Elisabeth of Otis, Hampshire Co., and Levi Cooley, int.Dec.24,1811.

ADKINS (Atkins)

Elihu, Dea., and Mrs.Mercy Spelman int.[Oct.末], 1815. [Dea.Atkins and Widow Spelman, m.Nov.末.CR1]

Hannah of Hartland CT, and Giles Rose, int.Sept.25,1804.

Jabez and Mrs.[dup. omits Mrs.] Abigail Fairchild of Middletown, int.June30 [dup. June29], 1805.

Jabez and Maria Hannahs of Bethlem, CT, int.Dec.5,1827.

Josiah and Arty Mary Strong, int.Mar.18,1816. [Atkins, m.Mar.20.PR6]

ALCOTT (see Olcott)


Esther of Westfield and Silas Hodge, int.Dec.7,1828.


Jesse, widr., of Columbia, PA, and Tirzah E. Seymour, d.William, Feb.24,1847.* [Tirza E.PR6]

ALLEN (Alling)

John H. [int.Hastings, Capt.] of Sandisfield and Almira Fowler, Oct.2,1823. [John N. of Sandisfield and Almira Porter.CR1]

Moses and Elisebeth Gillet, May12,1761.*

ALLING (Allen)

Elihu Stow, 31, farmer, s.Alva, Nov.末,1848.*

Elizabeth M., 23, b. Norfolk, CT, and Elihu Stow, 31, farmer, s.Alva, Nov.末,1848.*


Laura and Horatio N. Goodwin of New Hartford,末蔓末, [rec. between Apr.16 and Apr.30], 1834.*PR6


Emily and Matthew L. Root of Paynesville, OH, July9,1839.*PR6

James H., 24, farmer, s.Benjamin and Mary, and Sybil C. King, 22, d.Edmund and Clarissa, May9,1845.* [Mar.10.PR6]

Jennette and Timothy M. Cooley,末蔓末.*PR5 [Sarah Jane E. and Timothy M. Cooley 2d, Nov.21,1833.PR6]


Francis and Simony Brounson, int.Apr.7,1808.

ATKINS (Adkins)

Elizabeth S., 23, d.Josiah, and James M. Goodwin, 28, farmer, s.Theodore, Oct.12,1848.*

Henrietta of Blandford and James Sage of New Hartford, NY, Feb.17,1805.*PR6

Mary H., d.Josiah and A., and Stephen G. Moses of Hartford, CT, Dec.末,1843.*

Reuben J. of Westspringfield and Mariamne Rose, int.Mar.12,1826. [Reuben I of W. Springfield and Mariomme Ross, m.Mar.30.CR1]


Sally and Porter Fowler, Sept.26,1816.* [Sally of Russell and Porter Fowler of Westfield, Russell.PR6]


Ann of Suffield, CT, and Sewall Bonney, int.Sept.15,1817.

Dorithy and Reubin Hickcox, Aug.12,1767.*

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