William and Hepzibah Reed of Lexington, May30,1790, in Lexington.

Rebekah and Lucius Deckinson, int.Dec.9,1809.

Betsey of Deerfield and Richard E. Field, int.May20,1820.

David 2d and Patience Thomas of New Salem, int.May1,1827.

Caleb A. and Pamela Hoyt of Deerfield, int.Apr.16,1831.

Thomas and Louisa E. [Louisa E. written after Elizabeth E. crossed out] Denio, int.Aug.12,1833.

Martha A. of Deerfield and Charles Richmond, int.Sept.30,1848.


Benjamin and Nancy Lee of Barry, int.Oct.22,1803.

WALLACE (Wolles)

Peggy and Samuel [int.Samuell] Newton, Feb.19,1793. [Samuel.PR1]


Phebe and Thomas Avery Esq., Sept.4,1814.*

Warren F. and Sarah G. Chapman of Belchertown, int.Sept.26,1848.


Augusta of Boston and Benjamin H. Norton of Boston,末蔓末, 末末. [July27,1824.CR2]


Jerusha of Northampton and Adolphus Wright, int.Oct.15,1806.

Lemuel of Hadley and Martha Allen, int.Mar.26,1808. [m.Apr.28.PR1]

Susan of Northampton and John Metcalf, int.Aug.16,1810.

Samuel F. and Sarah Ann Stebbins of Northampton, int.Nov.5,1836

Samuel F. and Sarah E. Sheldon, Jan.26,1843.

William Jr., printer, of Springfield, and Julia Wells, d.Luthur, Nov.28,1846.

Marietta L. and Albion Cobb, Oct.13,1847.

WASBBORN (Washburn)

Jonathan [int.Washburn] and Elesabath [int.Elesibath] Joice, Sept.28 [int.Sept.29 sic], 1789.

WASHBURN (Washbom)

Seth, Dr., and Asenath C. Dickman of Springfield, int.Apr.4,1818.

Asenath C., Mrs., and Dr. Simon C. Ewers of Wendell, int.Oct.23,1826. [m.Nov.末.CR1]


James and Margaret Gibbens, int.Apr.8,1829.


Deborah and Elijah Risley, May20,1777.*.PR1


Sally and Reufus Guellowof Gill, int.Feb.28,1801.

Elijah and Eunice Severance, int.Mar.19,1801.


Diana of Keene, NH, and David Carpenter, int.Jan.19,1842.


Giles and Huldah Thornton, Feb.22,1786.

Jemima and Jonathan Wolles of Gilford, int.Oct.2,1787.

William and Sinday Death of Montague, int.Jan.6,1791.

Lucy of Gill and Eleazer Derby, Oct.30,1794. [both of Gill.PR1]

Lucy and Melvin Mayhew, int.Jan.19,1814. [m.May8.PR1]

Betsey of Montague and Enos Coolidge, int.Mar.14,1843.


Uriah and Susanna Wood, June12,1788.*

Jane of Clarendon, VT, and Homer Merlam, int.July11,1838.


Sybil [int.Sibello] and Samuell Newton, Oct.1,1788.

WELLMAN (Wilman)

Adam and Mary Loveland [int.Marah Loveman], Jan.29,1784.

Esther and Oliver Cone, Nov.25,1787.

Mehitable and Elihu Knights, Nov.25,1787


Charles and Minerva Allen,末蔓末, 末末. [Dec.14,1829.CR2]

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Katharine, see Catharine.

Nancy and Albert H. Nims,末蔓末, 末末. [Oct.5,1826.CR2]

