Ezekel and Sarah Stow, Dec. 25, 1760.*

Annorah and Jared Munson, June 10, 1762.*

Ezekel Jr. and Hannah Marshal [dup. Marshall], Sept. 16 [dup. Sept. 17], 1784.*

Roxanna and Stillman Wilcox, Dec. 18, 1796.*

Susannah and Samuel Sexton of Amenia, NY, Apr. 1, 1801. [Susanah Graves and J. Sexton of Armenia, NY. CR1]

Mina and Bela Rogers, Apr. 4, 1808.

Isaac and Lucinda Miller, int. May 7, 1810.


Nathaniel and Harriett Moses, Dec. ––, 1836.* CR1


Jesse and Nanny Publis, Aug. 26, 1788. [Nancy Pebble. CR1]

Lucy and Selah Butler, June 17, 1789.

Andrew and Sally Forbes of Windsor, int. Sept. 30, 1798.

Joel and Elisabeth Smith, Feb. 26, 1801. [Elizabeth. CR1]

John Jr. of Loudon and Polly Bancroft, int. Oct. 10, 1805.

Eliza and Elihu Pomeroy Jr., Nov. ––, 1808.

Nancy and Jesse D. Hawley of Morgon, Ashdabula Co., OH, May 14, 1809. [Jessy D. of Morgan, NY, May 1. CR1]

Rachel of Blandford and Zelotes Robinson, int. Sept. 28, 1809.

Betsy and Timothy Twining, Oct. 26, 1809.

Susan and Joseph Williams, int. Dec. 5, 1809.

David of Blandford and Lucy Barns, int. Nov. 12, 1812.

Elijah of Brunswick, OH, and Emma Baldwin, int. Dec. 20, 1818. [m. Jan. 12, 1819. PR6]

Sarah and Seth Coe Jr., int. Nov. 22, 1819. [Sarah Hill, m. Nov. 21 sic. CR1]

Curtiss and Rachel Barns, June 14, 1820.*

William of Blandford and Nancy Parson, Nov. 20, 1823.

Amos of Blandford and Phebe Parsons, Nov. 10, 1824. [Phebe Powers, Nov. 30. CR1]

Lucy E., d. William and Nancy, and Samuel Bates, farmer, of Blandford, b. Blandford, s. Kilbourn and ––––– of Blandford, June ––, 1844.

HAMBLETON (Hamilton)

James of Blanford and Mrs. Huldah Waters, int. Mar. 18, 1798. [m. Apr. 2. CR2]

HAMILTON (Hambleton)

Alcina, see Elcina.

Esther, see Hester.

Thomas and Rebeckah Forbs, July 20, 1763.*

Robert and Margrit Cooley, Jan. 1, 1767.*

Thomas Jr. and Content Moor, Mar. 3, 1788.

Pegga and Jonathan Wright, Mar. 17, 1788. [Peggy, Mar. 13. CR1]

Elizabeth and Salathiel Bumpus, May 5, 1791. [Elisabeth and Salathiel Bumpus Jr. CR1]

Hester and John Baldwin, Nov. 11, 1792. [Esther. CR1]

Eunice and Harvey Peebles [dup. Pebbles], Oct. 7, 1796.* [Peebles, Oct. 7, 1797. PR6]

Jonathan and Huldah Scoville, int. Oct. 20, 1798.

Lois and John Seers, int. Oct. 23, 1798.

Polly and Dr. Jabez Wright, Feb. 7, 1799.*

Thomas and Mrs. Judith Underwood of Sandisfield, int. Oct. 25, 1801.

Rebekah and Jabish M. Phelps of Granby, int. Dec. 1, 1804.

Anna and Amos Baldwin Jr., –––––– [int. Nov. 14, 1805].

Anna and Isaac Bumpus of Cazenovia, Herkemer Co., NY, int. Feb. 1, 1806.

Elcina and John Osborn, Oct. 23, 1806.

Dolly and Theodore Bushnell of Hartland, June 28, 1810.

Daniel of Tolland and Catharine Coe, int. May 17, 1813. [m. Apr. 30 sic. CR1]

Wealthy and N. [int. Harvey, omits N.] Fairchild of Woodbury, CT, Jan. 5, 1824. [Welthy and N. Fairchild of Woodbury, CT. CR1]

Sarah Ann of Tolland and Ethan Spelman, int. Feb. 26, 1824.

Samuel W. and Sally Parsons, Mar. 9, 1824.

Mila A. [dup. omits A.] and Fredrick B. Hatch of Utica, NY, Apr. 25, 1825. [Mila N. and Fredrick B. Hatch of Utica, NY. CR1]

Diana of Tolland and Thomas J. Peebles of Tolland, Sept. 24, 1826.*

Loring and Emeline Morgan, int. July 22, 1827.

