LACKOR (Lackore)

Sally [int.Lackore] and Selden Williams of Adams [int.Windsor], Mar.3,1796.

LACKORE (Lackor)

John Jr. and Sarah Smith, int.Oct.15,1773. [Lacore, m.Nov.11.CR1]

Rosanna and Ebenezer Tillitson of Farmington, CT, int.Dec.4,1773.

Cynthia and David Sanderson of Conway, int.June12,1793.


Ruth and Dr. Martin Phelps, Feb.28,1786.*

Eunic [int.Eunice] and Samuel M. [int.Morgan] Brooks of [int.of Westspringfield], Feb.20,1811.

Esther and Samuel B. Stebbins, Apr.13,1814.

Laura and Alfred Ely of Westspringfield, int.Aug.26,1814.

Marcia [int.Marsha] and Daniel Benton of Tollard, CT, Nov.27,1821. [Marcia.CR1]

Lathrop and Hannah Parsons of Hinsdale, int.Dec.16,1826.

Esther, Mrs., and Seberry Fish, int.Oct.6,1832.

Sarah Rebecca and Samuel [int.adds M.] Converse of Worthington, Jan.19,1843.


Daniel, Capt., of Springfield, and Martha Jones, int,. Aug.29,1778.

Esther and James Ingell, int.Mar.26,1806.

Sarah V. and Sereno Snow of Milton, VT, Jan.14,1844.*PR7


Jonathan N,. of Otis, and Almira Slade, Nov.24,1825.


Mary, 19, b. Russell, d.Joseph and Almira, and Charles H. Warner, 24, waggon maker, b. Williamsburg, s.Obadiah and Jane of Williamsburg, Oct.11,1846.


Catherine 36, b. St. Denis, Canada E., d.Antoine and Jedugur Roi of Canada E., and Alexis Baron, 38, laborer, b. Makinongi, Canada E., s.Francois and Catherine of Canada E., June17,1849.*


Zillar and Olivar Millard, int.July8,1787.

Parmelia and Jonathan Miller Jr., int.Feb.4,1799.

Enoch and Sarah Williams of Worthington, int.Nov.18,1799.

Charles and Susanna Gillmore, int.June29,1801.

Winthrop and Polly Weller of Norwich, int.May17,1807.


Eunice of Norwich, and John Sacket, int.Mar.6,1813.


Seth of W. Springfield [int.Westspringfield], and Rebecah [int.Rebecca] Smith, Dec.6,1762.

Noah of W. Springfield, and Lydia Taylor, int.Nov.15,1777.

Levi of Worthington, and Keziah Benjaman of Worthington, Oct.5,1786.*

Alanson and Isabel Lindsey of Blandford, int.June7,1811.

Mary, wid., and John Smith [int.rst], Mar.15,1814.

John 2d of Westspringfield, and Lucy E. Day, int.Mar.30,1814.

Sanford of Worthington, and Mary [int.adds A.] Loveland Jan.1,1824.

William and Sophia Lindey of Blandford, int.Mar.5,1826.

Harriet of W. Springfield, and Portius Moore, int.Dec.1,1832.

Charles F. of Middlefield, and Eunice Higgins, Mar.5,1834.

Charles C. of Worthington, and Martha E. Moore, int.Feb.12,1847.


Nancy of Becket and James Bell 2d, int.Dec.14,1801.


Samuel R.B. of Westfield and Flora Alderman, Dec.25,1823.

Roland and Eliza F. Campbell, Sept.1,1841.

Sarah E. and Oliver T. Griswold, June4,1845.

Roland and Clarisa Bellknap of W. Springfield, int.Nov.5,1848.

LINDEY (Lindsey, Linsey)

Sophia of Blandford, and William Leonard, int.Mar.5,1826.

LINDSEY (Lindey, Linsey)

Olive of Blandford, and Samuel Bell Jr., int.Mar.22,1810. [m.Apr.19.PR14]

William [int.Jr.] of Blandford, and Miranda [dup. Meranda] Barker, Apr.18,1811.

Isabel of Blandford, and Alanson Leonard, int.June7,1811.

William Jr. and Lima Parks of Blandford, int.Nov.1,1834.

Miranda B. of Blandford, and Dr. Chester R. Crossett, int.Sept.17,1843.

LINSEY (Lindey, Lindsey)

Isabele of Blandford, and Matthew Campbell, int.Jan.25,1789.

Jane of Blandford, and Daniel Granger, int.Apr.6,1818.


Benjamin and Mary B. Kyle, int.Mar.31,1832.


William of Waltham, and Mary Belding, June8,1841.


Jane, Mrs., of Middle Granville, and William Foot, int.Sept.9,1815.

