末末蔓[Roades], inf.Mr. Roades,末蔓末 [rec. between Apr.7 and Aug.18], 1795.CR1

Isaac[Rhoades], June5,1796.CR1


末末, wid., Jan.7,1794, a.杜ore than 90.箱CR1

ROBBINS (Robbin, Robin, Robins)

末末, ch.Ebenezer, Jan.15,1795, a.2d.CR1

末末, inf.Jacob, Dec.25,1796.CR1

末末蔓[Robbin], ch.Job Jr., Jan.26,1810, a.3. [Robbins.CR1]

末末, ch.Job 3d, Nov.5,1827, a.abt. 3w.[a.3w.CR1]

Amanda Malvina, d.Job Jr., Sept.14,1833, a.4. [d.Job Jr. and Sally.GR1]

Cathorine[Robin], wid., Aug.4,1810, in 91st y.[Katharine Robbins, wid.CR1; Catherine Robbins.GR1]

Cynthia[Robins], w.Dea.Jobe, Sept.18,1807, in 61st y.[Robbins, w.Dea.Job.CR1GR1]

David[Robins], Sept.9,1799, in 83d y.[Robbin.CR1; h.Catherine.GR1]

Job, Dea., Apr.23,1828, a.85.

Martha, w.Dea.Job, Nov.16,1818, a.70. [Nov.15.CR1; second w.Dea.Job. Nov.15.GR1]

Mary, d.Job, Aug.16,1833, a.14. [d.Job and Polly.GR1]

Samuell [dup. Samuel Robins], s.Job and Cyntha, Apr.1,1785. [Samuel, in 3d y.GR1]

Samuel, m., farmer, s.Job and Polly, consumption, July27,1846, a.41. [July22.CR1GR1]


末末, ch.Solomon, Mar.7,1803, a.2d.CR1

末末, ch.Solomon, Jan.23,1806, a.1y.8m.CR1

末末, inf.Solomon, Apr.1,1808. [斗ived but a short time,箱CR1]

末末, ch.Solomon, Feb.11,1810, a.1w.

末末, ch.Hervy, Sept.10,1828, a.4.CR1

末末, ch.Harvey, Dec.8,1840, a.9.CR1

Alice, wid., Dec.30,1821, a.84. [a.85.CR1; Allice, a.85.GR1]

Amanda, Mar.10,1843.CR2 [ch.Harvey and Sally, a.8.GR1]

Corinth, ch.Harvey and Sally, Dec.9,1839, a.8m.GR1

Electa, w.Capt. Daniel, Nov.7,1810, in 40th y.[a.40.GR1]

Franklin, Apr.19,1843.CR2 [ch.Harvey and Sally, a.20.GR1]

George, ch.Harvey and Sally, Mar.13,1843, a.6.GR1

Harriet N., ch.Harvey and Sally, Mar.9,1843, a.3.GR1

Judson, ch.Harvey and Sally, Mar.16,1843, a.11.GR1

Martha, Apr.28,1838, a.13. [d.Selden.CR1; Martha Ann, d.Selden and Mary, a.12y.11m.GR1]

Mary, w.Selden, July25,1832, a.34.

Sally, w.Capt. Daniel, Mar.12,1824, a.55. [Sarah.CR1]

Solomon, ch.Harvey and Sally, Sept.9,1828, a.4m.GR1

Solomon, Aug.8,1831, a.66. [h.Mary.GR1]

Thomas, Mar.15,1821, a.94. [h.Allice.GR1]


末末, w.Mr. Russ,末蔓末 [rec. between May1 and Oct.31], 1792.CR1

末末, ch.Hezekiah, Aug.29,1810, a.3.

Elizabeth, wid., July3,1822, a.89. [wid.Joseph, former w.Joseph Blush, in 90th y.GR1]

Joseph, Oct.18,1796, a.64.CR1


Alpheus, Ens., 徒illed at a raising, Oct.26,1802, a.40.CR1

Gideon, s.Gideon Jr., Aug.6,1810, in 15th y.[Russel.CR1]

Gideon, Jan.8,1818, a.83. [Russel.CR1]

Justin, s.Gideon Jr., Aug.27,1801, in 15th y.CR1

Marry, w.Gideon, June21, 末末, in 69th y.[Russel, June21,1801, a.68.CR1]

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