Mary and Judah Ferre Jr. of Palmer, Apr. 14, 1812.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

TARBELL (Tarbill)

Hannah (Tarhill) and Samuel Griggs, Jan. 27, 1803.*

Samuel and Alice Oaks, Apr. 27, 1809.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

William (Tarbill) and Betsey Smith, Dec. 12, 1811.*

Sarah R. and Orson Sherman, Dec. ––, 1823.*

Sophronia and Elisha Abbey of Belchertown, Dec. 28, 1828. [Dec. 29. CR]

Demarias [int. Damarias] and Oliver Watson Blair, Aug. 19, 1834. [Damarias, June 5. CR]

Mary C. and Paul W. Paige [int. Page] of N. Brookfield, Sept. 17, 1835. [Mary C. CR]

Eliza S. and Washington Phillips of Albany, NY, Oct. 24, 1836.

Lamara [int. Lamira] and Sereno S. Fowler of Northford, CT, Mar. 28, 1837.

Lucy S. [int.] and Henry F. Brown, Sept. 25, 1839.

Henry H. and Cynthia J. Griggs [int.], Aug. 22, 1842. [both. CR]

Delisia [int. Delisa] P. and Charles C. Warren, Aug. 30, 1842. [Delisa P., both. CR]

Caroline S. [int.] and Silas C. Herring of New York, May 9, 1843. [Miss Caroline S. CR]

Hannah, d. William, and Simeon Folson, widr. [int. omits widr.], farmer, of Southbridge b. Tamworth, NH, s. W.W. of Tamworth, NH, [written in pencil], Dec. 31, 1844. [Dec. 31, 1844. CR]

Louisa C., d. Elias and Hannah and Thomas B. Janes, currier, s. Augustus and Betsey, Oct. 28, 1845. [Louisa C. CR]

Warren F., 24, farmer, s. Samuel and Alice, and Mary Ann Brown, 21, d. Abner and Jedidah, all, Nov. 18, 1845.

William G. and Ruth P. Lincoln of Warren, int. ––– –– [rec. between May –– and Dec. 2], 1848.

Harriet M. [int. Hariot Tarbel, omits M.], 20, d. William and Nancy and James B. Brown, 31, farmer, s. Abner an dJedida, all, Apr. 10, 1849.


Samuel and Lovina Denison, Mar. 28, 1782.* [Lavina Dennison. CR]

Clarissa and Zimri Nelson, Aug. 9, 1807.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Lucena and Lemuel Lumbard, Apr. 20, 1809.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

George P. of Madison, NY, and Mary Hubbard, Sept. ––, 1822.*

Jonathan of Western and Laura Ann Truesdell, Nov. 7, 1827.


Jamaico and Rhoda White, July 4, 1799.* [Janrow Fell, both blacks. CR]


Amasa and Cata Hovey, May 29, 1799.*


Ezekiel Jr. of Palmer and Phebe Canterbury of Monson, Oct. 31, 1811.*


Charlotte, see Charlotte Flave.


Patty Ann and Joseph Hunter, Mar. 11, 1805.* [This entry in later handwriting.]


Elizabeth, Mrs., of Oxford, and James Freeland Sept. 5, 1765, in Oxford.*

Noble W. and Hannah Brownell, Dec. 25, 1807.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Delphia and Silsbe Wetherell, Sept. 21, 1821.*. PR13

THOMPSON (Tompson)

Daniel and Abigail Belknap, ––– ––, ––––.*. CR

Parthenia, see Thena.

James (Tompson) Jr. and Mary Hitchcock, Apr. 28, 1749.* [Thompson Jr. and Widow Hitchcock. CR]

Jonathan (Tompson) and Elisabeth Wariner, Oct. 16, 1750.* [Thompson. CR]

Joseph (Tompson) and Abigail Sherman, Feb. 19, 1754.* [Thompson. CR]

Susanna (Tompson) and Jotham Hancock, May 7, 1755.* [Thompson, May 8. CR]

Mary and Jonathan Babcock, Nov. 17, 1757.*

John and Rebecca Russell, Jan. 25, 1759.*

John and Eunice Haynes, July 10, 1766.*

John and Sarah Hitchcock, May 2, 1771.*

Elizabeth and Jonathan Morgan Jr., Nov. 19, 1772.*

Bathsheba and Abel Burt, Oct. 7, 1779.* [Oct. 7, 1779. CR]

Samuel and Asenath Hoar, Jan. 9, 1783,*. CR

Solomon and Polly Smi[torn, Smith. TC], July 13, 1786.* [Smith. CR]

Sally and Calvin Eaton, Sept. 9, 1792.* [Sept. 9, 1792. CR]

Eunice and Benjamin Danielson, Apr. 2, 1800.*

Phebe L. and Morris B. Belknap, May 24, 1807.*

May and Josiah White, May 31, 1807. &

Levi of S.B. and Lucy Fay, Apr. 19, 1814 [dup. in later handwriting.]*

Betsey and James Wolcott Jr. of Southbridge, Oct. 9, 1820.*

Mary and Samuel H. Judson of Boston, Apr. 4, 1826.*

Clarissa and Aaron Charles, int. Aug. 31, 1827.

