William of Rochester, NY, and Emily Jane Hubbard, Jan. 17, 1832.* PR6


John of Luden and Rhoda Clark, int. Mar. 27, 1808.

Roxy and Roderick Spelman, int. Sept. 12, 1813.

Harvey [int. Harry] of Woodbridge, CT, and Nancy Hotchkiss, Oct. 1, 1826.

Miran and Susan R. Parsons, Sept. ––, 1836.* CR1

Silas C., widr., 28, sawyer, s. Eli, and Maria P. Wheeler, 38, d. Isaac and Cinderilla, Feb. 19, 1846.*

Helen M., 18, b. Westfield, d. William of Westfield, and Philo A. Rockwell, 21, hotel keeper, of Westfield, b. Westfield, s. Almon, Apr. 23, 1848.* [Hellen M. of Westfield. PR6]


Ama and John Clark of W. Springfield, Jan. 1, 1787.* CR1

–––––, wid., and Joseph Kirby of Middletown, Aug. 23, 1788.* CR1

Sally and Abijah Gillet of Litchfield, NY, Feb. 12, 1798. [Feb. 11. PR6]

Samuel Jr. of Westfield and Elvira Rose, Feb. ––, 1844.*


Silas of Bridgewater, Oneida Co., NY, and Polly Murphy, Dec. 13, 1802.

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