Laban D. and Harriet B. Robinson, int. May 31, 1829. [Mariett B., m. June 18. CR1]


Cynthia, see Synthicer Hickcox.


Maria of Bethlem, CT, and Jabez Adkins, int. Dec. 5, 1827.

HARDIN (Harding)

Isaac and Sarah Rogers, Oct. 27, 1791. [Harding. CR1]

HARDING (Hardin)

Timothy and Eliza Woolcot of Sandisfield, int. Nov. 7, 1805.

Sarah, Mrs., and George Bidwell, June 13, 1809.


Joel and Tabitha Coe, May 21, 1799. [Hargir and Tabathy Coe, May 23. CR1]

Fanny and Olsen C. Baldwin, May 25, 1825. [Orsen C. CR1]

Sarah [dup. Sally] and Albert G. [dup. J.] Smith of Hartland, CT, Nov. 6, 1825. [Sally and Albert Smith of Hartland, CT. CR1]

Leander and Marcia Coe, int. Jan. 3, 1830. [m. Jan. 27. CR1]

Joel D. and Nancy Belden, int. Apr. 18, 1830. [L.D. Harger, m. May 12. CR1]

HARMAN (Harmon)

Paul Jr. of Suffield and Abigail Gillett, int. Mar. 6, 1831.

HARMON (Harman)

Mary (Hasmon), d. Nathaniel and Mary (Skinner) of Suffield, and James Barlow Jr., only ch. James and Sarah Huxley, Apr. 1, 1714 [? in Suffield].* CR1


Joseph P. of Farmington, CT, and Rosannah Goff, Mar. 9, 1825. [Joseph C. of Famington, CT, and Rosanna Goffe, Mar. 17. PR6]

Henas and Polly Knox, ––– –– [rec. between Apr. 20 and Nov. 3], 1831.* PR6


Elizebeth and Eliphalet Benedick, Aug. 23, 1795.*

Lucy and Dr. Nathaniel Elmore, Oct. 29, 1797.

Betsey Payne [int. Betsy Paine] and Parsons O. Hayes [int. Rev. Orlin Parsons Hays], June 20 [int. July 18], 1817. [Betsey Payne Harvey and Rev. Parsons O. Hayes of Granville, OH, July 20. PR6]

HASKELL (Haskil, Haskill)

Betsey of Blandford and Calvin Rose, int. May 1, 1803.

HASKIL (Haskell, Haskill)

Kisiah and John Rose, June 23, 1761.*

HASKILL (Haskell, Haskil)

Sarah and Nathan Rose, Mar. 22, 1767.*

HASKINS (see Hoskins)


Clarissa and Oliver Parsons, int. Aug. 18, 1806. [m. Sept. 13. PR6]

Frederick R. of Utica, NY, and Mila A. [dup. omits A.] Hamilton, Apr. 25, 1825. [Fredrick B. of Utica, NY, and Mila N. Hamilton. CR1]

Caroline E. and Samuel P. Gould of Rochester, NY, Oct. 2, 1827. [Caroline Elizabeth and Col. Samuel P. Gould of Rochester, NY. PR6]

Bonson K. and Rosett M. Cande of Watertown, CT, int. Apr. 13, 1828.


Jesse D. and Lidia Root, May 6, 1799.

Jesse D. of Morgon, Ashdabula Co., OH, and Nancy Hall, May 14, 1809. [Jessy D. of Morgan, NY, May 1. CR1]


Cicero of Torringford and Sophia Squires, Aug. 6, 1809.

HAYES (Hays, Hayse)

Ahoniam and Oliver Coe, int. Aug. 26, 1809.

Parsons O. [int. Rev. Orlin Parsons Hays] and Betsey Payne [int. Betsy Paine] Harvey, June 20 [int. July 18], 1817. [Rev. Parsons O. Hayes of Granville, OH, and Betsey Payne Harvey, July 20. PR6]

Elihu of Granby, CT, and Theadocia Wright, int. Apr. 5, 1820. [Theodocia, m. May 6. PR6]

Truman of Granby, CT, and Lavina Rose, int. Apr. 8, 1827.

