Elizabeth and George B. Frisby, int.June2,1849.

John and Mary Phinney, int.Oct.7,1835.


Lyman and Lovinia Frisby, Feb.4,1835.


Elias and Zipporah Parks, int.Oct.22,1797.


Harriet E., of Westfield, and Albert Morse, int.Sept.8,1844.


Zibah, of Longmeadow, and Chauncy Hitchcock, int.Feb.20,1801.


Alden and Sarah W. Bigelow, int.Nov.13,1841.

Annis and Ebenezer E. Phelps, Nov.6,1828.

Avery and Iduma [int.Idumea] Moor, Nov.23,1820.

Bradford and Vashti Avery, int.Oct.27,1804.

Delania and Allen Pettis, Nov.23,1820.

Elisha and Marcy Avery, int.Oct.26,1800.

Eunice, of Westfield, and Emery J. Moore, int.Sept.6,1845.

Isaac Jr. and Thankfull Hoadly, int.Nov.6,1791.

Laura and Sumner Otis, Dec.19,1824.

Laura E., of Westfield, and Philetus Sheldon, int.Aug.1,1846.

Laura and Henry S. Stilies, int.Apr.8,1850.

Lucretia, 26, b. Westfield, d.Asa, of Westfield, and Samuel Thorp, Nov.16,1844.

Luriah and Venus Clapp [male], July末,1824.

Luriah and Venus Clapp [male], int.July17,1824.

Mary and Samuel Avery, int.Aug.14,1791.

Mary and Walter Avery, June18,1824.

Mary [int.R.] and William [int.H.] Miller, May9,1848, in Springfield.

Nathan and Eunice Parks, int.Nov.27,1803.

Norman, 20, s.Nathan and Eunice, and Mary L. Morley, July16,1845.

Olive and Julius Hatch, Feb.14,1822.

Orril and Capt. Daniel W. Baker,末蔓末, 末末.

Orril and Capt. Daniel W. Baker, int.Aug.11,1833.

Pamela, of Russell, and Russell Falley, int.Aug.26,1797.

Samuel and Marilla Bartholomew, int.Apr.4,1835.

Sarah and David R. Cooley, int.Mar.6,1801.

Sophia and Samuel Upson, int.Apr.10,1824.

Sophia and Joseph Avery, int.Dec.16,1841.

Thankful and Isaac B. Watkins, int.Mar.28,1818.

Thankfull and Sylvester Finney, int.Feb.9,1823.

Vinson and Arvilla Avery, int.Jan.7,1837.

CLAP (Clapp)

Abigail and Heman Searle, int.Jan.3,1801.

Abigail and John Smith, int.Jan.21,1802.

Cyrus and Sally Tyler, Nov.14,1799.

Eunice 2d, of Southampton, and Capt. Andrew Bartholomew, int.Oct.28,1820.

Luther C., of Southampton, and Charlotte Wright, int.Mar.13,1824.

Polly and Zeno Coleman, int.Oct.3,1806.

Naomi and Jesse Searl [int.Dr. Jesse Searle], Dec.13,1797.

Robertson [int.Robinson] and Ruth Topliff, Nov.14,1799.

Selah and Diana Sheldon, int.Feb.12,1804.

Susannah, of Southampton, and David Crow Jr., int.June2,1810.

CLAPP (Clap)

Anson S., of Southampton, and Priscilla S. Clark, int.Oct.22,1829.

Emilius, of Easthampton, and Lydia Hutchinson, int.Mar.31,1833.

Eunice and Anson Belden, int.Aug.6,1831.

Julia and Pliny Moor, Aug.21,1833.

Luther C., of Southampton, and Rebecca Bill, int.Dec.15,1821.

Phebe, of Southampton, and Aaron P. Moor, int.Jan.26,1823.

Venus [male] [int.of Southampton] and Luriah Chapman, July末,1824.

Venus [male] [int.of Southampton] and Luriah Chapman, int.July17,1824.

CLARK (Clerk)

Edwin, of Easthampton, and Celestia A. Gorham, int.Aug.11,1849.

Electa and Ezra Wright, Oct.1,1818.

Holly and Dolly Maynard, int.Feb.1,1803.

Holly 2d and Betsey [int.Betsy] M. Hamilton, Jan.8,1837.

James and Ruth Holley, Feb.28,1765, at Norwich, CT.

Lorenzo and Betsey Root, int.Nov.18,1840.

Moses H., of Becket, and Caroline Amelia Culver, Oct.20,1842.

Priscilla S. and Anson S. Clapp, int.Oct.22,1829.

Ransom and Achsah Allen [int.Allyn], Nov.12,1826.

Ruth and Elijah Meech, Jan.26,1786.

Ruth and Samuel Wright, Sept.2,1841.

Sarah Ann, of W. Springfield, and Aaron Wait, int.Feb.5,1841.

Simon and Margaret Thompson, int.Dec.8,1797.

Timothy, Capt., of Southampton, and Prisciclla Bundy, wid., int.Nov.23,1782.

Zenas Jr. and Betsey Wright, int.Feb.23,1828.

Zenas Jr. and Betsey Wright, Mar.末,1828.

CLERK (Clark)

Pharez and Olive Jewit, both of Norwich, New London, CT. Jan.19,1775.

Zephaniah, of Westfield, and Zulima Cooley, Aug.20,1778.


Mary and Asa Shirtliff, int.May17,1792.

William, of New London, and Peggy Falley, int.Nov.20,1793.


Roger, of Norwich, and Hannah Herrick, int.Sept.17,1808.


Zeno, of Southampton, and Polly Clap, int.Oct.3,1806.


Spencer, of Middlefield, and Harriet Cook, int.May1,1841.


Harriet and Spencer Cone, May1,1841.

Lucy and Alfred Bracket, Sept.28,1834.


David R. and Sarah Chapman, int.Mar.6,1801.

Zulima, of Norwich, and Zephaniah Clerk, Aug.20,1778.


Marjory L. and William Tiffany, int.Sept.4,1791.


Elisha, of Northampton, and Rebecca Brant, int.Feb.18,1810.


Amy and Matthias Button, int.Jan.27,1810.

David Jr. and Lydia Parks, int.Oct.14,1798.

David Jr. and Susannah Clap, int.June2,1810.

Eunice and Madison Smith, Mar.4,1841.

Hannah and William Wheeler, Apr.15,1807.

John and Nancy Wheeler, int.Apr.11,1811.

Louisa and Thomas B. Avery, int.Sept.2,1829.

Massillon and Betsey Bosworth, Jan.29,1837.

Thomas and Thankful Mainard, Jan.26,1785.

William and Abigail Avery, int.Dec.25,1801.

William Jr. and Hannah King, Apr.9,1837.


James A., of Whately, and Julia Brace, int.Nov.9,1844.


Caroline Amelia and Moses H. Clark, Oct.20,1842.

Polly, of Chester, and John Tiffany, int.Mar.17,1804.


Hiram and Marcy [int.Hirum Cumins and Mercy] Keigwin, Dec.16,1818.


Elijah, of Westfield, and Priscilla Bosworth, int.Jan.27,1812.

Oliver and Hannah Button, int.Jan.13,1843.

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