Ebenezer and Elisabath 末末, Feb.14,1745-6.*

John and Tamar Rice, Feb.末,1764.*.PR1

Thankful and Abisha Hollen, Mar.末,1764.*.PR1

Ebenezer and Mary Arms, July13,1768.*.PR1

Tirzah and Daniel Smead, June13,1771.*.PR1

Elijah and Hannah Billings, May31,1772.*.PR1

Reuben and Experience Severance, Oct.1,1772.*.PR1

Esther and Seth Hawks, Oct.14,1773.*.PR1

Abner and Elisabeth Allen, Aug.10,1775.*PR1

Elisha and Mehitabl 末末, Sept.18,1775.*

Elisha and Rhoda Graves of Hatfield, Dec.25,1777 [dup. 1778], in Hatfield.*

Obed and Caroline Grennell, May24,1779.*.PR1

Sarah and Roger Edgcom, June末,1780.*.PR1

John of Deerfield and Desire Elliot, Mar.18,1781.*.PR1

Eunice and Daniel Taylor, May17,1781.*.PR1

Levi and Mehitable Wells, June14,1781.*.PR1

Mehitable and Levi Wells, June14,1781.*.PR1

Daniel and Rhoda Newton, Oct.26,1781.*.PR1

Asa of Bernardston and Susanna Crandal, Jan.31,1782.*.PR1

Elisabeth and Joseph Simons, Feb.27,1782.*.PR1

Abigail and Job Graves, Mar.2,1782.*.PR1

Elisha and Tirzah Severance, Apr.11,1782.*.PR1

Catharine and Bariah Willard, int.Aug.4,1783. [Katharine and Beriah Willard, m.Sept.18.PR1]

Ebenezer and Mary Whipple, int.Feb.20,1785.

Anna and Eliezer Wells [int.Jr.], Nov.24,1785.

Eliezer [int.Jr.] and Anna Wells, Nov.24,1785.

Hannah and John Kemp [int.Keemp of Shelborn], Mar.29,1786.

Mary and Matthew [int.Mathew] Severance, Nov.25,1786.

Aaron Field and Abigail Burnham, May10,1787.

Joel and Abegail Hawks of Dearfield, int.May12,1788.

John [int.of Brattleboroug] and Anne Arams [int.Anna Arms], Jan.13,1789.

Hannah [int.Hanah] and Elijah Lamb, Apr.17,1790.

Simeon [int.of Shelburn] and Abigail Stebbens [dup. crossed out, Stebbins], Apr.26,1790.

Grate and Ebenezer Cors, Nov.7,1790.

Esther [int.Esther Graves] of Hatfield and Rufus Graves, June16,1791, in Hatfield.

Samuel Jr. and Electa Bascom, Sept.8,1792. [ Sept.3.PR1]

Dorothy and Reuben Hastings, int.Apr.6,1793.

Abner and Ruth Strickland Mar.15,1794.

Jemima and Olive Cooley, int.May25,1794.

Olive and Warham Hitchcock [int.Warhan Hitchicok], Nov.20,1794. [Warham Hitchcock.PR1]

John, Col., and Elizabeth May, d.Rev. Eleazer of Haddam, CT, abt. 1795(?).*

William of Shelburne, Franklin Co., and Prudence May of Haddam, Dec.20,1795, in Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT.*.PR3

Jonathan and Irena Guillow, int.May13,1796.

Seth and Polly Smith of Williamsburg [int.Northampton], Mar.9,1797, in Williamsburg.

Betsey and Solomon Henderson of Benington, VT, int.Nov.17,1799. [m.Jan.15,1800.PR1]

Edward H. and Sarrah Wells, int.Jan.31,1801. [Sarah, m.Feb.21.PR1]

Sarrah and Edward H. Wells, int.Jan.31,1801. [Sarah, m.Feb.21.PR1]

Keziah of Deerfield and Wells Childs, int.Oct.16,1802.

Israel of Shelburn and Lucy Lyon, int.Sept.27,1803.

Naomy and Phinehas Goodman, int.Dec.15,1803.

Mary of Leyden and Quartus Nash, int.Apr.27,1804.

Electa and Selah Allen, int.Oct.15,1804.

Sabra and Elijah Alvord of Greenwich, int.Oct.11,1805. [Elijah Esq. of Greenwich, m.Nov.12.PR1]

Rodolphus and Polly Staunton Frink of Deerfield, int.Mar.29,1806.

Solomon and Chloe Atherton, int.Apr.16,1808. [m.May21.PR1]

Calvin and Betsey Taggart of Colrain, int.Oct.2,1808.

Parmelia and John Redfteld of Guilford, CT, int.Oct.2,1808. [Pamelia, m.Nov.27.PR1]

Harriot and Dalton Newcomb of Barnardston, int.Oct.15,1808.

Caroline and Jonathan Root of Montague, int.Sept.28,1811. [m.Oct.22.PR1]

Patrick and Amanda Willard of Barnardston, int.Oct.3,1811.

