Alice and Samuel Tarbell, Apr. 27, 1809.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

OLDS (Old)

Barnius of Western and Abigail Bond, Dec. 28, 1828.

Lucia and Cutler moore, int. May 2, 1837.

Mary (Old) and Nathaniel Clerk, June 29, 1730[1730 written in pencil].*


David, Capt., and Abigail Shaw, wid., Nov. 9, 1780.*

Elisha and Sally Marks, May 10, 1787, in Western,*. CR


James of Spencer and Rhoda Blanchard of Monson, June 3, 1835.*. CR


Samuel and Sarah Nutt[worn, Nutting. TC], Dec. 2, 1754.* [Nutting. CR]

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