Salomia, ch.Benjamin and Julianna, July18,1775.

Elias, ch.Benjamin and Julianna, July5,1778.

Olive, d.Ebeneser and Hannah, Nov.17,1779.

Lavina, ch.Benjamin and Julianna, Jan.23,1780.

Joseph, ch.Benjamin and Julianna, Apr.9,1786.

Betsy, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, June9,1788.

Anna, ch.Benjamin and Julianna, Nov.23,1788.

Lovisa, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Aug.1,1789.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, May2,1791.

Jerusha, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, June13,1792.

Susanna, ch.Benjamin and Hannah, July18,1793.

Parmela, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Aug.9,1794.

Cloe, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Jan.12,1796.

George, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Apr.27,1797.

Thankfull, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Aug.26,1798.

Reodolphus, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Feb.26,1800.

Jehiel, ch.Daniel and Jerusha, Sept.18,1801.


Persis, w.Eldridge Pease,末蔓末,1816.GR1


James, ch.Sumner and Persis, Jan.11,1830.


David, ch.Oliver and Rachel, May17,1771.

Rachel, ch.Oliver and Rachel, Oct.25,1773.

Oliver Jr., s.Oliver and Rachel, Feb.5,1776.

James, ch.Oliver and Rachel, Feb.12,1778.

Hannah, ch.Oliver and Rachel, July5,1779.

James, ch.Oliver and Rachel, Dec.3,1782.

Lucy, ch.Oliver and Rachel, Apr.7,1784.

Ephraim, ch.Oliver and Rachel, Nov.25,1786.

Russel, ch.Oliver, bp. Sept.29,1793.CR1

Sarah, ch.Oliver, bp. Sept.29,1793.CR1


Mary, ch.Simpson and Polly, Mar.23,1810.

James, ch.Simpson and Polly, July13,1812.

John L. [h.Emily]末蔓末,1814.GR3

Abel, ch.Simpson and Polly, Nov.22,1814.

Emily, w.John L.,末蔓末,1815.GR3

Charles M., Jan.19,1822.GR3

Selden, s.John L., farmer, and Emily, Nov.11,1844.


James Dickson, s.Alvah and Nancy of Worthington, bp. Sept.2,1821.CR1

James N., s.Nathaniel, clothier, and Mary Ann, July22,1845.

Caroline, d.Nathaniel, laborer, and Mary Ann, Mar.10,1849.


George Wesley, ch.Nial and Lucy, Aug.14,1829.


Mary [?], d.Peter, laborer, and Mary, Mar.末,1848.


末末, ch.Mr. Bigelow, May末,1793.CR1

末末, ch.Mr. Bigelow, Jan.2,1795.CR1

Julia Ann, d.James S., bp. July15,1821.CR1


Lucy Hooker, ch.Rev. John H. and Clarissa J., Feb.16,1835.

Mary Howe, ch.Rev. John H. and Clarissa J., Feb.3,1837.

BISSEL (Bissill)

Anna, ch.Justice and Ann, Nov.18,1780, in E. Windsor, CT.

Justice, ch.Justice and Ann, Aug.12,1782.

Ebenezer Blodget, ch.Justice and Ann, July20,1784.

Lucy, ch.Israel and Lucy, Jan.6,1786.

Orris, ch.Justice and Ann, May28,1787.

Orpah, ch.Israel and Lucy, Jan.21,1788.

Israel, ch.Israel and Lucy, Sept.1,1789.

Jonathan Barber, ch.Justice and Ann, May11,1790.

Roxany, ch.Justice and Ann, Mar.4,1793.

Eunice, ch.Justice and Ann, Oct.22,1796.

Samuel[Bissill], ch.Robert and Thankfull, Apr.28,1797.

Laura[Bissill], ch.Robert and Thankfull, May2,1798.

Rozell[Bissill], ch.Robert and Thankfull, Oct.7,1799.

Cephas, ch.Justice and Ann, June25,1800.

David[Bissill], ch.Robert and Thankfull, July4,1802. [Bissell.CR1]

Biansa[Bissill], ch.Robert and Thankfull, Apr.6,1804. [Bissel.CR1]


Thomas, ch.Thomas and Mercy, Sept.11,1777.

Mercy, ch.Thomas and Mercy, Dec.20,1780.

Ezra, ch.Thomas and Mercy, Sept.5,1783.

Rolon, ch.Thomas and Mercy, Mar.17,1787.

Rufus, ch.Thomas and Mercy, June6,1789.

William, ch.Thomas and Mercy, Apr.9,1792.

Orrin, ch.Thomas and Mercy, Apr.8,1797.

BLUSH (Blish)

Mary(Field), w.Oliver, Apr.末,1783.GR1[Calculated Feb.2., Died Oct.28,1872, a.89y.8m.26d.]

