Benjamin and Hannah Hais of Russel, int.Sept.20,1792.

Chloe and Jonathan Burnham of Peru, Mar.31,1818.

Daniel and Zeraptha [int.Jerusha] Taylor of W. Springfield [int.of Springfield], Dec.4,1787, in W. Springfield.

Ebeneser Jr. and Lois Forbs of Partridgefield, int.July18,1803.

Elizabeth and Seth Hais of Russell [int.Russel] Jan.15,1795. [Hayes.CR1]

Hannah and Ebenezer Bixby of Corinth, VT, int.May15,1791.

Lovice and Joel Pelton of Savoy, int.Aug.3,1823.

Lydia and Joseph Hais of Russell, Apr.9,1794. [Hayes.CR1]

Nathaniel of Westfield, and Hannah W. Coats [int.Hannah Way Coates], Jan.6,1803. [Hannah Way Coates.CR1]

Saloma [int.Salomi] and Elijah Saunderson [int.Sanderson of Chester], Oct.19,1795, in Chester.

Tabitha and William Hamilton of Chester, Sept.10,1807.


Huldah, wid., of Windsor, and James Meacham, int.Feb.27,1814.

Mary and Abel Cheeseman [int.Cheesman] Jr., Aug.21,1823.

Rhoda, Mrs., of Hatfield, and Amasa Gravs, int.Feb.2,1817.


Alanson of Peru, and Laura Graves, Apr.7,1836.

Amanda of Peru, and Nelson Graves, int.Mar.5 [? 1], 1836.

Elias 2d [int.omits 2d] of Peru, and Lovisa Pease, Mar.6,1832.

Melita of Peru, and Lt. John M. Ingham, int.Oct.12,1833.

Persis of Peru, and Eldridge Pease, int.Apr.6,1834.


Abigail of Montagu [int.of Conway], and Elon Booth Apr.14,1797, in Montagu.


Elijah and Sarah Alderman of Symsbury, int.Apr.14,1792.


Almira of W. Boylston, and Rev. Erastus Andrews, int.Mar.24,1829.

Louisa, Mrs., and John Manning of Chester, int.June10,1801.


Phebe of Stockbridge, and Theodore Coats, int.Jan.15,1830.


David and Ruth Loveland, Sept.5,1793.

Emily L. of Worthington, and James T. Church, int.Sept.4,1838.

Rachel and Andrus Loveland, June20,1793.


Dilly and William Grean, int.June24,1810.


Betsey of Chester, and William P. Johnson, int.Mar.22,1835.

Simpson of Chester, and Polly Gamwell of Chester, July10,1801.*CR1

William 2d of Chester, and Minerva Cross, Sept.23,1813.


Alvah of Worthington, and Nancy Pease, May18,1820.

Salah Bernard and Anna Bromley, Feb.3,1793. [Selah Barnard.CR1]


Sophronia and Nelson Spencer, Dec.15,1825.


Neal of Lanesboro [int.Nial Bentley of Lanesborough], and Lucy Ward, Aug.28,1828. [Nial Bentley.CR1]

BESTOW (Barstow)

Orilla [int.Orrilla Bestor] and Orrin Meach, Oct.25,1821. [Orrilla Bestow.CR1]


Charles and Almina [?] Kent of Washington, int.Feb.3,1838.


Roxana [int.Roxany] and William Wheeler Jr., Dec.11,1823.

Salla of Whately, and Amasa Graves Jr., int.Nov.7,1803.

Waity of Hatfield, and Stephen Graves, int.Sept.10,1809.

BISBEE (Bixby)

Asahel of Chesterfield, and Eliza B. Stebbins of Chesterfield, Mar.25,1835, in Chesterfield.*CR1

Barton and Sally Graves, Feb.26,1833.*

Ebenezer[Bixby] of Corinth, VT, and Hannah Babcock, int.May15,1791.

Jennet of Plainfield, and Daniel Miller, int.Nov.5,1826.

