Eliza of Wales and Calvin Shaw, int. Jan. 17, 1835.

Reuben and Jane Shaw, May 7, 1795.* [Shaw. CR]


Abigal and Otis McClentic of Palmer, Mar. 14, 1826.* [McClentick of Palmer. CR]

Amarillis and Walter Shumway of Sturbridge, Mar. 1, 1821.*

Bathsheba and William Webber of Holland May 3, 1816 [dup. in later handwriting, Mar. 3, 1816.]* [Mar. ––. CR]

Joseph L., 21, farmer, s. William and Nancy, and Harriet N. Solender, 19, d. Cheney and Mary, Mar. 20, 1849.

Joshua and Ann Hayward, Mar. ––, 1820.* [This entry in later handwriting on interleaved page.] [Anne. CR]

Laurens, farmer, of S. Brookfield, b. Brookfield, and Catharine Prouty, June 24, 1846. [Catharine C. CR]

Leonard and Susan Ellis, Nov. 16, 1830.

Lucy Ann [int. Miss] and John W. Draper of Sturbridge, Nov. 26, 1846.

Maria and Horrace [int. Horace] Allen of Sturbridge, Nov. 10, 1830. [Nov. 16. CR]

Nancy S., wid., and Levi Ladd of Monson, June 22, 1831.

Washington of Brookfield and Lydia Charles, Nov. 17, 1825.*

William and Nancy Smith, Oct. 11, 1818 [dup. in later handwriting.]*


John W. and Melinda Rice of Sturbridge, int. Oct. 15, 1831.

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