Sally and Robert Wilcox, int.Nov.3,1804.

Polley and Enoch Horton of Colebrook, int.Apr.20,1806.

Lois and Ebenezer Murphy of Brookfield, int.Nov.23,1807.

William and Susanah Eldridge, Jan.18,1809.


Dennis of Burlington, CT, and Almira M. Bacon, int.July13,1828. [m.末蔓末,1828.PR6]

MARSHAL (Marshall, Marshel)

Hannah [dup. Marshall] and Ezekiel Hale Jr., Sept.16 [dup. Sept.17], 1784.

Mary and James Fuller "of York State," Jan.21,1798.*CR1

MARSHALL (Marshal, Marshel)

Orpha M. and Patrick Boise, June6,1816. [Bois.CR1 Orpha and Patrick Boise Esq.PR6]

Lucina of Tolland and Roger Morrison, Dec.8,1821.*CR1

Thomas Henry of Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, and Nancy Phelps, int.Dec.22,1825. [Thomas N. of Hartford, CT, m.Jan.5,1826.CR1]

Almira A. and Rev. Tertius S. Clarke of Deerfield, Sept.10,1828.

MARSHEL (Marshal, Marshall)

Susanna and Noah Brockway of Bristol, July4,1791. [Marshall, July1.CR1]

Gaius and Polly Miller, Jan.3,1799.* [Marshall.CR1]


Mary and Israel Parson, June28,1787.

Jasper of Ontario Co., NY, and Comfort Monson, Jan.31,1793. [Jasper of Granville and Comfort Munson.CR1]

Mary Elma and Ammi Filley of Windsor, CT, Jan.1,1829.

William, Capt., and Jemima Rose, int.Dec.6,1829. [Gemima, m.Dec.23.PR6]

Elvira and Milton Hayes of Granby, CT, May25,1832.*PR6

Almira and Willson Reed of Granby, CT, Aug.15,1832.*PR6

Eliza N., 25, d.William and Harmon Colton, 22, joiner, of Granby, CT, b. Granby, CT, s.Samuel of Granby, Mar.27,1849.* [Cotton of Granby, CT.PR6]


Lucy and Aulderton Pratt, Oct.9,1788 [? in Southwick]. [Lucy of Southwick and Aldeston Pratt.CR1]

Charrity and Stephen Dormant of Wilberham, int.Oct.18,1807.

Sally and Joshua W. Bartlett of Otis, Berkshire Co., int.Apr.6,1821.


Eleazer of Westminster and Huldah Robinson, Sept.23,1792. [Elegar.CR1]


Catharine [dup. and int.Mclallam] and Eber Peters, May23,1787. [McCullom.CR1]

McKINSLEY (see Mikindsley)


Elizur of Whitelake and Abigail Almeida Gibbons, Mar.20,1839.*PR6


Ebenezer Esq. of Rowe and Sophia Coe, int.Apr.19,1829. [Morrill, m.May17.CR1]


Relief of Blandford and John Richards of Blandford, Jan.31,1822.*


Luther and Amah Spelman, Feb.7,1788. [Murry (?) and Anna Spelman.CR1]

Anna and Caleb Burt, Sept.8,1788.*


Betsy of Berkhempsted and Noah Gilbert of Blanford, Mar.28,1793.

Mary, wid., 51, of Granby, CT, d.Amisa Holcomb and Ruth of Granby, CT, and Japhet Lampson, widr., 58, farmer, s.Jesse and Ruth, Apr.15,1845.*


Betsey and Jabez Smith, int.May17,1807.

MILLAR (Miller)

George Fredrick of Hartland and Issabeth Millar,末蔓末 [rec. between June17 and Aug.27], 1789.*CR1

Issabeth and George Fredrick Millar of Hartland,末蔓末 [rec. between June17 and Aug.27], 1789.*CR1

MILLER (Millar)

Joseph and Ledah Stow, Dec.6,1752 [? in Middletown].*

Rebeckah, d.Joseph and Lydia, and Elijah Rose, s.John and Ruth, Jan.9,1777.*

Hannah and Joseph Moor, Oct.28,1784.*

Phebe and Samuel Steadman Jr., Feb.19,1789. [Millar and Samuel Stedman Jr.CR1]

Eliakim and Rhoda Pratt, Dec.30,1790.

Isaac, Lt., and Hannah Robinson, int.Dec.2,1797.

Jerusha and Ransom Williamson, int.Dec.10,1797.

Sally and John Northrop of Tyringham, Jan.7,1798.

Timothy Jr. and Susanna Roberts, Apr.1,1798. [Susannah.CR1]

Recompence and Eunice Root of Southwick, int.July22,1798.

Eunice and Aaron Torrey of Poultney, Rutland Co., VT, Jan.3,1799.

Polly and Gaius Marshel, Jan.3,1799.* [Marshall.CR1]

Phile and Joseph Moor of Blanford, int.Feb.9,1800.

Jesse and Lois Miller, Feb.10,1804.

Lois and Jesse Miller, Feb.10,1804.

Timothy B. and Sally Baldworn of Hartland, int.Aug.24,1807.

Warham of Pomfret, VT, and Rhoda Smith, int.Aug.19,1809. [Millar of Pomfret, VT, m.Oct.9.PR6]

Lucinda and Isaac Hale, int.May7,1810.

