Jane M. of Montague and Philbrook Holden, Apr.6,1841, in Montague.

Lucretia W. of Montague and James M. Moore of Hadley, May6,1846.* [Lucretia W., 19, of Montague, d.Merrill and Pamela, and James M. Moore, 25, manufacturer of brooms, of Hadley s.Lewis and Betsey of Leverett, m.in Montague.CR2]

Mary D. of Montague and Guy Bardwell of Montague, Dec.25,1849.* [Mary D., 22, d.Merrill and Pamela of Montague, and Guy Bardwell, 25, farmer, of Montague, s.Elijah and Miranda, m.in Montague.CR2]


John of Jeffery, NH, and Polly Rogers, int.Dec.25,1802. [m.Jan.29,1803.PR1]

Betsey of Colrain and Calvin Wells, int.Oct.2,1808.


Ann T. of Northampton and David Poor of New York City, Nov.8,1837, in Northampton.* [poore of New York City.CR2]


Thomas and Cynthia Corse, Aug.末,1770.*.PR1

Katherine of Shelburne and Artemas Rice of Charlemont, Apr.14,1778.*.PR1

Sarah of Shelburne and Abner Nims of Shelburne, Apr.14,1778.*.PR1

Daniel and Eunice Wells, May17,1781.*.PR1

Mindwell and Stephen Taylor, Nov.13,1788.*

Stephen and Mindwell Taylor, Nov.13,1788.*

Cyntha of Montague and Elijah Mitchel Jr., int.Aug.25. [dup. crossed out, Aug.23], 1794.

James of Worcester and Mary Perry, int.Jan.17,1807. [m.Oct.4.PR1]

Charles and Sarah Frances Wells,末蔓末,1840.*

Rinaldo R. and Catharine F. Cowan of Amherst, int.Apr.13,1844.

Mary S. and Levi N. Divoll of Winchendon, int.Oct.6,1849.


Lois and Micha Philips, int.Sept.23,1786.


Theresa H. and Allen Porter of Bristol, CT,末蔓末, 末末. [Mar.4,1829.CR2]

Prudence of Bernardston and Solomon Sheldens of Bernardston, Nov.28,1782.*.PR1

Harriot A. and Maj. Russell Hastings, int.Oct.5,1819.

Harriet E., d.H.B., and Sylvanus Nash, s.Sylvester, Jan.8,1849.

Ambrose T. and Emily Bartlett of Conway, int.Apr.30,1849.


Patience of New Salem and David Wait 2d, int.May1,1827.

Stillman and Alma E. Burnham of Deerfield, int.Sept.7,1844.

THOMPSON (Tompson)

Almira of Heath and William Keith, int.Oct.2,1841.

William A. of Buffalo, NY, and Lavinia D. Newcomb, d.F.D., Dec.21,1848.* [Thomson, 31, merchant, of Buffalo, NY, and Lavinia D. Newcomb, 20, of Baton Rouge, LA.CR2]

Sarah Ann and Lucius Fay, int.Apr.28,1849.


Huldah and Giles Webster, Feb.22,1786.

Mercy and Charles Hitchcock, int.July14,1798. [m.Nov.18.PR1]

Artemas of Ervings Grant and Paulina Coolidge of Leyden, May3,1837.*


Levi and Phebe Dexter of Orange, int.May25,1803.

Marietta of Westminster and George W. Severance, int.Aug.1,1835.


Wales, Rev., of Charlemont, and Elizabeth Clap, int.Dec.5,1827. [Clapp, m.Jan.2,1828.CR2]

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Hannah and Eliel Amadon, Sept.25,1811.*.PR14


Abel and Lydia Anderson, July30,1789.


Cleora A. of Colerain and David A. Brown, int.Dec.24,1845 [? 1844, rec. between Dec.5,1844 and Feb.24,1845]


Frederick A. [int.Townly] and Adelia [int.adds S.] Doty, Jan.30 [int.Oct.28.], 1843.


Adeline of Gloucester and William James Sever, int.Oct.22,1819.


George A. of Worcester and Louisa Clapp, int.Sept.2,1815.

TUBB (Tubbs)

末末, Mrs., and 末末 Stanhope, Sept.14,1780.*.PR1

TUBBS (Tubb)

Elizabeth and David Gains, Apr.21,1774.*.PR1

Elisabeth and Joseph Gains, Mar.21,1779.*.PR1


Sarah N. and Aurelius B. Hull of New York City, int.Sept.24,1843.


Frederick G. [dup. crossed out, Frederic, omits G., int.Frederic G.], 25, attorney at law, of Boston, b. Boston, s.Edward and Sophia, and Hannah L.B. Jones, 20, d.David S. and Hannah, June17,1847. [Frederick G.CR2]


James of Boston and Adaline Severance,末蔓末, 末末. [Adeline, Dec.22,1835.CR2]


Hannah and John H. Mellis, Feb.7,1787.


Joseph and Sarah Willis Hall, int.May20,1820.

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