Richard and Elizabeth Blackley of Deerfield, int.Jan.4,1812.

Elizabeth and Purtio. Bull of Shelburne, int.Nov.30,1813 "(not published). "

Lucinda and Robert Smith, int.Oct.1,1814.

Jeremiah and Anni Stebbins, int.Apr.15,1815.

Olive of Leyden and Oliver Adams, int.Oct.14,1815.

Ezekiel B. and Clarissa Swan, int.June22,1816.

Rhoda Adeline and Justus Preston, int.Apr.11,1818.

Luther of Whately and Elizabeth Smith, int.Apr.18,1818.

Tirzah and Ezra Chase of Bristol, VT, int.Sept.6,1818. [m.Sept.29.PR31]

Samuel Jr. and Sarah H. Leavitt, mt. Feb.18,1820.

Horatio and Sarah Swan, int.Jan.6,1821.

Alpheus of Rowe and Content Nash, int.Sept.13,1822.

William and Eunice Allen, int.Oct.21,1824.

Alfred and Sarah Wilcox of New Braintree, int.Oct.9,1825

Prudence of Shelburn and Thomas Nims, int.Oct.29,1825. [m.Nov.17.PR2]

Alfred and Elizabeth Smead, Feb.5,1833.

Mary S. and Leonard Strong of Williamsburgh, May21,1833.

Caroline [int.adds E.] and Franklin Griswold of New Ipswich, NH, June11,1833. [Caroline E.CR1]

Mary of Deerfield and Jarvis B. Prentiss, int.Sept.14,1833.

William R. and Esther Arms of Lowell, VT, Feb.13,1834.

Lucy and Almon Wolcott of Shoreham, VT, Feb.18,1835.

Noah of Shelburn [int.Noah S., Dr., of Attica, NY.] and Esther N. Coleman, Nov.1,1837. [Noah of Attica, Genesee Co., NY, formerly of Shelbunie, Franklin Co., and Esther Nims Coleman.PR3]

George of Troy, NY, and Mary M. Coleman, int.Oct.31,1838.

Joseph Warren and Lucina Ball of Sunderland int.Mar.25,1839.

Edward H. and Mary E. Wells of Deerfield, int.July2,1839.

Mary E. of Deerfield and Edward H. Wells, int.July2,1839.

Harriet and James J. Person of Port Gibson, Miss., Sept.5,1839.

Sarah Frances and Charles Taylor,末蔓末,1840.*

Frances and Isaac Miles, Sept.13,1840.

Amasa and Sophia L. Andrews of Montague, Nov.5,1840. [m.in Montaque.CR2]

Benjamin A. and Marietta A. Stebbins of Conway, int.Feb.24,1843.

Julia, d.Luthur, and William Warner Jr., printer, of Springfield, Nov.28,1846.

Maria and Benjamin Brown of Fitchburg, int.Nov.5,1847.


Caroline and John C. Schunk, int.Nov.15,1848.


Mary and Peter Brooks of Glostonbury, Apr.26,1792.

Lemuel and Eunice Mitchel, int.July11,1800.


Ephraim [int.Wheler] and Mary Demontett [int.Demontet], Dec.12,1791. [Wheeler and Mary Demonlett.PR1]

Betsey and Abel Guillow, May15,1793.

Robert of N. Stonnington, CT, and Sophia Smead, int.Dec.11,1814.

Archippus [int.Wheelock] of Newport, VT, and Catharine Moore [int.Catharin Moor], June9,1835.

Edward M. of Rowe and Elizabeth Reed of Rowe, May28,1838.

Bridget and David A. Allen of Windham, CT, Aug.18,1840.

Clarissa S. and John L. Morton of Whately, int.Apr.5,1842.

Harriet [int.Harriot] E., 19, d.Robert, and Franklin H. Miner of N. Stonington, CT, Sept.9,1845.


Archippus, see Archippus Wheeler.


Joanna [int.Whittin] and Moses Mawley [int.George Morley], Mar.30,1786.

WHIPEL (Whipple)

Temperance and William McHard, Aug.24,1787.

WHIPPLE (Whipel)

Mary and Ebenezer Wells, int.Feb.20,1785.


