Daniel W., Capt., and Orril Chapman,末蔓末, 末末.

Polly and John Harris, Oct.12,1820.

Rhoda C. and Dea.Samuel Puffer, int.Nov.26,1826.

Elkanah Jr. and Mariah Bartholomew, int.July31,1831.

Daniel W., Capt., and Orril Chapman, int.Aug.11,1833.


Deborah and Zadok Bozworth Jr., Feb.28,1782.

BARNES (Barns)

Chauncy R., of Wallingford, CT, and Meriam Wait, int.Mar.1,1823.

BARNS (Barnes)

Nathaniel, of Southampton, and Rebecca Barret, int.Feb.9,1811.

Stephen C., of Southampton, and Delana Gorham, int.Sept.18,1831.

BARRET (Barrett)

Martha and Reuben Pitcher, int.Dec.2,1781.

Daniel and Rebekah Bozworth, Aug.21,1782.

Damaris 2d and Noble Root, Feb.24,1803.

Mary and Martin Root Jr., Aug.20,1807.

Rebecca and Nathaniel Barns, int.Feb.9,1811.

Daniel Jr. and Peggy Wheeler, May26,1813.

Joanna and David Allyn Jr., int.Dec.12,1813.

BARRETT (Barret)

Lysander and Betsey Ann Bush, int.Nov.12,1829.

Lucinda and S. Joseph Stimson, Sept.1,1842.


Martin and Sally Noble, int.July29,1804.

Andrew and Miriam Owen, int.Oct.16,1819.

Andrew, Capt., and Eunice Clap 2d, int.Oct.28,1820.

Mariah and Elkanah Baker Jr., int.July31,1831.

Sarah Ann and Samuel Atwood, Dec.12,1833.

Harris [int.Jr.] and Betsey Moor, Apr.16,1834.

Marrilla and Samuel Chapman, int.Apr.4,1835.

Eliza and Silas A. Bush, int.Aug.18,1838.

Nathan P. and Dolly Ann Moore, int.Mar.2,1839.

Mary and Rufus G. Fosdick, int.Apr.19,1839.

Hiram and Sophia C. Parks, May16,1842.

Sophia and Elisha P. Parks, May16,1842.


Irena [b. Southampton] and Nathan Parks, June10,1782, in Southampton.


Bela [int.of Southampton] and Laura King, Apr.1,1823.


George W., 25, s.Ransford and Lucretia, and Amanda R. Kagwin, Dec.31,1846.


Anson and Eunice Clapp, int.Aug.6,1831.


Sarah W. of N. Brookfield, and Alden Chapman, int.Nov.13,1841.


Susannah and John French, July末,1758.

William, of Norwich, and Philoda Squire, Nov.6,1789.

Sally and Thomas Keigwin, int.Mar.3,1794.

Rhoda, of Norwich, and David Scott Jr., July23,1804.

Rebecca and Luther C. Clapp, int.Dec.15,1821.

BOSWORTH (Bozworth)

Priscilla and Elijah Currier, int.Jan.27,1812.

Percy [sic] and Thaddeus Adams Jr., int.July14,1816.

Sophia, of Westfield, and Dr. Chileab B. Merrick, int.Mar.1,1822.

Lucretia 2d and Wareham Moor, int.Aug.10,1822.

Nelson and Polly Gorham, May末,1823.

Nelson and Polly Gorham, int.May4,1823.

Annis and William Fuller, Sept.23,1834.

Alfred and Theodota Howard, int.Feb.23,1835.

Betsey and Massillon Crow, Jan.29,1837.

Roswell and Pamelia Herrick, Jan.31,1837.

Albert and Susannah M. Stone, int.Mar.2,1839.

Nelson A., 22, s.Nelson and Polly, and Lucy Ann Gorham, July2,1846.

Augusta A. and Joseph F. Finch, int.Dec.15,1847.


