Ira B. and Julia Ann Blush, June 10, 1834. [June 9. CR1]


Nathan of Chester, and Ann L. Googood of Chester, Aug. 22, 1838, in Chester.*

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Elijah [Saunderson] [int. Sanderson of Chester] and Saloma [int. Salomi] Babcock, Oct. 19, 1795, in Chester.

Henry Jr. [int. Saunders] of Dalton, and Maria Olds, Nov. 29, 1827. [Saunders. CR1]

Samuel of Chester, and Permela Skinner, int. Aug. 7, 1824.


Frederick [int. Sander], laborer, b. Germany, and Emeline Damon, d. John and Armitta, Apr. 16, 1843.

Henry Jr., see Henry Sanderson Jr.


Nabby of Ashfield, and Dr. Joseph Warren, int. June 2, 1816.


Charles H. of Becket, and Priscilla Taylor, int. Mar. 6, 1825.

SELDON (Seldan)

Katharine [Seldan] [int. Selden] and Hezekiah Partiidge of Worthington, May 9, 1793.

Mary [Seldan] and Solomon Root, Apr. 2, 1789.

Saly [int. Mrs. Salla Selden] and Seth Bull, May 31, 1798. [Sarah Selden. CR1]


Eliza Ann of Blandford, and William D. Blush, int. May 25, 1833.

SHAPLEY (Shaplee)

Joel [int. Shaplee] and Mercey Clapp [int. Mercy Clap], Jan. 26, 1803. [Marcy Clapp. CR1]

John [Shaplee] and Anna Maklwain [int. Macklewain], Nov. 27, 1800. [Shapley, and Anna McElwain. CR1]


Betsey, Mrs., and Assahel Osborn of E. Windsor, CT, int. Nov. 6, 1797.

SHELDON (Shelden)

Abiah [Shelden], of Westfield, and Alvan Nash, int. Sept. 20, 1828.

Ebenezer [int. Seldon] and Mary Mack, Jan. 25, 1787, in Chester.

Lydia of Sommers, and Elihu Church, int. June 5, 1786.


Sally, Mrs., of Chester, and Daniel Root, int. Dec. 10, 1815.


Clarissa and Samuel Phelps of Water Velliete [? Watervliet], NY, int. Aug. 26, 1791.

Scynthia [int. Cyntha] and Oliver Eggleston [int. Egleston], Nov. 27, 1787, in Washington.

Dorotha [int. Doratha] and Jesse Wright, May 29, 1817. [Ens. Jesse. CR1]

Betsey and Samuel Jones Jr., int. Apr. 23, 1792.

Hannah and John Jones, Nov. 12, 1795.

John and Rachel Clapp, July 24, 1817. [Rachal. CR1]

Permela and Samuel Sanderson of Chester, int. Aug. 7, 1824.

Rachell [int. adds Mrs.] and Jonathan Woodard, June 27, 1799. [Rachel. CR1]

Salla and David Robins, June 3, 1802. [Sally and David Robbins. CR1]

Theodosha of Glastonbury, and John Maker, int. Feb. 2, 1796.

William Jr. and Clarasa Tinker of Chester, int. Apr. 18, 1803.


John and Polly Herrick of Worthington, int. Apr. 17, 1814.


Achsah and Amasa Little, Mar. 17, 1825.

Alpheus and Mary Metcalf, Apr. 9, 1828.

Ambrose and Nancy Alderman, May 13, 1819.

Anna and Clark Martin of Washington, June 19, 1806. [Clarke. CR1]

Anna and Daniel Ingham, Sept. ––, 1808. [Sept. 8. CR1]

Anna and Solomon F. Root, int. Nov. 17, 1849.

Asa and Sally Root, May 15, 1810.

Asa, widr. [int. omits widr.], farmer, s. Calvin and Anna, and Julia Metcalf, d. John and Lucina, Mar. 11, 1846.

Asenath and Parsons P. Meacham, of Cato, NY, int. Sept. 3, 1838.

Asenath [int. Asceneth], d. Matthew and Betsey, and Elisha Strong, farmer, of N. Hampton [int. Northampton], b. N. Hampton, s. ––––– of "suppose NH," Oct. 30, 1844.

