Abigail, Mrs.[dup. omits Mrs.], of Middletown and Jabez Adkins, int.June30 [dup. June29], 1805.

Harriet and Rev. Laban Clark,末蔓末, [int.Aug.8,1808].

Sally and Samuel Curtiss, int.Aug.11,1810. [m.Oct.9.CR1]

Daniel and Betsey Cook, Feb.23,1817.

N. [int.Harvey, omits N.] of Woodbury, CT, and Wealthy Hamilton, Jan.5,1824. [N. of Woodbury, CT, and Welthy Hamilton.CR1]


Newman of Norfolk, CT, and Parthena Tinker, int.Sept.末,1807. [m.Oct.13.PR6]

FARNAM (Farnham, Farnum)

Clarissa and Elihue Morgan of Blandford,末蔓末, [int.Dec.5,1806].

FARNHAM (Farnam, Farnum)

Noah Jr. of Blandford and Rhoda Bancraft,末蔓末, [int.June22,1805]. [Bancroft, Aug.末,1805.PR6]

Lucretia and Martin Clap of Southampton,末蔓末, [int.Nov.29,1806].

Justin and Lucinda Frost, int.[Oct.末], 1814. [Farnum, m.Dec.1.CR1]

FARNUM (Farnam, Farnham)

Kezia and William Clark of Blandford, int.July1,1816. "Sham-imposition upon an old maid." [This entry crossed out.]

Esther E., 27, d.Justin, and Milo Phelps, 29, farmer, of Otis, s.Stephen and Sally of Otis, Nov.25,1847.*


Micah and Lucinda Conant, Apr.26,1815.* [Lucinda of Southwich.PR6]


Ammi of Windsor, CT, and Mary Elma Marvin, Jan.1,1829.


Nancy of Becket and John Hunt, int.Mar.22,1818.


Elisha of Lenox, Berkshire Co., and Alcy M. Cooley, Sept.28 [dup. Sept.18, int.Sept.25], 1815. [Alcy Marie, Sept.18.PR6]


William [int.Foot of Chester] and [int.Mrs.] Jane Lloyd, Oct.2,1815. [Foote of Chester and Jane Lloyd.PR6]

Emily of Southwich and Hon. John Mills, Nov.23,1818, in Southwich.*PR6

Edwin of Southwick and Julia Ann Bancroft, int.Feb.28,1830. [m.Mar.24.PR6]

FORBES (Forbs)

Sally of Windsor and Andrew Hall, int.Sept.30,1798.

Melissa Ann and Lester Wadsworth of Hartford, CT, Nov.3,1827. [Forbs.PR6]

FORBS (Forbes)

Mahitebel and Rubin Swetman, Mar.19,1761.*

Rebeckah and Thomas Hamilton, July20,1763.*

Horato and Attamira Bancroft, int.June14,1805. [Horatio and Alltermira Bancroft, m.末蔓[rec. before Aug.末].PR6]


Simpson of Vernon, NY, and Hannah Ward, Feb.18,1809. [Simpson Larmon of Vernon, NY.CR1]


Joseph M. and 末末 Moore,末蔓末, [rec. between Feb.27 and Apr.26,1815].* [Capt. Joseph M. and Frances Moore of Southwich,末蔓末, [rec. between Feb.27 and Apr.26], 1815.PR6]


James and Elizebeth Bancroft, June19,1765.*

Fenner and Elizebeth Tharp, Mar.5,1766.*

Anna and David Fowler, Apr.30,1767.*


Olive [sic] and Rebekah Cook, Mar.20,1765.*

Titus and Hannah Burritt, Apr.9,1765.*

David and Anna Foster, Apr.30,1767.*

John and Rachel Moor, July15,1787. [Rachael.CR1]

Daniel and Sally Word, July2,1797. [Ward.CR1]

Julius of Durham, Middlesex Co., CT, and Martha Moore, Dec.18,1803.

Catharine and Judah Twining, int.Oct.31,1806.

Loring and Harriot Granger, int.Aug.17,1810.

Porter and Sally Atwater, Sept.26,1816.* [Porter of Westfield and Sally Atwater of Russell, m.in Russell.PR6]

Almira and [int.Capt.] John H. [int.Hastings] Allen of Sandisfield, Oct.2,1823. [Almira Porter and John N. Allen of Sandisfield.CR1]


Lovicy of Blandford and Heman Crooks of Blandford, Nov.26,1801.*PR6

Ebeneser and Polly Eldridge, int.June29,1805.

David Jr. and Levey Osborn of Hartland, Hartford Co., CT, int.Mar.8,1806.


Benjamin and Amy Norton, Sept.12,1826.


Hannah of Blandford and Samuel Blair of Blandford, Nov.28,1804.*

Sally and Capt. Ely Strong, Dec.17,1833.*PR6


Salina F. of Tolland and James Ross Bignall of Salisbury, CT, Mar.8,1823.*


Jacob G. and Lydia Bowers of Blanford, int.Sept.2,1803.

Urial and Rhoda Smith of Blandford, int.Dec.24,1804.

Jacob Green and Hulah Remington, int.Oct.25,1807.

Lucinda and Justin Farnham, int.[Oct.末], 1814. [Farnum, Dec.1.CR1]

Roxy and Rowland Noble of Blandford, int.Sept.29,1817.

Esther and Silas Rose, int.Apr.26,1818.


James "of York state" and Mary Marshal, Jan.21,1798.*CR1

Samuel of Albany, NY, and Mary J. Bancroft, Sept.24,1826.


William and Elizabeth Strong, Jan.24,1782.*

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