Sarah S. of Gill and Charles C. Barnes, int.Apr.24,1840.


Isabella B. and Francis Dana [int.Jr.],末蔓末, 末末. [Francis, June26,1832.CR2]

James [int.Capt.] of Northfield and Hannah Draper,末蔓末, 末末. [Oct.11,1821.CR2]

Mary of Whately and Ebenezer Arms Jr., Mar.24,1785, in Whately.

Reuben and Rachel Berdin, Apr.20,1786.*

Salmon and Lydia Amsden, May24,1786.*

Betheny of Hadley and Eli Graves, int.Nov.18,1797.

Aaron and Christiana Severance, int.July5,1800. [Christina, m.Sept.11.PR1]

Judith of Hadley and Eli Graves, int.Jan.10,1806.

Harriet of Whateley and Moses Arms Jr., int.Sept.12,1811.

John C. and Sarah M. Potter, Dec.6,1835.

Jonathan S., saddler, harness and trunk maker, of Barre, and Mary J. Wilds [dup. Wildes] of Leyden, Apr.17,1844 [dup. in Leyden].* [Jonathan S., 25, of Barre, s.Jonathan and Prudence, and Mary J. Wildes, 19, of Leyden, d.Amariah and Sarah, Apr.27, in Leyden.CR2]

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth W. Bell of Colrain, int.Oct.8,1814.

WHITNE (Whitney)

Anna and George Dickinson, June26,1788.

WHITNEY (Whitne)

Josiah and Sarah M. Dickinson, Oct.8,1837.

David M. and Emily Eddy of Colerain, int.Apr.20,1838.


Releaphe and Amos Davis of Middletown, CT, int.Feb.15,1816.

WHITTIN (Whetten)


Hannah of Leyden and Josiah D. Childs, Oct.13,1790, in Leyden.*


Sarah of New Braintree and Alfred Wells, int.Oct.9,1825.


James of Colrain and Catherine Mills of Colrain, Jan.14,1768.*.PR1


Sarah Jane and John Amsden of Conway, Nov.22,1842.


Mary J. [dup. Wildes] of Leyden and Jonathan S. White, saddler, harness and trunk maker, of Barre, Apr.17,1844 [dup. in Leyden].* [Wildes, 19, of Leyden, d.Amariah and Sarah, and Jonathan S. White, 25, of Barre, s.Jonathan and Prudence, Apr.27, in Leyden.CR2]


Andrew and Ruth Allen, int.Sept.16,1786.


Ebenezer [int.Ebinezer] and Prudence [int.Prudance] Graves, Mar.1,1792. [Ebenezer and Prudence Graves.PR1]

Oliver and Betsey Munn, Jan.15,1803.*.PR1

WILLARD (Williard)

Bariah and Catharine Wells, int.Aug.4,1783. [Beriah and Katharine Wells, m.Sept.18.PR1]

Rachel and Dr. Alphus F. Stone, int.May15,1807. [Alpheus F., m.July6.PR1]

Amanda of Barnardston and Patrick Wells, int.Oct.3,1811.

David and Sarah Dickman of Springfield, int.Sept.29,1815.

Samuel W. and Naney Dickman of Springfield, int.Feb.19,1819.

Charlotte and [int.Hon.] Patrick Boice [int.Boise] of Westfield, May23,1842.

Catharine R., d.David, and Dr. [int.omits Dr.] Samuel P. Dickinson of Trappe, Talbot Co., MD, s.末末 of Trappe, MD, Oct.20,1846. [Catherine R., 29, d.David and Sarah, and Dr. Samuel, P. Dickinson, widr., of Talbot Co., MD.CR2]

Sarah D., 27, d.David and Sarah, and Rev. George Lewis Platt, 28, of Charleston, SC, b. Utica, NY, s.末末撲f Utica, NY, May26,1848.


Charles of Northfield and Clarinda [int.Florenda] Slate, Aug.29,1793, in Northfield.

Avery, Rev., of Leverett, and Mrs.Clarissa Grinell, int.Jan.28,1807. [Avery of Leverett and Clarissa Grinnell, m.Feb.25.PR1]

Charles and Tirzah A. Saxton of Deerfield, int.Apr.末,1818.