Azariah of Manlius, NY, and Zilpha Mack, Aug. 29, 1811.

Azubah and Nelson Gravs, int. Jan. 29, 1845.

Calvin, farmer, s. Asa and Sally Root, and Aurelia Loveland of Hinsdale, b. Hinsdale, d. ––––– of Hinsdale, Sept. 19, 1844.

Caroline, 23, d. Asa and Sally, and Edwin E. Dudley, 23, farmer, of Cato, NY, b. Cato, NY, s. Sardis and Anste of Cato, NY, June 5, 1845.

Charles T. [int. Smyth] and Amantha Spencer, June 2, 1831.

Charles, farmer, s. Orrin and Sally, and Louisa Combs [dup. and int. Coomes], d. Milton and Louisa [Laura, written below in pencil], Mar. 27, 1843. [Coomes. CR1]

Ebenezer and Sibil [int. Sibel] Pease, Nov. 5, 1829.

Eliza and Elias T. Spencer, int. Aug. 15, 1839

Betsey [int. Betsy] and William Ingham, Mar. 3, 1806. [Betsy. CR1]

Betsey, 19, d. Ambrose and Nancy, and Alvah B. Pierce, 21, farmer, of Peru, b. Peru, s. Isaac and Mary of Peru, Nov. 25, 1847.*

Eunice of Chester, and Daniel Ames of Hinsdale, Oct. 25, 1848, in Chester.* CR1

John and Lucey Blish, int. Sept. 21, 1790.

John Jr. and Wealthy Church, Sept. 3, 1818.

John and Elvira Root, May 19, 1841.

Joseph and [int. adds Mrs.] Lovisa Pees, Apr. 29, 1798. [Pease. CR1]

Joseph [int. adds Capt.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Lucintha Olds, Jan. 8, 1829. [Capt. Joseph and Lucintha Olds, wid. CR1]

Lorinda, 22, teacher, d. Obadiah, and Rev. Edward King, 23 [int. "Methodist Elder on Middlefield Cercuit from N York "], b. New Lebanon, NY, s. ––––– dec'd, Sept. 1, 1847 [not in Middlefield].

Lucy and Jonathan McElwain, Oct. 15, 1818.

Lucy, 21, milliner, d. Oliver and Abi, and Oliver Church, 27, merchant, s. Uriah and Phebe, July 23, 1849.

Madison and Eunice Crow of Montgomery, int. Feb. 6, 1841.

Mary C., d. Ambrose and Nancy, and William K. Otis, Thomsonian Doctor, May 4, 1843.

Mary, d. John and Lucy, and Samuel Oles [int. Olds], farmer, s. Levi and w., Dec. 26, 1843 [dup. 1844]. [Olds, 1843. CR1]

Matthew, Lt., and Betsey Ward, Dec. 2, 1813.

Matthew Jr. and Mariah D. Root, int. Mar. ––, 1840.

Milton, farmer, s. Oliver and Fanny S., and Mary S. Browning, d. Justus dec'd and [Mary Mack] dec'd, May 2, 1843.

Miranda and Albert Olmsted of Enfield, CT, Dec. 29, 1842.

Obadiah and Seviah Tower of Peru, int. Aug. 14, 1824.

Oliver and Fanny Root, Sept. 10, 1816.

Oliver 2d and Abi Starr, Feb. 16, 1826.

Orrin of Camillus, NY, and Sally Wheeler, Sept. 5, 1815. ["Sally Wheeler (known by the name of Sally Blush)," CR1]

Reuben of Becket, and Luna McElwain, Sept. 18, 1817. [Lana. CR1]

Samuel and Lucina Metcalf, int. June 24, 1822.

Sally and Parsons P. Meacham of Cato, NY, int. Sept. 10, 1820.

Sarepta and Artemas Ward, Mar. 1, 1821.

Sylvester E. and Julia Ann Stevens of Chester, int. Aug. 31, 1832.


Cynthia and Isaac Rhods, int. July 28, 1790.

