Ab––– [Abigail. TC] and Stephen Bordman, May 2, 1753.* [Abigail. CR]

Mary and Jonathan Hubbard, June 10, 1762.*

Simeon and Esther Hoar, July 21, 1768.*

Caleb and Margarett Mirick, Apr. 26, 1770.*

Seth and Lovisa Hitchcock, Jan. 23, 1798.* [Seth of Wilmington and Lovisa Hytchcock, Jan. 28. CR]

Ethan of Monson and Lydia B. Hubbard, int. June 17, 1838. [m. July 3. CR]


Anna and Nathan Keich of Thompson, CT, int. Sept. 27, 1835.

Nathan of Thompson, CT, and Anna Keich, int. Sept. 27, 1835.


Martin and Lucy Dunham, Mar. 20, 1773.* [Mar. 20, 1783. CR]


John G. [int. of Worcester] and Adaline D. Brown, d. William, Apr. 30, 1846.


Mary Ann and Russel T. Wheelock of Amherst, May 17, 1826.

Justus, Dr., and Polly Wight of Sturbridge, int. Nov. 16, 1828.


Israel and Ruth Needham, June 7, 1756.*


Samuel Jr. and Abigal Colton of Springfield, Aug. 11, 1757 [in Springfield].*


Samuel 2d and Lydia Hubbard, Feb. 17, 1801.*

KIMBALL (Kimboll)

Lucy and George Webber, Nov. 18, 1816 [dup. in later handwriting.]* [Nov. 28. CR]

Hannah (Kimboll), wid. [int. Kimball, omits wid.], and Thomas Durfee, May 9, 1831.


Thomas and Lydia Moul[torn, Moulton. TC], Aug. 4, 1726.*

Samuel and Abigal Hitchcock of Springfield, Feb. 29, 1727-8 [in Springfield].*

Lydia and Paul Hitchcock, Sept. 20, 1739.* [Widow King. CR]

Abigail and Joseph Hitchcock, June 11, 1741.*

Mary and Samuel Allin Jr., Nov. 17, 1742.* [Allen, Nov. 17, 1748. CR]

Abigail and Thomas Ellinwood Jr., Nov. 16, 1750.* [Ellingwood Jr., Nov. 14. CR]

Thomas and Abigail Warrinir, Oct. 3, 1751.* [Warriner. CR]

Sarah –––––[worn] [King. TC] and Richard Bishop, Jan. 20, 1757.* [Sarah King. CR. PR7]

Jerusha and Benjamin Stebbins, July 5, 1758.*

Mercy and Noah Morgan, Apr. 1, 1762.*

Sarah of Palmer and Thomas Bliss, Apr. 25, 1765 [in Palmer].*

Isaac and Lyddia Denison, Sept. 11, 1778.* [Lydia Dennison. CR]

Sarah, Miss, of Palmer and Samuel Shaw, Apr. 26, 1787 [in Palmer].*

Mary of Palmer and John Shaw, Apr. 28, 1791 [in Palmer].*

Walter and Mercy Durkee, Oct. 16, 1794.*

Esther and Ziba Fenton, Oct. 3, 1811.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Lydia M., Miss, and Chester F. Griggs, June 13, 1816.*. PR3

William P. of Barree [int. Barre] and Caroline Morgan, Feb. 8, 1831.

Sarah and Elijah Fosket, int. Mar. 4, 1831.

Adaline of Wales and Asa Foskit, int. Aug. 9, 1842.


Samuel of Ware and Mary Nutting, Oct. 28, 1829.

Elisaa and Elvira Puffer, int. Oct. ––, 1839. [Elisha G. of W. Springfield and Elva W. Puffer, m. Aug. 13. CR]


Asher and Nabby Warren, Mar. 19, 1816 [dup. in later handwriting.]*

Ebenezer, Dr., and Thirza W. Bliss, Sept. 24, 1818 [dup. in later handwriting.]* [Ebenezer, s. Samuel and Eunice Parkhurst of Brookfield, and Thirza Williams Bliss, d. Ichabod and Thirza McCall. PR16]

Wheaton and Sabra Ann Lumbard, Sept. 30, 1837.

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