William of Canton, CT, and Ruth B. King, May 28, 1839.* PR6

ELDRED (Eldridge)

Sally and Elsworth Cornwell, int. Nov. 24, 1805.


Amey and Andrew Brown Jr., Apr. 28, 1800.

Polly and Ebeneser Fox, int. June 29, 1805.

Susanah and William Manchester, Jan. 18, 1809.


Marilla and Noah Bartlett of Southwick, int. Dec. 27, 1813.

Lambert N. [dup. Lambert B. Elliot], 28, blacksmith, of Penn Yan, NY, b. Penn Yan, NY, s. George B. and Mariah and Penn Yan, and Sarah Spelman, 25, d. Elijah and Temperance, June 1, 1845.*


Joseph B. and Sophia Robinson, Sept. 27, 1795.*

Nathaniel, Dr., and Lucy Harvey, Oct. 29, 1797.


John and Lucy Cook of Blanford, Mar. 18, 1790. [both of Blandford. CR1]


Anna of Blandford and Henry Hinds of Blandford, Apr. ––, 1801.* PR6


Reuben [int. Jr. of Simsbury, CT.] and Loanna Cooley, Nov. 14, 1815. [Reuben. PR6]

Amelia C. and Charles G. Woodruff of Springfield, Mar. 22, 1837.* PR6


Polly, Mrs., of Pittsfield, and Thomas Clark, int. June 21, 1801.

Salley and Joel Root, int. Jan. 22, 1804. [Salley, m. Feb. 16. PR6]

Huldah of Hartland, CT, and George Gillet, int. Sept. 12, 1805.

Clarissa and Joel Root, Mar. 13, 1811.

Parmelia [int. Permelia] and Israel W. Graham [int. of Canton, CT.], Oct. 29, 1817. [Parmelia and Israel W. Graham of Canton. PR6]

Mary and Warren Graham of Canton, CT, Feb. 26, 1823.


Experience of Granby and Asher Moore, int. Mar. 12, 1797.

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