Erik, May13,1834, in Theyregod, Denmark.GR2

Maria [? m.], Jan.1,1839, in Theyregod, Denmark.GR2

JOHNSON (Jonson)

Eli, June5,1792, in Harwinton, CT.GR6

Westol Coleby, s.Enoch and Nabby, Feb.8,1793.

Marcy, d.Enoch and Nabby, Dec.31,1794.

Enoch, twin s.Enoch and Nabby, Apr.1,1797.

Seth, twin s.Enoch and Nabby, Apr.1,1797.

Polly, d.Enoch and Nabby, Mar.27,1799. [d.Enoc and w., Apr.末.CR1]

Betsy, d.Enoch and Nabby, Nov.12,1801.

William Lurvey, s.Enoch,末蔓末 [dup. bp. Dec.23], 1804.CR1

末末, d.Silas, sawyer, and Maria, July23,1847.

末末, twin s.Silas, sawyer, and Maria, June28,1849, in W. Granville.

末末, twin s.Silas, sawyer, and Maria, June28,1849, in w, Granville.


William, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Searles) Jan.14,1794. in Williamsburg.GR6

Fredus, s.Titus, June22,1806 [? in Granville].CR3

Edward, s.Titus, Feb.15,1808 [? in Granville].CR2

Calvin J., s.William and Lucy, Oct.5,1829, in Williamsburg.GR6

Sophia L., d.William and Lucy, Sept.26,1833, in Williamsburg.GR6

Lyman W., s.William and Lucy, Aug.26,1837, in Williamsburg.GR6

Mary L., w.Wilbur S.,末蔓末,1842.GR2

Lucy A., w.Ariel Frost, Sept.9,1842.GR6

Elvira, d.Samuel, farmer, and Elvira, Mar.6,1845.

末末, d.William, farmer, and 末末, May28,1845.

末末, s.Samuel, farmer, and Elvira, Oct.13,1846.

末末, s.William, farmer, Dec.24,1846.

末末, s.Samuel, farmer, and Elvira, Feb.10,1849, in E. Granville.

末末, ch.Ansel, Nov.9,1849, in E. Granville.

JONSON (Johnson)

Enoch, s.Jabez and Marey, Mar.30,1766.

Seth, s.Jabez (Jonnson) and Mary, June9,1769.

Westol, s.Jabez and Mary, Nov.23,1776.


末末, s.Otis, laborer, May15,1843, in W. Granville.

末末, d.Otis, farmer, and 末末, Mar.29,1845.

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