy W. Hastings, 24, d.Otis, Aug.16,1849. [Wealthy W., d.Otis and Naomi dec'd.CR2]


Avis [int.Southard] of Pelham and Eli Hamilton, Dec.10,1787, in Amherst.

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Aaron and Eliza Pickett, int.Dec.8,1827.

Rebecca B. and John P. Swinaton of Providence, RI, int.Feb.14,1829.


Thomas O. and Laura Alvord, int.Sept.17,1836

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Joel and Harriette C. Allen of Bernardston, int.Sept.11,1830.


Daniel W. and Elizabeth M. Potter, Nov.27,1836. [Speare.CR3]

Elizabeth and Samuel R. Allard, int.Apr.14,1837.

H. Jane, 18, d.Benjamin and Bethia, and George M. Allyn [int.Allen], 19, of Windsor, CT, s.David and Lucinda of Windsor, CT, Nov.22,1847.


Mary and Moses Field of Leverett, Mar.12,1781.*.PR1


Asher and Elizabeth Johnson, Feb.22,1837.


Jonathan and Mariam Brooks, July7,1768, in Northfield.*

William and Anna Stephens, Mar.5,1782.*.PR1

Abigail and Medad Squires, int.Apr.10,1793.

Jonathan of Gill and Anna Risley of Gill, Sept.3,1795.*

Tirzah of Gill and Timothy Hale of Bernardston, July10,1797.*.PR1

Peter T. and Maria T. Hussey of Malden, int.Mar.2,1828.

Emily of Deerfield and Moses Austin, int.Nov.14,1831.


Abigail and Lathrop Rice of Sunderland int.Dec.1,1815.

SQUIRE (Squires)

Hannah and John Newton, May13,1789.*

SQUIRES (Squire)

Medad and Abigail Sprague, int.Apr.10,1793.


Persis and Eliel Amadon, May31,1818.*.PR14

Lucian P. and Cordelia Stone of Wendell, int.Feb.20,1841.

STALES (Stiles)

Emelia of New Haven and Jonathan Leavitt Esq., int.Apr.末,1796.


末末 and Mrs.末末 Tubb, Sept.14,1780.*.PR1

Joseph and Bathia [int.Bathyah] Smalle, Jan.13,1784.

Carlina and William Chadwick, int.Nov.18,1784.

Jonas and Mary Allen, Apr.21,1785.

Azuba [int.Stanhoop] and Andrew Putman [int.Putnam] Jr., Dec.7,1791.

Elizobeth [int.Elizabeth] and Judah Ellice [int.Ellis], Oct.18,1792. [Widow Stanhope and 末末 Ellis.PR1]


Elliot L., see Elliot L. Hanly.


Olive and David Risley Jr., Aug.22,1793.*


Charles of Shelburne and Sally Ripley, int.Oct.1,1812. [Risley, m.Nov.10.PR1]

Elmira [int.Elvira] L. and Charles D. Billings of Cabotville, Jan.10,1842.

STEBBENS (Stebbins, Stebins, Stibens)

Abigail [dup. crossed out, Stebbins] and Simeon Wells [int.of Shelburn], Apr.26,1790.

STEBBINS (Stebbens, Stebins, Stibens)

Joseph and Miss 末末 Hinsdale of Deerfield, Jan.末,1763.*.PR1

Martha and Silvanus Allen, Nov.12,1772.*.PR1 [Oct.12.PR6]

Hannah and James Cors, Jan.4,1781.*.PR1

Dorithy [int.Doratha Stebbens] and Quintas [int.Quntas] Allen, June1,1788.

Samuel [int.Samuell] and Asenoth [int.Asineth] Bascom, Dec.1,1793. [Samuel and Aseneth Bascom.PR1]

Eliakim of Vernon, VT, and Edithy Morley, int.Feb.17,1815.

Anni and Jeremiah Wells, int.Apr.15,1815.

Asenath [int.wid.] and Jonathan Russell Jr. [int.of Enfield, Hampshire Co., omits Jr.], Jan.9,1817.

Maria T. and Mathew Severance Jr. of Lyden, int.Sept.15,1828.

Asahel of Northfield and Nancy Scott, int.May10,1831.

Lucy of Springfield and Francis A. Birge, int.Sept.13,1833.

Sarah Ann of Northampton and Samuel F. Warner, int.Nov.5,1836.

Marietta A. of Conway and Benjamin A. Wells, int.Feb.24,1843.

Luana T., Mrs., of Whately, and Charles H. Munn, int.Mar.18,1848.

Myra of Deerfield and George A. Bates Jr., int.Sept.18,1848.

James H. of New York City and Frances A. Phelps, int.Aug.23,1849

STEBINS (Stebbens, Stebbins, Stibens)

Mary [int.Polle Stebbens] and Elijah Smith, Jan.1,1784.

Lucinda [int.Lucinday Stebens] and Thomas Horsley, Dec.7,1791.


Daniel and Clarisa Darby, int.Feb.10,1797. [Clarissa, m.Feb.28.PR1]


Ann Eliza [int.Stigerwalts] and Richard M. Powars [int.Powers], Aug.5,1839.

STEPHENS (Stevens, Stivens)

Lydia and George Grenolds, Aug.4,1773.*.PR1

Anna and William Sprague, Mar.5,1782.*.PR1

STEVENS (Stephens, Stivens)

Mary and Jesse Fairchild, int.Apr.6,1785.

Henry P. of Syracuse, NY, and Caroline Newton, d.Ott and Hannah, Jan.末,1848.


Jennet of Colrain and 末末 Bell, July末,1765.*.PR1

Susanne of Colrain and John Fulton, Dec.15,1768.*.PR1

STIBENS (Stebbens, Stebbins, Stebins)

Pollyna of Winchester, NH, and Noadiah Kellogg, int.Apr.4,1795.

