Emeline, d. John and Armitta, and Frederick Saunders [int. Sander], laborer, b. Germany, Apr. 16, 1843.

John Jr. and Armitta Cooms [int. Armidia Coomes] July 9, 1817. [Armitta Coomes. CR1]

Lucy, d. John and Armitta, and James Granger, farmer, b. NY, Sept. 24, 1846.

Mary, d. John and Armidda, and James H. Cottrell, farmer, of Worthington, b. Worthington, s. Rufus and Sarah of Worthington, Mar. 30, 1846.*

Prudence and Lloid West, July 8, 1817.


Alvan, dyer, of Hinsdale, b. Chester, s. Ira dec'd and Esther dec'd, and Esther M. Cross, d. James dec'd and W. dec'd, Apr. 3, 1844.


Anna of Bernardston [int. Mrs. Anna Dinier of Barnardstown], and Asahel Pelton, Nov. 17 [int. Nov. 26, sic], 1798, in Bernardstone.


Nabby and Joshua Jackson of Hinsdale, int. Dec. 8, 1806.

Alexander and Salla Gates, Apr. 15, 1802. [Sally. CR1]

Alexander 2d and Sarah Metcalf, int. Oct. 14, 1821.

Caroline, 22, teacher, d. Gaston and Esther, and Lewis M. Drew, 25, teacher, of Huntington, NY, [int. L.I.] s. Samuel and Lardene, Apr. 17, 1849.

Diodate and Maria Holmes, int. Oct. ––, 1837.

Elizabeth and Russel Gillet, Mar. 26, 1794. [Russell. CR1]

Gaston and Esther Wolcott, May 26, 1811.

Horatio N. and Olive Fay of Chester, int. Apr. 18, 1839.

James Jr. and Sally [int. Salla] Pease, Apr. 27, 1808. [Sally. CR1]

John and Vesta Williams, Nov. 2, 1778, in E. Haddam, CT.*

John Jr. and Patta Gleason, Apr. 30, 1805. [Patty. CR1]

Joseph and Abigail Whiting of Norwich, CT, July 2, 1789.*

Laura and Merrick Cole of Worthington, Feb. 28, 1842.

Lydia, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], and Hiram Parish, widr. [int. omits widr.], farmer, of Worthington, Aug. 19, 1845.

Mary and Moses Egleston, int. May 24, 1784.

Mary J. and Sidney Brewster of Worthington, Sept. 22, 1830.

Nancy and William Church Jr., May 10, 1803.

Salla and Isaac Gleason [int. Jr.] Nov. 24, 1805. [Sally, Nov. 21. CR1]

Vesta and Erastus John Ingham, May 21, 1807.

Vesta, 26, tailoress, d. Gaston and Esther, and Jacob S. Cook, widr., 28, shoemaker, of Athol, b. Athol, s. Ziba of Athol, Mar. 8, 1848.* [George S. CR1]


Mary B. of Goshen, and Samuel Loveland, int. Oct. 13, 1838.


Lewis M., 25, teacher, of Huntington, NY, [int. L.I.], s. Samuel and Lardene, and Caroline Dickson, 22, teacher, d. Gaston and Esther, Apr. 17, 1849.


John C., mercheant, of Rowe, and Harriet E. [int. omits E.] Maltby, Aug. 31, 1843 [dup. 1844]. [1843. CR1]


Edwin E., 23, farmer, of Cato, NY, b. Cato, NY, s. Sardis and Anste of Cato, NY, and Caroline Smith, 23, d. Asa and Sally, June 5, 1845.

DURANT (Durrant)

Betsey and Walter Tracy of Hinsdale, int. Sept. 30, 1832.

Polly [Durrant] and Samuel Wheeler of Lovill [int. Lovell], NY, Feb. 5, 1806. [Durant, and Samuel Wheeler of Black River. CR1]

Nancey [int. Nancy] and Amasa Blush [int. Blish], Feb. 3, 1802. [Nancy, and Amasa Blish. CR1]

Thomas Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Sybil [int. Sibil] Wright, Mar. 9, 1815. [Thomas Jr. and Sibil Wright. CR1]

Thomas D. and Thankful Metcalf, int. Mar. 23, 1834.

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