a age | CTR Suffolk Co. Quarterly Court records | MR marriage records returned from other MA towns
abt about | d daughter; day; died | rec recorded
b born | Dea deacon | rem removed
bef before | dec deceased | RSR records from MA Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution
bet between | dup duplicate | s son
bp baptized | est estate | Sr Senior
bur buried | grands grandson | unm unmarried
certif certificate | h husband; hour | w week; wife
ch child | inf infant | wid widow
chn children | int intention of marriage | widr widower
Co County | Jr junior | y year
CR church record | m male; married; month |    

VR1 Vital Records of Athol
VR2 Vital Records of Barre
VR3 Vital Records of Deerfield
VR4 Vital Records of Hardwick
VR5 Revolutionary records of Oakham
VR6 Vital Records of Pelham
VR7 Vital Records of Phillipston
VR8 Vital Records of Royalston
VR9 Vital Records of Shrewsbury
VR10 Vital Records of Templeton
VR11 Vital Records of Westminster
VR12 Vital Records of Williamstown

GR1 Centre Cemetery
GR2 Silver Lake Cemetery
GR3 Lake Matawa Cemetery, Orange

(Bibles, Family Records, Etc.)
PR1 Greenfield Gazette and Courier
PR2 Columbian Centinel
PR3 Boston Advertiser
PR4 Salem Gazette
PR5 Massachusetts Spy

(Bibles, Family Records, Etc.)
PR1 private records now in possession of New Salem Academy
PR2 family records from History of Houlton, ME
PR3 family records from Putnam Genealogy
PR4 family records from Holten Genealogy
PR5 family records from Ballard Genealogy
PR6 family records from Perley's History of Salem
PR7 family records from Felton Genealogy
PR8 family records from Wheatland manuscript now in possession of Essex Institute
PR9 records now in possession of Miss Emily S. Ganson
PR10 records now in possessio of Mrs. John W. Fearing
PR11 family records from New England Historical and Genealogical Register
PR12 records of warnings out of Newbury
PR13 genealogical notes, now in possession of Mrs. Lucy C. Kellogg of Greenfield
PR14 family records from Packard's History of Churches in Franklin County

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