STILES (Stales)

Semira and Joel M. Shepherd [int.Shepard] of Montague,末蔓末, 末末. [Shepard of Montague, Apr.15,1835.CR2 Semira, ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), and Joel M. Shepard, Apr.15,1835.PR10]

Levi and Diana Martindale, Apr.24,1793 [int.Apr.11,1793] [Apr.24,1793.PR1 May24,1792 sic.PR10]

Harriot and John Denio, int.Mar.1,1805. [m.Apr.17.PR1]

Roxana and Enoch Dole, int.Sept.2,1815. [m.Sept.27.CR2 Roxana, ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), m.Sept.24,1814 sic.PR10]

Ludolfus, ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), and Hannah Packard, May1,1830.*.PR10

Lucy, ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), and Nahum Adams, Nov.6,1834.*.PR10 [Styles, d.Levi and Dinia (Martindale), and Nahum Adams, ch.Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), Nov.4,1833.PR28]

Levi S. and Hepzibah A. Fisk, Apr.12,1837. [Fiske.CR2 Hepzibath Fisk.CR3 Levi S., ch.Levi and Diana (Martindale), and Hepzibath A. Fisk.PR10]

STIVENS (Stephens, Stevens)

Abial [int.Stevens of Buckland] and Margaret McHard [int.Margarit McHeard], Jan.1,1792. [Abiel Stevens and Margaret McHard.PR1]


Betsey of Gill and Jonathan Gould, int.May19,1798.


Alpheus F. [int.Dr.] and [int.Mn.] Fanny L. Arms of Deerfield,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.27,1822.CR2]

John, M.D., and Sally Barnard of Deerfield, Dec.23,1792, in Deerfield.

Alphus F., Dr., and Rachel Willard, int.May15,1807. [Alpheus F., m.July6.PR1]

Alpheus Fletcher, Dr., and Harriet B.末蔓末, [int.Harlot Russell of Rutland], Sept.3,1809.

John, Dr., and Mn. Martha Jones, int.Nov.13,1815. [m.Nov.28.CR2]

Elizabeth of Wendell and Sylvester Maxwell Jr., int.Feb.16,1839.

Cordelia of Wendell and Lucian P. Stacy, int.Feb.20,1841.

Betsey and Zenas Smith of Conway, Apr.21,1846.

John C. and Elizabeth Wright of Northfield, int.Dec.3,1847.

Lucy M., Mn., and Robert S. Houston, int.Jan.1,1849.


Samuel and Sarah Mun of Northfield, Dec.5,1771.*.PR1

Sally and Moses Richards, Mar.15,1794.


Caleb of Northfield and Betsey Strong, int.Apr.7,1800. [m.May29.PR1]

STRICKLAND (Stricklen, Striclin)

Catharine of Amherst and Josiah Ayres of Hadley,末蔓末, 末末. [Catherine of Amherst, Apr.1,1835.CR2]

Rachel [int.Stricklan] and Benjamin Hastings [int.Jr.], Mar.7,1789.

Ruth and Abner Wells, Mar.15,1794.

John 3d and Betsey Persons, int.Oct.10,1800.

Rowland S. and Damarus Pickett, int.Apr.27,1811.

Sibyl [int.Sybil] and Nathaniel C. Dickinson of Amherst, June2,1841.

STRICKLEN (Strickland, Striclin)

Sarah and Elnathan Sanderson, int.Aug.4,1783. [Strickling, m.Sept.18.PR1]

David and Sarah Fitch of Winsor Goshan [sic], int.Sept.4,1783.

STRICLIN (Strickland, Stricklen)

Naomy of Granvil and Joseph Wrisley, int.Apr.9,1786.


Melchias [int.Melchiah] and Fanny [int.Fancy] Usher, Dec.7,1791. [Melchial and Fanny Usher, Nov.7.PR1]


Tabitha and Julias Chapen [int.Chapin], Jan.末,1790.

Asa and Sarah Putney of Goshan, int.Apr.7,1792.

Betsey and Caleb Stratton of Northfield, int.Apr.7,1800. [m.May29.PR1]

Leonard of Williamsburgh and Mary S. Wells, May21,1833.

Frances M. of Northampton and Isaac N. Kneeland of Amherst, Aug.19,1841, in Northampton.*

William H. and Catharine B. Boylston of Springfield, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec between Jan.20 and Mar.9], 1844.

Mary Jane [dup. crossed out, omits Mary], 25, d.Titus [dup. crossed out, Rev. T., D.D.] and Hannah, and Lewis Ashmun, 35, of Boston [dup. crossed out, s.Eli P. dec'd], Aug.20,1846. [Lewis, merchant, of Boston, s.Eli P. and Lucy "formerly of Northampton dec'd,".CR2]

Martha P., 21, of Northampton, d.Jared and Rachel of Westhampton, and George Davis, 26, wheelwright, of Northampton, s.Luthur and Hannah of Northampton, May13,1847.*

STYLES (Stales, Stiles)


Margaret and Jeremiah Crowley, int.May27,1848.


Edward Edward of Townsend, VT, and Naomi Mott, int.Jan.14,1811.


Mary and Calvin L. Munn, int.July8,1809. [m.July23.PR1]

Clarissa and Ezekiel B. Wells, int.June22,1816.

Mary, wid., and Capt. Moses Arms, int.Nov.9,1816. [m.Nov.25.PR1]

Sarah and Horatio Wells, int.Jan.6,1821.

Experience F. of Deerfield and William Elliott Jr., int.May4,1827.


William and Mary Gerry, int.Nov.10,1849.


John P. of Providence, RI, and Rebecca B. Spalding, mt. Feb.14,1829.


Silvanus, see Sylvanus Sartwell.

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