Milton of Granby, CT, and Elvira Marvin, May 25, 1832.* PR6

HAYS (Hayes, Hayse)

Dudley Jr. [int. of Granby, CT.] and Naomi Rose, Mar. 14, 1816. [Hayes Jr. of Granby. PR6]

Obadiah [int. of Granby, CT.] and Catherine Smith Selden, Nov. 23, 1819. [Hayes of Granby, CT, and Catherine Smith Seldon. PR6]

Sterling [int. Starling] of Granby, CT, and Florinda [int. Floranda] Buttles, May 1, 1822. [Sterling Hayes of Granby and Florenda Buttles. PR6]

Chancey [int. Hayes] of Granby, CT, and Parney [int. Parna] Sevile Rose, Sept. 23, 1822. [Chauncy Hayes of Granby and Parney Sivila Rose. PR6]

Harlow of Granby, CT, and Maritta Rose, Mar. 17, 1828. [Hayes of Granby, CT, and Marytta Rose. PR6]

HAYSE (Hayes, Hays)

Luther and Mahitable Baldwin, Nov. 20, 1797. [Hayes and Mahittabel Baldwin. CR1]

HEACOCK (see Heckox, Hickcox, Hickox)

HECKOX (Hickcox, Hickox)

John of Batavia, Genesee Co., NY, and Mary Taylor, Jan. –– [int. Jan. 6], 1811.


James of Blanford and Polly Scott of Blanford, Dec. 26, 1799.* [Dec. 29. CR1]

Nelson of Springfield and Mary [dup. adds H.] Seymour, d. Alexander, May 13, 1846.* [Mary M. PR6]

HICKCOX (Heckox, Hickox)

Cynthia, see Synthicer.

Reubin and Dorithy Austin, Aug. 12, 1767.*

Synthicer and Perry Babcock, Apr. 15, 1787. [Synthia Hancock (?). CR1]

Rufus and Lovisa Parsons, Aug. 12, 1787. [Heacock. CR1]

HICKOX (Heckox, Hickcox)

Sarah and Thomas Spelman, Mar. 28, 1732.*

Loes and Gorge Pynchon, Jan. 25, 1763.*


Lyman and Mrs. Orvilla Rose, int. Feb. 13, 1825.

HILL (Hills)

Sarah, see Sarah Hall.

Mary of Southwick and Abiather Lillie of Sturbridge, Nov. 9, 1791. [Mary of Granville and Abiathar Lilly of Sturbridge. CR1]

HILLS (Hill)

Reuben and Electa Case, Jan. 25, 1812.*

William P. of Oneida Co., NY, and Julia Howe, Jan. 23, 1836.* PR6


Henry of Blandford and Anna Emerson of Blandford, Apr. ––, 1801.* PR6


Jerry and Lucy Amada Dibol, Dec. 30, 1816.* [Lucy Amanda of Southwich, Dec. 31, in Southwich. PR6]


Amos of Blandford and Mary Loyd of Blandford, Apr. 17, 1787,* CR1


Timothy [int. of Laughkanick, NY] and Polly Gibbons, Oct. 29, 1816. [Timothy of Toughanock, NY. PR6]

HOALCOMB (Holcomb, Holkcomb)

Eldad [int. Holcomb of Simsbearey] and Michal Church, Dec. 23, 1756.


Clarissa and Luther Church, int. Mar. 7, 1825.

Silas and Esther Alderman of Westfield, int. Dec. 7, 1828.

Alfred, farmer, s. Asa of Westfield, and Elizabeth F. Glazier, Dec. 24, 1846.*


James and Mary Barlo, Oct. 7, 1762.*

HOISINGTON (Hosington)

Nathaniel and Abigail Coe, int. Jan. 25, 1811. [Hosington, m. Feb. 29. CR1]

HOLCOMB (Hoalcomb, Holkcomb)

Michael and Zodock Cooley, Apr. 10, 1788. [Zadoc. CR1]

Eldad Jr. and Elizabeth Cornwell, Jan. 14, 1789. [Jan. 15. CR1]

Candace and Clark Cooley Jr., Apr. 28, 1790.

Seth of Canadagua and Polly Gillet, Feb. 18, 1796.*

Piety and Joseph Lamson, int. Oct. 4, 1801. [m. Oct. 28. PR6]

Dan of Southwick and Sibyl Drake, int. Feb. 21, 1808.

Violet and Elijah Church ––– ––[rec. between Apr. 26 and Sept. 18], 1815.* [Violet of Southwich and Elijah Church of Granby, CT. PR6]

Asa of Granby, CT, and Adah Strickland, Mar. 5, 1817.

Milo of Granby, CT, and Orpha Parsons, Apr. 10, 1828.