Thena, Mrs. [int. Perthene, wid.], and Capt. Darius Charles, Apr. 30, 1828. [Mrs. Thena. CR]

Sarah and Abraham Charles, May 3, 1837. [Sarah Jane, May 4. PR14]

Lavina, Mrs., of Wales, and Luke B. Charles, int. –– –– [rec. between Sept. 2 and Sept. 10], 1837.


Gideon and Eunice Am[torn, Ames. TC], Sept. 23, 1792.* [Thorington an Eunice Ames. CR]


James of Pelham and Maria Gleason, Dec. 6, 1827. [Dec. 5. CR]


John B. and Amanda M. Downer, int. Mar. 22, 1829.


Rebekah and Moses Bliss, May 19, 1785, in Western,*. CR

Joseph and Sarah Hitchcock, Dec. 20, 1787.*


Elizabeth of Norton and Joel Tiffany, Jan. 17, 1782 [in Norton].*

Joel and Elizabeth Tiffany of Norton, Jan. 17, 1782 [in Norton].*


Hannah of Spencer and Solomon Charles, Jan. 16, 1794 [in Spencer].*


James and Catharine Stebbins, Apr. 9, 1826.*


Edward of S. Hadley and Mary M. Hubbard, May 27, 1841.*


Lavinia, Miss, of Wales, and Ira B. Brown, int. Nov. 12, 1843.

TOWNSLEY (Tousley, Towsley)

Azubah, see Azubah Townsley Cary.

Ruben (Tousley) and Sarah Blodget, Aug. 6, 1741.* [Reuben Townsly. CR]

Abner (Towsley) [dup. Tousley] and Bathsheba Colton of Springfield, Feb. 22 [dup. Feb. 2], 1748-9 [in Springfield].*

Eunice and John Harris, May 4, 1763.*

Sarah and Elijah Hitchcock, Oct. 18, 1764.*

Reuben Jr. and Abigail Morgan, Nov. 14, 1768.*

Adam and Azubah Lumb[torn, Lombard. TC], Apr. 8, 1779.* [Lumbard. CR]

Sally and Thomas Sherman Jr., July 9, 1789.*

Persis and Thomas Hinckley, Jan. 18, 1790.*

Assenath (Town[torn]) [Townsley. TC] and Perley Morgan, Dec. 29, 1791.* [Townsley. CR]

Abisha and Eleanor Pickering, Nov. 26, 1801.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Eunice and James Safford of Windsor, VT, July 8, 1802.* [This entry in later handwriting.]

Sarah E. and Lyman Durkee [int. Jr.] of Somers [int. adds CT.], Apr. 1, 1834.


Ruth and Solomon Shumway, Nov. 19, 1768.*

Sally and Jacob Morgan, Nov. 1, 1787.*

Bathsheba and Moses Church Jr., June 24, 1789.* [Bathshua, June 24, 1789. CR]

Mary and Daniel Morgan, Mar. 27, 1794.* [Mrs. Mary and David Morgan. CR]

Sally and Stephen Pynchon, Jan. 13, 1799.*

Emily and Bela Welch, Jan. 8, 1812.*

William P. of Natches and Harriet Morgan, July 14, 1818 [dup. in later handwriting.]*

Rebecca C. of Charlestown and John C. Draper, int. July 17, 1847.


Laura Ann and Jonathan Taylor of Western, Nov. 7, 1827.


Hannah of Westfield and Nathaniel Miller, June 30, 1752 [in Westfield].*


Jedidiah an dTamar Lillie, Sept. 6, 1770.* [Lilley. CR]

Joseph and Anne Morgan, Jan. 13, 1773.*

Christopher C. and Phila D. Wetherell, Jan. 1, 1844,*. PR13

Christopher C. and Mary Jane Wetherell, Mar. 19, 1848.*

Benjamin F., 24, machinist, of Worcester, s. William of Palmer and Eliza, and Mary M. Green, 19, iof B., b. Wales, d. Daniel N., July 4, 1849.


John Jr. and Mary Shaw, Apr. 16, 1772.*


Horace B., 24, tanner, of Whippany, NJ, b. Whippany, NH, s. Silas of Whippany, NH, and Lorania, and Frances A. Ward, 19, b. Providence, RI, d. William M. and Eliza, Nov. 29, 1848.


James of Wilbraham and Hannah Carpenter of S.B., Oct. 10, 1774 [in Wilbraham].*


Eleanor of Brookfield and Joseph Alexander, int. Aug. 11, 1849.


Moses and Sally Patrick, June 30, 1785, in Wewstern.*. CR

Sarah of Western and Justin Morgan, Dec. 1, 1814 [dup. in later handwriting.]*

Moses of Western and Emma Hoar, Sept. 23, 1819 [dup. in later handwriting.]*

Amos of Western and Betsey Drury, Apr. 1, 1824.*

John of Western and Adaline B. Coye, int. Jan. 3, 1834.

Moses and Eliza Makepeace of Brookfield, int. ––– ––[rec. between Apr. 4 and Apr. 9], 1835.

Susan of Warren and Timothy Bliss, int. Mar. 21, 1839. [m. Apr. 11. CR]

Sarah A., d. Moses and Emma, and Hudson L. Whiting, pump maker, of Worcester, s. Ezekiel, Sept. 1, 1846. [Hudson L. CR]

John of Boston and Mary E. Lumbard, int. Mar. 4, 1849.

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