LOMIS (Loomis, Loomise, Loomiss)

Laurana and Hezekiah Ellsworth, July21,1793, in Windsor, CT.*

LOOMIS (Lomis, Loomise, Loomiss)

John W. Southwick, and Eliza Whitney, int.Aug.3,1828.

Samuel of Southampton, and Louissa[?] Wolcott of Montgomery, Sept.末,1831.*CR1

Burritt of W. Suffield, CT, and Harriet A. Henry, int.Sept.12,1840.

LOOMISE (Lomis, Loomis, Loomiss)

Roxy of Southampton, Jude Wright, int.Nov.17,1781.

Martha and Aaron Hale, int.Dec.8,1781.

LOOMISS (Lomis, Loomis, Loomise)

Sybil of Southampton, and Joshua Wright, int.Oct.6,1793.


Philip [int.Phillip] of Middlefield, and Susanna Campbell, Sept.12,1793.

Mary [int.adds A.] and Sanford Leonard of Worthington, Jan.1,1824.


Elizabeth and Joab Smith, Apr.22,1784.

Olive and Abraham Drake of Worthington, Dec.24,1787.


Amelia, see Aurelia.

Stephen and Anna Blair of Western, int.Aug.25,1770.

Stephen, Dea., and Hannah Clark of Southampton, int.July3,1786. [Hannah, wid., m.July10.PR18]

Susannah [int.Susanna] and Joseph Clap of E. Hampton, May28,1789.

Atchsa and Dr. William Coleman of Middlefield, July19,1792.

Gaius and Tryphena Clark, int.July14,1793. [m.Aug.16,1795.PR18]

Crispus and Adah Smith, Jan.24,1796. [Jan.25.PR18]

Clarisa [int.Clarissa] and Israel Searl [int.Searles] of Southampton, Sept.22,1796. [Clarissa and Israel Searl.PR18]

Theodosia and Jasper Brewster of Washinton, Oct.12,1796.

Crispus and Betsey [int.Betsy] Wright, Apr.3,1799. [Betsey.PR18]

Stephen Jr. and Betsey Witt, Sept.19,1799. [Betsy.PR18]

Anna and William Oaks Toogood, July1,1802.

Noah and Clarisa Granger of Middlefield, Mar.19,1804.* [Clarissa.PR18]

Dolly 2d and Edward Taylor Jr. of Montgomery, int.Oct.2,1804.

Electa and John Elder 2d, Oct.8,1805. [Electa, d.Dea.Stephen, and John Elder, s.Thomas.PR16]

Burnham and Charity Blodgett, Sept.9,1807.*PR18

Chester and Abigail Willcox, Oct.25,1807. [Wilcox.PR18]

Timothy Jr. and Experience Bardwell, Jan.6,1808.

Samuel and Miriam Sexton [int.T.] Tinker, Oct.24,1809. [Oct.26.PR18]

Aurelia and William Stone Jr., May23,1822. [Amelia.CR1]

Sophronia and John L. Bell, M.D. of Williamstown, int.Apr.10,1829.

Abigail R. and Franklin Toogood, Feb.28,1831.*PR18

Nancy and Rev. Henry R. Hoisington of Aurora, NY, int.Aug.27,1831. [m.Sept.21.CR1]

Loisa and Warren A. Reed of Belchertown, int.Feb.28,1832. [Louisa, m.May末.CR1]

Harriet and Garry Munson, int.Oct.19,1833.

George W. and Susan B. Wood, Oct.2,1834.*PR18

Stephen and Julia S. Searle, int.Mar.21,1836. [m.Apr.28.CR1]

Crispus and Abigail Phelps, wid., of Westfield, int.May27,1836.

Ambrose B. and Eliza B. Searle, Nov.末,1836.

Moses and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Sophronia L. Bell, Nov.末, [int.Nov.12], 1836.

Sarah and Dryden Cressy [int.Cressey] of Cherry Valley, OH, Sept.20,1841.

Experience, Mrs., and Dea.Walter Bates of S. Hampton, int.Apr.15,1844.

Horatio and Redixa S. Moore of Montogomery, int.Aug.16,1844. [Horatio W. and Redexa S. More, m.Sept.11.PR18]

Julia and Virgil S. Abbot of Sheffield, int.Oct.5,1844. [Abbott of W. Stockbridge, m.Oct.末.CR1] [Julia A. and Virgil S. Abbott, m.Oct.24.PR18L]

Clarissa Jane, 25, d.Moses and Clarissa, and Jonathan McElwaine [int.McElwain] Jr., 27, farmer, of Middlefield, b. Middlefield, s.Jonathan (McElwane) and Lucy of Middlefield, May20,1847. [McElwane.CR1]

Moses, widr., 56, farmer, b. Southampton, s.Joel and Achsah L., and Elizabeth Smith, 42, d.John and Elizabeth S., Sept.19,1849.*

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