Polly and Cornel Coe of Middletown, int.Oct.7,1810. [Cornal of Middletown, m.Nov.15.CR1]

Marcellus C. of Otis, Berkshire Co., and Charity Clark of Tolland, Apr.19,1821.*

Persis and Luke Winchell, Sept.14,1826.

Amos, Capt., of Middletown, CT, and Miranda Miller, Dec.27,1826.

Miranda and Capt. Amos Miller of Middletown, CT, Dec.27,1826.


Jedediah and Mabel Barns, Apr.23,1791. [Jedidiah and Mabel Barnes, Apr.23,1793.CR1]

Lucy and David Scillinger Osbourn of Granby, Apr.26,1805.

Chauncey and Merinda Moore, June26,1806.

John, Hon., and Emily Foote of Southwich, Nov.23,1818, in Southwich.*PR6


Thomas Jr. of Colebrook and Sally Snow, int.Jan.1,1809.

Phinehas Esq. of Litchfield, CT, and Eliza Parsons, Feb.28,1821. [Minor Esq. and Elisa Parsons, Feb.1.CR1]

Christopher of Stonington, CT, and Fanny Steward, int.Jan.7,1824.

Priscilla of Blandford and Luman B. Parsons, int.Jan.31,1830.

Elisha F. of Blandford and Adoline J. Spelman, Nov.8,1837.*PR6

Melissa L., d.A., and James W. Spelman, farmer, s.R., June末,1843.*

Nancy M., d.Adam, and Dr. Henry K. Spelman, s.Roderick, June末,1843.*

Nathaniel P., farmer, s.Adam and 末末, and Abigail T. Parsons, d.Levi and 末末, Mar.末,1844.*

Joseph, joiner, b. Stonington, CT, s.Adam, and Jane Spelman, 28, d.Roderick, May28,1849.* [Joseph F.PR6]

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Sylvanus of Blandford and Betsey Knox of Blandford, Nov.9,1803.*

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Marilla of Tolland and Hazard Hull of Tolland, Sept.5,1822.*

MONSON (Munson)

Jese and Meraum Rowley, Apr.22,1767.*

Comfort and Jasper Marvin of Ontario Co., NY, Jan.31,1793. [Munson and Jasper Marvin of Granville.CR1]


Velah of Bridgewater, VT, and Electa Winter of Blandford, Jan.11,1787.*CR1

MOOR (Moore)

Joseph and Hannah Miller, Oct.28,1784.*

Rachel and John Fowler, July15,1787. [Rachael.CR1]

Content and Thomas Hamilton Jr., Mar.3,1788.

Joseph of Blanford and Phile Miller, int.Feb.9,1800.

MOORE (Moor)

Frances, see 末末 Moore.

Reynold Marvin and Mary Robinson, Oct.30,1754.*

Thomas and Jane Tibbals, Jan.16,1772.*

Asher and Experience Everitt of Granby, int.Mar.12,1797.

Martha and Julius Fowler of Durham, Middlesex Co., CT, Dec.18,1803.

Laura and William Slocum, Nov.21,1805.

Merinda and Chauncey Mills, June26,1806.

Cynthia and Robert Lloyd, Oct.26,1809.*

末末 and Joseph M. Forward,末蔓末[rec. between Feb.27 and Apr.26,1815].* [Frances of Southwich and Capt. Joseph M. Forward,末蔓末[rec. between Feb.27 and Apr.26], 1815.PR6]

William C. of Torringford, CT, and Sibyl S. Drake, int.Mar.25,1827.

Maria L. of Torringford, CT, and Jonathan Whitney, int.Aug.26,1827.

Sophronia of Tolland and Lorenzo Gunner (?), Mar.16,1836.*CR1

Roger Sherman Esq. of Southwick and Sarah Ann Root, Sept.6,1841.*PR6

John H., 22, manufacturer, of Springfield, s.David and Lucy of Springfield, and Margaret Phelon, 20, d.Gad and Lovanah, May30,1844.*


Elihue of Blandford and Clarissa Farnam,末蔓末[int.Dec.5,1806].

Sewall of Russell, NY, and Clarissa Peters, Jan.31,1811. [Sewal.PR6]

Emeline and Loring Hamilton, int.July22,1827.


Ebenezer, see Ebenezer Merrill.


Roger and Lucina Marshall of Tolland, Dec.8,1821.*CR1


Martin Jr. and Hannah Rose, May29,1813.

Harriett and Nathaniel Haley, Dec.末,1836.*CR1

Stephen G. of Hartford, CT, and Mary H. Atkins, d.Josiah and A., Dec.末,1843.*


David (Mott ?) of Blandford and Abigail Green of Blandford, Apr.17,1787.*CR1

Ebenezer and Luna Cooley, Sept.21,1812. [Sept.22.PR6]

Luna and Ormond Rose, Sept.14 [int.Sept.21], 1814. [Orman of Granville, Ohio, Sept.14.PR6]

Charles and Maria Culver, int.Nov.12,1815.

Asahel B. of Philadelphia, PA, and Mary B. White, int.Nov.25,1822.


Olever and Susanah Ball, Jan.29, 末末.*

MUNSON (Monson)

Jared and Annorah Hale, June10,1762.*

Edward and Nancy Ann Squier, June2,1836.*CR1


Polly and Silas Judson of Bridgewater, Oneida Co., NY, Dec.13,1802.

Ebenezer of Brookfield and Lois Manchester, int.Nov.23,1807.


Luther, see Luther Merry.

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