Ruth of Spencer, and Jethro Kinney, int.May3,1779.

William of Windsor, and Fanney Hardy, int.Aug.10,1833.


Clara S. and Bloomfield H. Moor of Philadelphia, PA, int.Oct.8,1842.


Almira of Blandford, and Daniel Stanton, int.Mar.30,1820.

Baxter E. of Hinsdale, and Hannah Maria Churchill, int.Mar.3,1844. [Baxter of Brookfield, m.Mar.28.PR5]

Daniel and Patty Pomeroy, Mar.1,1804.

David S. and Lucretia Bell, int.Aug.10,1833.

Edmund and Sarah C. Olds of Middlefield, Apr.2,1844.*PR17

Eli and Huldah Smith, Mar.29,1795.

Elihu, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway) and Mary Johnson of Sheffield, Mar.24,1846.*PR17

Eliza and Joshu V.M. Moor [int.Joshua V. Moore], May1,1828.

Eunice and Nathan Mann, Dec.19,1793.

Harriet and Ira Johnson, Dec.28,1836. [Harriet of Sheffield, and Ira Johnson, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway).PR17]

Ira and Harriet Johnson, Dec.28,1836. [Ira, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), and Harriet Johnson of Sheffield.PR17]

Ira and Joanna Nichols of Belchertown, int.Mar.27,1843. [Ira, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), and Joannah Nichols of Belchertown, m.May4.PR17]

Isaac and Judah Shumway, Oct.14,1798.

Jesse Jr. and Sally Wadsworth of Becket, int.Dec.21,1794.

Jesse and Sophia Churchill, int.Jan.25,1824. [Jesse, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), m.Feb.末.PR17]

Lucy and Asa Foot, Oct.13,1807.

Lyman and Caroline E. Olds of Middlefield, int.Nov.10,1838. [Lyman, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), m.末蔓末.PR17]

Lyman, 39, farmer of Washington, b. Washington, s.Isaac and Judith J. of Washington, and Lucy Churchill, 29, d.Charles and Hannah C., Oct.4,1849.* [Lucy, ch.Charles [and Hannah (Percival)].PR5] [Lyman, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), and Lucy S. Churchill.PR17]

Mary of Sheffield, and Elihu Johnson, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), Mar.24,1846.*PR17

Nathan M. of Washington, and Marcia A. Huggins of Sheffield, Oct.4,1848.*PR17

Renald and 末末 末末 of Blandford,末蔓末,1770.*CR1

Sarah and Jabez French, Apr.1,1790.

Wealthy [int.Welthy] and Stillman [int.Stilman] Olds, Dec.15,1835. [Wealthy and Stilman Olds.CR1] [Wealthy, ch.Isaac and Judith (Shumway), and Stillman Olds of Middlefield, Dec.14.PR17]

William P. of Middlefield, and Betsey Bell, int.Mar.20,1835.


Anna of Middlefield, and John Cobb, int.Apr.13,1794.

Hannah of London, and Timothy Fay, int.Feb.26,1807.

Lucy of Otis, and Rev. Silas Kingsley, int.Nov.4,1837.

Martha and Capt. Daniel Lamb of Springfield, int.Aug.29,1778.

Mary and Jedadiah Ingram, int.Nov.10,1794.

Polly of Otis, and Erastus Fay, int.June1,1816.


Persis of Windsor, and William H. Wharfield, int.Oct.13,1841.


Ralph [dup. Rolph Jocelyn], 25, carpenter, b. Savoy, s.Abraham (Jocelyn) and Susan of Savoy, and Elvira Gibson, 23, d.Amasa (Gibbson) and Harriett, Oct.10 [Oct.10, written in pencil] [dup. Oct.9] 1849.*


Irena (int.Irene), wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], and John Perry of Hinsdale, Jan.1,1823.

Lucy and James Hamilton, Nov.17,1825.

Polly, see Sally.

Phebe of Middlefield, and Olivar Waters of Halifax, Jan.25,1787.*

Rachel and Samuel Wait, Sept.24,1815.

Reuben Jr. and Betsey [int.Betsy] Wait, July10,1817.

Salathiel [int.Selathial] of Southhadly [int.Southadley], and Irena Day, Sept.23,1790.

Salathiel and Laura Taylor, Feb.11,1829.*

Sally [dup. Polly] and Asahel Gibson, May20,1827.*

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