John H., Rev., and Clarissa J. Lyman of Westhampton, int.Apr.19,1834.

Celena [int.Celenia Bixbee] and Amasa Graves Jr., Oct.13,1825.

BISSEL (Bissell, Bizsell)

Anna[Bissell] and Daniel Leach, Dec.7,1803.

Hannah[Bizsell] and John Crane of Becket, int.Sept.10,1783.

Israel[Bissell] and Lucy Handcock of Longmedow, int.Aug.30,1784.

Justus[Bissell] [int.Justice] Jr. and Nancey Hatch, Aug.15,1803. [Jus- tus Jr. and Nancy Hatch.CR1]

Orris[Bissell] and Milicent Church, Sept.3,1809. [Bissel.CR1]

Robert[Bissell] [int.Bissel] and Thankfull Cheeseman [int.Cheesman], Mar.末,1796. [Bissel, and Thankful Cheesman.CR1]

BLISH (Bliss, Blush)

Amasa[Blush] [int.Blish] and Nancey [int.Nancy] Durant, Feb.3,1802. [Blish, and Nancy Durant.CR1]

Elizabeth and Joseph Russ, Nov.26,1792. [Elizabeth, wid.CR1]

Joseph Jr. and Sevila Taylor, int.Aug.9,1784.

Julia Ann[Blush] and Ira B. Sampson, June10,1834. [June9.CR1]

Lucey and John Smith, int.Sept.21,1790.

Nancy A.[Blush] and Stiles Reynolds of Hinsdale, int.May18,1833.

Oliver[Bliss] [int.Blish] and Sarah Mack, June1,1786, in Chester.

Oliver[Blush] and Mary Field, Dec.20,1820.*

Phebe and Orin Clap, Dec.29,1791.

Sally[Blush], see Sally Wheeler.

William D.[Blush] and Eliza Ann Sennet of Blandford, int.May25,1833.

BLOSSOM (Blosson)

Mercy and Anson [int.Ansel] Rockwell of Worthington [int.of Washington], Mar.8,1814.

Orrin [int.Blossom][Blosson] and Laura Fellows, Aug.20,1818. [Blossom.CR1]

Reuben of Onondaga [int.Onondago], NY, and Lydia Ingham, Jan.20,1811. [of Onondago, NY.CR1]


Louis [int.Lewis] D. of Lowell, and Laura M. Root, Feb.25,1839.


Elon and Abigail Bangs of Montagu [int.of Conway], Apr.14,1797, in Montagu.


Electa A. and Harry Meacham, July22,1830.


Phebe and Ambros [int.Ambrous] Church, Nov.25,1798. [Ambrose.CR1]


Jonathan [int.Brakely] and [int.adds Mrs.] Deborah Green, Nov.30,1798. [Brakely.CR1]


Nathan C. of Wendell, and Aurelia B. Marble of Chester,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Apr.18,1837].*CR1


Milton of Worthington, and Eunice Nash, Oct.6,1831.

Sidney of Worthington, and Mary J. Dickson, Sept.22,1830.


Anna and Salah Bernard Benjamin, Feb.3,1793. [Selah Barnard.CR1]


Abigail and Charles Tryon of Southwick, Dec.29,1813.

Mary of Washington, and Darius Eggleston [int.Eagleston], Apr.22,1794, in Washington.


Justus and Mary Emmons, Mar.20,1817.

Mary S., d.Justus dec'd and [Mary Mack] dec'd, and Milton Smith, farmer, s.Oliver and Fanny S., May2,1843.


Seth and Saly Seldon [int.Mrs.Salla Selden], May31,1798. [Sarah Selden.CR1]


Olive, Mrs., of Holliston, and Luther Leland, int.June9,1800.


Mary of Stockbridge, and Nelson Graves, int.June14,1845.


Jonathan of Peru, and Chloe Babcock, Mar.31,1818.


Walter R. Esq. of Albany, and Rebecca C. Rice of Worthington, Apr.24,1838, in Worthington.*CR1

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