Reuben and Jane Shaw, May 7, 1795.* [Shaw. CR]

Eliza of Wales and Calvin Shaw, int. Jan. 17, 1835.


Bathsheba and William Webber of Holland May 3, 1816 [dup. in later handwriting, Mar. 3, 1816.]* [Mar. ––. CR]

William and Nancy Smith, Oct. 11, 1818 [dup. in later handwriting.]*

Joshua and Ann Hayward, Mar. ––, 1820.* [This entry in later handwriting on interleaved page.] [Anne. CR]

Amarillis and Walter Shumway of Sturbridge, Mar. 1, 1821.*

Washington of Brookfield and Lydia Charles, Nov. 17, 1825.*

Abigal and Otis McClentic of Palmer, Mar. 14, 1826.* [McClentick of Palmer. CR]

Maria and Horrace [int. Horace] Allen of Sturbridge, Nov. 10, 1830. [Nov. 16. CR]

Leonard and Susan Ellis, Nov. 16, 1830.

Nancy S., wid., and Levi Ladd of Monson, June 22, 1831.

Laurens, farmer, of S. Brookfield, b. Brookfield, and Catharine Prouty, June 24, 1846. [Catharine C. CR]

Lucy Ann [int. Miss] and John W. Draper of Sturbridge, Nov. 26, 1846.

Joseph L., 21, farmer, s. William and Nancy, and Harriet N. Solender, 19, d. Cheney and Mary, Mar. 20, 1849.


John W. and Melinda Rice of Sturbridge, int. Oct. 15, 1831.

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