Edward and Elizabeth C. Gibbons, Jan. 12, 1847.* PR3

Edgar, 26, cabinet maker, b. Granby, CT, s. Harlow of Granby, and Martha N. Gibbons, 22, spinster, d. Carlos and Almira, Dec. 30, 1847.*

John B., 25, whip maker, of Granby, CT, b. Granby, CT, s. Phyletus of Granby, and Lydia Gibbons, 28, d. Carlos, May ––, 1849.* [May 8. PR3]


Ebenezer and Martha Holle, July 1, 1761.*

HOLKCOMB (Hoalcomb, Holcomb)

Ruth and John Rose, May 9, 1745.*


Martha and Ebenezer Holdin, July 1, 1761.*


Stephen of New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., and Olive Tibbals, Sept. 21, 1825. [Stephen of Sheffield. PR6]


Esther and Enoch Coe, Mar. 25, 1804. [Enos. CR1]


Enoch of Colebrook and Polley Manchester, int. Apr. 20, 1806.

Henry and Lidia Chapman of Suffield, CT, int. Nov. 4, 1816.


David and Hannah Bates, Mar. 1, 1810.* PR6

HOSINGTON (Hoisington)

Seth, 25, joiner, of Springfield, b. Gill, and Carolin Smith, 27, d. John F., June 10, 1847.*


Orrin of Washington and Celestia Spelman, int. Mar. 12, 1826.


Nancy and Harvey [int. Harry] Johnson of Woodbridge, CT, Oct. 1, 1826.


Betsy of Tolland and Rofus Hunt of Tolland, Nov. 12, 1824.*


James and Phebe Stricland, Nov. 5, 1761.*


George L. of Simsbury, CT, and Louisa R. Boise of Blandford, May 6, 1835, in Blandford.* PR6

HOVEY (see Hoffey)

HOW (Howe)

Ephram and Damaras Seaward, Nov. 2, 1756.*


Polly and Thomas Burbank, Jan. 11, 1789. [Mary. CR1]

Susanna and David Bates Jr., Jan. 1, 1794.*

John and Huldah Kibbe, int. Aug. 1 [Aug. 1 written above July 31], 1802.

HOWE (How)

Ephraim Jr. and Abigail Gains, int. Jan. 23, 1803.

Ammasa P. and Julian Crocker, int. May 10, 1829. [Amasa Prosper Howe, m. May 26. PR6]

Julia and William P. Hills of Oneida Co., NY, Jan. 23, 1836.* PR6

Nancy and Orvin M. Perkins of Blandford, May 2, 1839.* PR6


Samuel and Mary Stow, Sept. 13, 1749.*

Mary and Samuell Warner, Oct. 24, 1751.*

Ruth and Joseph Clark, July 27, 1767.*

Lydia and George Cooley Jr., int. Sept. 3, 1809. [m. Oct. 2. PR6]

Julia and Charles Frederic Bates Esq. [int. of Southampton, Hampshire Co.], Mar. 5, 1818. [Charles F. Esq. of Southampton, Jan. 4. PR6]

Polly [int. of Tolland] and Chauncy Robinson, Apr. 19, 1820.

Emily Jane and William Jewell of Rochester, NY, Jan. 17, 1832.* PR6

Linus and Elvira Cooley, Nov. 13, 1832.* PR6


Asahel and Betsey Tillotson, int. Nov. 1, 1807. [Hulet, m. Nov. 29. PR6]


Hariot and Barnabas Whitney of Blandford, int. Sept. 2, 1804.


Robert and Sarah Slokum, Nov. 16, 1786.* CR1

John and Rebekkah Slocum, Apr. 28, 1791. [Rebecca. CR1]

Peter of Farmington, CT, and Jerusha Stiles, int. June 3, 1804. [Peter of New Hartford, NY, and Gerusha Stiles, m. June 20. PR6]

Gideon 2d and Curranty Osborn of Hartland, int. Apr. 17, 1809.

Hazard of Tolland and Marilla Mitchell of Tolland, Sept. 5, 1822.*


Timothy of CT and Rosanna Stewart of Tolland, Apr. 23, 1813.* CR1


Phebe of Hartland and William Peters Jr., Nov. 25, 1792.* CR1


Zurviah and Charles Church, int. Oct. 14, 1809. [Zurviar, m. Nov. 30. CR1]

John and Nancy Fitch of Becket, int. Mar. 22, 1818.

Rofus of Tolland and Betsy Houd of Tolland, Nov. 12, 1824.*


Laura, 22, of Sandisfield, b. Sandisfield, and John W. Chaflin, 25, farmer, of Sandisfield, b. Sandisfield, s. Abner and Anna of Sandisfield, Jan. 1, 1845.*


Sarah and James Barlow, "was in the land division of Suffield, then MA now, CT in 1670 to 1681," ––– ––, ––––.* PR1


George, see Willard Olcott.

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