Irena and Lemuel Hanniball, int.Jan.3,1813.


Katharine and Nathan Frisbie Jr., int.Apr.18,1801.

BOZWORTH (Bosworth)

Zadok Jr. and Deborah Bandy [int.Bundy], Feb.28,1782.

Rebekah and Daniel Barret, Aug.21,1782.

Charlotte and Joel Moor Jr., int.July23,1791.

Joshua and Rebeckah Squire, int.July23,1791.

Priscilla and Gamaliel King, int.July18,1794.

Raymond and Rachel Hinkson, int.Nov.23,1794.

Zadok Jr. and Lucretia Moor, int.Jan.9,1802.

Mary and Moses Searle, int.Sept.22,1804.

Deborah and Warner Sheldon, int.July6,1805

Elisha and Philissa Parks, int.Jan.7,1816.

Orpha [int.Orpah, dup. Orpah Bosworth] and Charles Gorham, Feb.29,1816.

Sally and Rufus Gorham, int.Mar.1,1828.


Chester, of Russel, and Clarrissa Grant, int.Nov.17,1816.

Julia and James A. Crump, int.Nov.9,1844.

BRACKET (Brackett)

Francis, of Blanford, and Elizabeth Hutchinson [int.Hutchenson], Nov.16,1820.

Laura and Glover S. Hastings, int.May10,1828.

Alfred and Lucy Cook, Sept.28,1834.

BRACKETT (Bracket)

Sarah M. and Elam Hitchcock, int.Sept.23,1843.


Charlotte and Samuel Thomas, Jan.1,1807.

Polly and Joshua Pettis, May28,1807.

Rebecca and Elisha Cot, int.Feb.18,1810.

Holly [int.Holley] and Juliet Grant, Apr.4,1816.

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Abner Pomeroy [int.Pomroy], Feb.25,1819.

Permelia [int.Permela] and Noah Burt Jr., Feb.25,1819.

Linus and Eliza Grimes, int.Jan.17,1830.


Betsey, of Southampton, and Thomas Herrick, int.Feb.13,1802.

Vina, of Southampton, and Amasa Shirtliff, int.Nov.27,1806.

BRONSON, see Brownson, Brunson.


Nicholas, of Russel, and Fanny Phillips, int.Mar.17,1816.

William and Elizabeth Frisby [int.Frisbe], Feb.14,1821.

BROWNSON (Brunson)

Lydia, of Russell, and Berijah Kagwin, int.June1,1828.

Mary Ann [dup. Bronson], 20, d.Isaac, and Warren R. Holcomb, May23,1844.

Laura A., 19, d.Isaac and Anna, and Moses E. Moore, Feb.11,1846.

Charlotte A. [int.Bronson], 20, d.Isaac and Anna, and Moses E. Moore, Apr.23,1848.

BRUNSON (Brownson)

Isaac [int.Brownson, of Russel] and Anna Hutchinson, Aug.末,1823.

Isaac [int.Brownson, of Russel] and Anna Hutchinson, int.Aug.2,1823.


Samuel Jr., of Westfield, and Jerusha Wheeler, int.Mar.20,1807.

BUNDEE (Bundy)

Ephraim, of Southampton, and Abigail Shirtliff, int.Jan.18,1806.

BUNDY (Bundee)

Deborah and Zadok Bozworth Jr., int.Feb.3,1782.

Priscilla, wid., and Capt. Timothy Clark, int.Nov.23,1782.


Noah Jr., of Norwich, and Permelia [int.Permela] Brant, Feb.25,1810.

Lyman, of Southampton, and Delania Gorham, int.Apr.4,1830.


Betsey Ann and Lysander Barrett, int.Nov.12,1829.

Silas A., of Westfield, and Eliza Bartholomew, int.Aug.18,1838.


Matthias and Amy Crow, int.Jan.27,1810.

Hannah, of Norwich, and Oliver Currier, int.Jan.13,1843.

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