Lucretia of Chesterfield, and Christopher Cook, int. Oct. 30, 1843.


Amantha and Charles T. Smith [int. Smyth], June 2, 1831.

Anna and Epaphroditus Lavland, Oct. 2, 1803. [Loveland. CR1]

Elias T. and Eliza Smith, int. Aug. 15, 1839.

John [int. Jr.] and Salla Root, Nov. 23, 1800. [John Jr. and Sally Root. CR1]

Polly and James Coats [int. Coates], Jan. 27, 1803. [Coates. CR1]

Polly F., Mrs., of Pittsfield, and Jesse F. Wright, int. Aug. 30, 1845.

Nelson and Sophronia Bennet, Dec. 15, 1825.

Oliver and Sally Little of Peru, int. Feb. 8, 1824.

Samuel and Lucy Fisk of Partridgefield, Dec. 1, 1800.*

Selden of Hinsdale, and Lucy Mack, May 13, 1813.

Susannah and Warren Little, Sept. 19, 1811. [Susanna. CR1]

SQUIRES (Squair)

Dorinda [Squair] [int. Square] and Green Hungerford Church, Oct. 31, 1792. [Squire. CR1]

Polly [int. Squirs] and Arba Jones, June 28, 1797. [Squire. CR1]


Seth of Westfield, and Olive S. Johnson, int. July 4, 1843.

STARKWEATHER (Starkwather)

Anne of Blanford, and Jethro Jones Jr. of Blanford, June 22, 1796.* CR1

Susanna [Starkwather], of Becket, and Rufus Williams, Mar. 23, 1805.*

STARR (Star)

Abi and Oliver Smith 2d, Feb. 16, 1826.

Charlotte [Star], Mrs., of Partridgefield, and Ithamer Pelton Jr., int. May 7, 1798.

Dorca and Sardis Putnam, int. June 7, 1834.

Lucy and Moses Eggleston of Lima, NY, int. Jan. 17, 1819.

Lucy and James Miller, May 14, 1824.

Martin [int. Star] of Norwich, and Tabatha Mechum [int. Mechem], May 16, 1793.

STEBBINS (Stebins)

Annis [Stebins] [int. Stebbins] and Abner Cary of Williamsborugh [int. Williamsburgh], June 10, 1807. [Stebbins, and Abner Cary of Williamsburgh. CR1]

Eliza B. of Chesterfield, and Asahel Bisbee of Chesterfield, Mar. 25, 1835, in Chesterfield.* CR1

Jairus and Salla Crowell, Nov. 23, 1806. [Sally Crowel. CR1]


Charlotte, 26, housekeeper, of Chester, b. Chester, d. Joshua of Chester, and Arnold Pease, 29, farmer, s. Dan, June 15, 1848 [not in Middlefield].*

Julia Ann of Chester, and Sylvester E. Smith, int. Aug. 31, 1832.

William D. of Becket, and Hannah F. Jenings [int. Jennings], Feb. 16, 1820. [Jennings. CR1]

William, widr., 31, farmer, of Chester, b. Chester, s. Joshua and Nancy of Chester, and Laura A. Pease, 22, d. Dan and Sally, June 15, 1848.*


Benjamin and Priscilla Field, Nov. 12, 1811.

Chloe and Nathan Parkhurst, int. Apr. 20, 1790.

Spencer and Rosella Geer of Worthington, int. May 4, 1840.

STOWELL (Stowel)

Experiance [Stowel], of Partridgefield, and Malachi Lovland Jr., int. Oct. 15, 1787.

Franklin of Peru, and Lydia Graves, Sept. 9, 1830.


Elizabeth [Strater] [int. Streeter, adds Mrs.] of Becket, and Jese [int. Jesse] Wright, Feb. 8, 1798, in Chester.


Amos and Betsey [int. Betsy] Gordon, Oct. 9, 1788, in Chester.

Elisha, farmer, of N. Hampton [int. Northampton], b. N. Hampton, s. ––––– of " suppose NH," and Asenath [int. Asceneth] Smith, d. Matthew and Betsey, Oct. 30, 1844.


Waity Ann and William Cross of Washington, May 26, 1831.

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