Clarissa and Pearly Walker, int. Mar. 14, 1829.


Timothy and Mary Colton of Springfield, Dec. 27, 1753 [in Springfield].*

David and Jemina Vorce, Feb. 10, 1762.*

Israel and Abigail Fay, May 2, 1765.*

Daniel and Anna Saunders, July 25, 1776.*

Irene and David Anderson, Nov. 27, 1776.* [Nov. 27, 1766. CR]

Solomon and Bulah Fiske of Sturbridge, Jan. 20, 1780 [in Sturbridge].*

Peleg Cheney and Patty Coye, Jan. 24, 1787.*

Cyrus and Levinia Holbrook of Sturbridge, May 7, 1791 [in Sturbridge].*

Thankfull and Amos Sheppard, May 24, 1792.* [Shepherd. CR]

Chloe and Abel Hyde Jr., Feb. 5, 1794.*

Elizabeth and Ananiah Dodge, Apr. 27, 1794.*

Hannah and Joseph Bakerr, Aug. 31, 1794.* [Baker, Aug. 31, 1794. CR]

Sally and David Palmer, Feb. 23, 1797.*

Nabby Jr. and Joseph Lumbard 3d, Dec. 7, 1800.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Kafira and Jacob Sherman, Dec. 29, 1801.* [This entry in later handwriting.] [Kasiah. CR]

Cynthia and Orlin Griggs, Apr. 26, 1810.*

Alban and Polly Bliss, Apr. 23, 1812.*

Alvin and Mary Hoar, Dec. 28, 1825.*

Mary Eliza and Frederick H. Purington of Mendon, Aug. 8, 1827.

Clementina [int. Clemetine] and Edward Parsons of Northampton, Jan. 1, 1828.

Nancy E. and John Ross [int. Jr.] of Western, Nov. 19, 1829.

Velina and Nathan Hitchcock, Oct. 5, 1831.

Abby B. and Aaron B. Fairbanks, May 8, 1833.

Eunice S. [int. Celinda] and Jonathan Emerson of Exbridge, Apr. 8, 1834. [Eunice S. and Jonathan Emerson 2d of Uxbridge. CR]

William C. of Newhaven, CT, and Aldelphia [int. Adelpha] Fuller, June 4, 1834.

Harvey and Serenta Harding of Sturbridge, int. Jan. 3, 1841.

Sarah K., 25, d. Albon and Mary, and Miner Andrews, 25, merchant, s. Robert and Lucy, Oct. 7, 1845. [Oct. 10. PR15]

Thomas B., currier, s. Augustus and Betsey, and Louisa C. Tarbell, d. Elias and Hannah, Oct. 28, 1845. [Louisa C. CR]

Ruth C. [int. Miss] and Palemon Moon, widr., shoemaker, Nov. 29, 1845.

Sophia, 26, d. Alban and Mary, and William Wight, 26, miller, of Sturbridge, b. Sturbridge, s. Festus of Sturbridge, Sept. 26, 1849.


Sophia and John Evans, int. Sept. 6, 1840.

Elvira and Dickinson Wallis of Monson, int. Mar. 22, 1845.


Ruth G., Mrs., and Jonathan Hunn, int. Oct. 27, 1839. [m. Nov. 17. CR]

JENNINGS (Jenings)

Joseph and Larviah Cooley, Apr. 12, 1727.*

Hannah (Jenings) and Ruben Lille, Sept. 18, 1744.* [Jennings and Reuben Lilley. CR]

Jonathan and Mary Bliss, Feb. 10, 1791, in Western,*. CR


Dwight P., Capt., and Hannah Allen, both of Sturbridge, Nov. 16, 1831, in Sturbridge,*. CR

Aaron B. and Azubah L. Morse of Dudley, May 1, 1838,*. CR

Doliver and Nancy H. Wight, both of Sturbridge, Nov. 12, 1840,*. CR

Dwight, P., widr., 35, of Sturbridge, s. Lyman and Nancy, and Caroline A. Wallace, 32, of Holland d. Freeland of Holland and Esther, June 4, 1845.* [June 3. CR]


Rebecka of Springfield and Benjamin Bond, Sept. 8, 1763 [in Springfield].*

Lucenda and James Hitchcock, Mar. 14, 1806.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Robert and Sarah Pierce of Milbury, int. Apr. 14, 1849.


Sarah and Joseph Rogers, Dec. 25, 1764.*


Samuel H. of Boston and Mary Thompson, Apr. 4, 1826.*

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