Marcus W., s.Gilbert and Manerva, Sept.6,1843, a.2.

Robert, m., b. S. Kingston, RI, s.Benjamin and Hannah, dropsical consumption, Apr.22,1845, a.74.

Hannah, wid., b. Norwich, CT, d.David Brown and Sarah, lung fever, Mar.3,1847, a.75y.10m.6d.


Achsah, d.Noah and Nancy,末蔓末,1833.

Anson, s.Noah and Nancy, consumption, Mar.24,1846, a.27y.


Mary, Mar.29,1818, a.82.

SQUIER (Squire)

Mary, w.Capt. Sylvester, Aug.31, 末末, a.68.

末末, second s.Sylvester and Mary, May6,1784.

末末, twins, Sylvester and Mary, one Dec.18, other Dec.20,1797.

Sylvester, s.Lathrop and Betsey, Nov.17,1821, in 8th y.

Lathrop, s.Sylvester and Mary, Sept.9,1826, a.45.

Sylvester, Capt., Feb.13,1836, a.84.

Noble, s.Peter and Sarah, July5,1838, a.13m.

Horace Spencer, s.William and Amanda, consumption, June3,1846, a.5.


末末, inf.Reuel, Mar.12,1836, a.abt. 3w.

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