Almond of Hadley and Thankful Randall of Belchertown, Jan.3,1844.*.CR2

Peter of Montague and Antoinette Burnham of Montague, Oct.9,1846.* [Peter, 22, boatman, of Montague, s.Londy and Mary of Montague, and Antoinette Burnham, 18, d.Aaron R. and Mary of Montague, Oct.7.CR2]

WILLIARD (Willard)

Margaret Jr. and Isaac Newton Jr., int.Apr.2,1814. [Willard, m.Apr.25.PR31]

WILMAN (Wellman)

Joel and Betsey Baker of Gill, May22,1794.* [Willman and Betsy Baker, both of Gill.PR1]


Olive D. [int.omits D.] and George Pierce,末蔓末, 末末. [Olive D., Dec.28,1825.CR2]

George and Mercy Nutting, int.Oct.16,1802. [m.Nov.11.PR1]

Simeon G. of Belchertown and Lucy Puffer, int.Dec.1,1827.


Bane and Luecy Clary, Aug.25,1788.

Ruth of Leyden and Seth S. Howland of Gill, Nov.19,1839.*


Don A. of Westfield, VT, and Mary S. Newton. d.Curtis, Mar.27,1848.


Welthy [int.Welthey] and Salmon Howland Nov.29,1787.

Mercy of Deerfield and William Mitchell, Dec.23,1798, in Deerfield.

Joseph Jr. of Deerfield and Welthy Fox of Bernardston, Oct.14,1800.*.PR1


Almon of Shoreham, VT, and Lucy Wells.Feb.18,1835.

WOLLES (Wallace)

Jonathan of Gilford and Jemima Webster, int.Oct.2,1787.

WOOD (Woods)

Hanah and Elihue Sheldon of Barnardston, int.Sept.22,1783.

Susanna and Uriah Weeks, June12,1788.*

Francis and Eunice Hastings, Jan.23,1794.

Seth and Roena E. Hosmer of Gill, int.Nov.7,1830.

John F. of Springfield and Mary E. Kathan of Springfield, Apr.17,1844.* [John F., 23, button manufacturer, of Springfield, s.John and Lucy, and Mary E. Kathan, 20, of Springfield, d.Charles.CR2]

WOODARD (Woodward)

Abigail and William J. Billings of Halifax, int.Jan.31,1801.

Mary and Jonathan Pierce, int.Nov.21,1801. [m.Jan.7,1802.PR1]

Lucretia and Holmes Mayhew of Montague, int.Apr.1,1809. [Lunetta, m.May17.PR1]

WOODS (Wood)

Eunice and Moses Scott, Nov.28,1782.*.PR1

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Israel of Halifax, VT, and Penes Martindale, int.Aug.19,1819.


Martha of Colran and Rufus Graves, int.Aug.9,1810.

Emoret of Colerain and Ariel Hinsdale, int.Apr.30,1838.


Albert, 23, harness maker, b. Wales, Hampden Co., s.Albert and Lucinda of Wales, Hampden Co., and Lestina Long, d.David and Melisinda May19,1847. [Lestina, d.David and Melesinda.CR2]


Abigail, see Dorothy.

Caleb and Sarah Mitchel, Mar.25,1763.*.PR1

Daniel [int.of Barnardston] and Abigail Farrand [int.Farren], Feb.31,1791.

Dorothy [int.Abigail] and Dan Chapin [int.of Burlington NY.], Feb.5,1795. [Dorothy and Dan Chapin.PR1]

Adolphus and Jerusha Warner of Northampton, int.Oct.15,1806.

Ferdinand H. of Northampton and Olive Ames, int.Sept.28,1811. [Ferdinan Hunt Wright of Northampton, m.Nov.5.PR1]

Mary Ann of Northampton and Alonzo P. Megrath, int.Apr.10,1827.

Lucy L. of Dana and Alfred S. Hoyt, int.Oct.29,1843.

Elizabeth of Northfield and John C. Stone, int.Dec.3,1847.

WRISLEY (Risley)

Sophia and Pliny Severance,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.1,1822.CR2]

Joseph and Naomy Striclin of Granvil, int.Apr.9,1786.

Asahel Jr. of Gill and Sophia Griswold, int.Oct.1,1814.

Naomi, wid., and Otis Hastings, int.Mar.15,1822.

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