Benjamin[Blish], ch.Benjamin, bp. Sept.22,1793.CR1

Clarissa[Blish], ch.Benjamin, bp. Sept.22,1793.CR1

Millecent[Blish], ch.Benjamin, bp. Sept.22,1793.CR1

Sophia[Blish], ch.Benjamin, bp. Sept.22,1793.CR1

Zenas[Blish], s.Benjamin, bp. Mar.30,1794.CR1

Philena[Blish], d.Benjamin, bp. May29,1796.CR1

Nancy[Blish], d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.14,1801.CR1

Amasa, ch.Amasa and Nancy, Jan.16,1803.

Harriet, w.Oliver, Apr.29,1805.GR1

Oliver, ch.Amasa and Nancy, Sept.18,1806. [[h.Harriet]GR1]

William Durant, ch.Amasa and Nancy, Feb.3,1809. [[h.Mary W.]GR1]

Adaline, ch.Amasa and Nancy, Sept.22,1811.

Julian, ch.Amasa and Nancy, June29,1814.

Juliann, ch.Amasa and Nancy, bp. Sept.3,1820.CR1

Nancy Adaline, ch.Amasa and Nancy, bp. Sept.3,1820.CR1

William Clarke, ch.Amasa and Nancy, bp. Sept.3,1820.CR1

Jerome Pitkin, ch.Oliver 2d and Harriett (Smith), June19,1825.

Mary Ann, ch.Amasa Jr. and Charlotte, July21,1827.

Harriet S.(Stone), w.William D.,末蔓末,1827.GR1[Harriet Mosely Stone, Aug.12. Chester VRs]

Nancy Lovice, ch.Oliver 2d and Harriett(Smith), Jan.1,1831.

Mary W.(Prentice), w.William D., Aug.末,1831.GR1Calculated Aug.25,1830. Died Apr.3,1894, Syracuse, NY. MAVRs v. 446, p. 29.]

Adeline, ch.Oliver 2d and Harriett, Feb.5,1834.

Eliza Adaline, ch.William D. and Eliza Ann, May22,1834.

Martha B., ch.Oliver 2d and Harriett(Smith), Aug.22,1835.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.William D. and Eliza Ann, Feb.1,1836.

Louisa Adelaide, ch.Oliver 2d and Harriett, Oct.18,1841.

Ellen Allice, d.Oliver, woolen manufacturer, and Harriet, Dec.30,1843.

末末, d.William D., manufacturer, and Eliza Ann, Aug.1,1844.

Mary Eliza, d.Oliver 2d, woolen manufacturer, and Harriett, Mar.6,1846.

末末, "reputed" s.William D. Blush and Betsy Johnson [b. Chester] of Chester, Apr.17,1848.


Lewis D. [h.Laura M. (Root)], Aug.17,1814.GR1

Lewis D., s.Lewis D., tailor, and Laura, Aug.17,1844.

Laura Mack, d.Lewis D., manufacturer [b. Chester], and Laura M., Sept.4,1849.


Edward T.,末蔓末,1825.GR1


Betsey, w.P[aschal] P.,末蔓末,1812.GR1

George [dup. Bracket], s.Paschal P., mechanic [dup. spinner], and Betsey, May19 [dup. Apr.20,1845].

Hallam A., s.Paschal P. and Betsey [May末,1847].GR1




James, twin s.Andrew, farmer, and Phebe, Apr.11,1844.

Sarah, twin d.Andrew, farmer, and Phebe, Apr.11,1844.


Alba, ch.Green and Abigail, May19,1807.

Emaline, ch.Green and Abigail, July27,1809.

Munroe, ch.Green and Abigail, Nov.7,1811.


末末, ch.Abram and Lydia, Aug.25,1847.

Enoch, s.Abraham, wool sorter [b. England], and Lydia, Mar.31,1849.


Catherine E., w.Isaac S. [Aug.末,1813].GR1


Ann Maria, d.William, laborer, and Sarah, Feb.14,1848.

Edward L., s.James, laborer, and Jane, Mar.18,1848.


Anna, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Jan.8,1780.

Jerusha, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Jan.26,1782.

Abigail, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Apr.14,1784.

Mahala, ch.Jesse and Abigail, Sept.5,1804.

Augustus, ch.Jesse and Abigail, Feb.4,1806.


Mary S., w.Milton Smith,末蔓末,1818.GR1



Catherine(McCarty), w.Thomas,末蔓末,1840.GR1


Jarius, h.Hannah(Ferguson), June末,1802.GR1

Hannah(Ferguson), w.Jarius, Mar.末,1805.GR1


末末, inf.John, [? bp.] Apr.1,1797.CR1

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