Solomon, s.Hennery and Pain, July25,1781.

Asher, s.Henry and Pain, Mar.20,1784.

John Merrick, s.Henry and Pain, Apr.12,1786.

Lucina, d.Henry and Pain, June12,1788.

LATHROP (Lothrop)

William H., s.Alanson, iron smith, and Hannah, Oct.1,1844.

LEACH (Leech)

Fanny(Wolcott), w.Daniel, Aug.末,1788.GR1

Betsy[Leech], ch.Isaac and Betsy, Apr.30,1803.

Anna, ch.Daniel and Anna, Jan.30,1806.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Anna, Oct.18,1807.

Alvira, ch.Daniel and Anna, May12,1810.

Justus, ch.Daniel and Anna, Apr.11,1812.

Hiram, ch.Daniel and Anna, Oct.24,1814.

Asaiah[Isaiah], ch.Daniel and Anna, Dec.11,1816.

Orris, ch.Daniel and Anna, Oct.18,1818.

Lucinda, ch.Daniel and Anna, Apr.27,1821.

Mary, ch.Daniel and Fanny, Mar.11,1831.

LELAND (Lealand)

Graty(Taylor)[Leeland], w.Lyman,末蔓末,1792.GR1

William Lyman[Lealand], ch.Lyman and Graty, Aug.9,1815.


Rufus, ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, June25,1776.

Ruben, ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, Nov.10,1778.

Josiah, ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, Sept.22,1779.


Daniel, ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, Oct.19,1781.

Betty, twin ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1784.

Miriam, twin ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1784.

Abner, ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, June4,1786.

Henry, ch.Josiah and Elizabeth, Feb.10,1790.

Hervey, ch.Josiah, bp. Feb.10,1793.CR1

Luna, ch.Josiah, bp. Feb.10,1793.CR1

Charles W., h.Sarepta E.,末蔓末,1817.GR1

William, ch.William W. and Lucina, Aug.11,1817.

Lucina, cq. William W. and Lucina, Jan.4,1819.

William, ch.William and Lucina, bp. Mar.24,1819.CR1

Lovina E.(Burt), w.Charles,末蔓末,1820.GR1

Sarepta E.(Herring), w.Charles W.,末蔓末,1820.GR1[Calculated May22. Died Feb.9,1854, a.33y.8m.18d.MAVRs v. 85, p. 23.]

Austin, ch.William W. and Lucina, Aug.17,1820.

Charles Collins, ch.William F. and Mary, Aug.10,1826.

Mary Harmony, ch.William F. and Mary, Mar.10,1828.

Julia, ch.William F. and Mary, Mar.3,1830.

末末, s.Milton D., tanner [b. Worthington], and Emeline, Dec.7,1849.


Sarah C., d.Lewis L., mechanick, and Abigail E., Oct.12,1844.

James, s.John, labourer, and Catharine, Dec.末,1844.


Nial, s.Barzilla and Betty, Apr.29,1775.

Barzilla Jr., s.BarzilIa and Betty, Sept.8,1778.

Warren, s.Barzilla and Betty, Apr.16,1780.

Russel, s.Barzilla and Betty, Sept.5,1782.

Hennery, ch.Barzilla and Betty, Oct.3,1784.

Betsy, ch.Barzilla and Betty, Dec.22,1786.

Nansy, ch.Barzilla and Betty, Sept.5,1791.

Salah, ch.Barzilla and Betty, Jan.22,1795. [Sally, d.Berzela.CR1]

Amasa, ch.Barzilla [Berzela.CR1] and Betty, Aug.17,1800.

Huldah, d.Sam[ue]ll, bp. Oct.28,1801.CR1

Cloe, adopted d.Samuell, bp. Oct.9,1803.CR1

Sally, ch.Russell and Sally, Sept.4,1804.

Betsey, ch.Joseph R. and Polly, Feb.15,1805.

Rebeca, ch.Samuel H. and'Rebeca, Apr.23,1805. [Rebecca.CR1]

Betsey, ch.Russell and Sally, Oct.7,1806.

Rhoda R., ch.Joseph R. and Polly, Feb.20,1808. [Rhoda Ranny.CR1]

Harriet, ch.Samuel H. and Rebeca, Feb.24,1808. [Harriot.CR1]

Russell Mack, ch.Russell and Sally, Dec.28,1809.

Samuel Edwin, ch.Samuel H. and Rebeca, Mar.14,1811.

Elisha, ch.Russell and Sally, Feb.15,1812.

Amos Hows, ch.Samuel H. and Rebeca, May30,1813. [Amos Howes.CR1]

Juliana Submit, ch.Samuel H. and Submit, Mar.5,1815.

Achsah White, ch.Samuel H. and Submit, Sept.24,1816. [Acsah White.CR1]

Elijah Lyman, ch.Samuel H. and Submit, Dec.22,1818.

Martha Eusebia, ch.Samuel H. and Submit, Feb.13,1821.

Joseph Ranney, ch.Samuel H. and Submit, May17,1823. [Joseph Ranny.CR1]

Mary Ann, ch.Samuel H. and Submit, Sept.22,1825.

Charles, ch.Amasa and Achsah, Feb.10,1829.

Julia, ch.Amasa and Achsah, Apr.1,1830.

LOVELAND (Lovland)

Pain, h.Phebe,末蔓末,1774.GR1

Susan, ch.Philip and Susen, Mar.7,1794.

Luda B.(Cone), w.Ambrose,末蔓末,1796.GR1[Apr.7. Birth record.]

Ambros[Lovland], ch.Pain and Phebe, Aug.23,1796. [Ambrose Loveland, h.Luda B.GR1]

Phebe[Lovland], ch.Pain and Phebe, Dec.15,1798.

Amasa Graves[Lovland], ch.Pain and Phebe, Feb.14,1801.

Samuel[Lovland], ch.Pain and Phebe, Jan.4,1803.

Sophronia(Meacham), w.Amasa, June末,1803.GR1[June5. Birth record.]

Emerancy[Lovland], ch.Pain and Phebe, Dec.21,1805.

John[Lovland], ch.Pain and Phebe, Apr.2,1809.

Almeda Eunice, ch.Epaphroditus and Sally, Nov.24,1811.

Ludy Matilda, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, Aug.16,1814.

Ambrose Oranze, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, Aug.25,1816.

John Payne, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, Oct.19,1819.

Aurelia, w.Calvin Smith, Aug.18,1822.GR1

Cyrus Porter, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, May2,1824.

Amasa Winchester, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, Nov.4,1826.

Abigail F.(Prentice), w.Cyrus P.,末蔓末,1826.GR1[May27,1827. Birth record.Worthington VRs.]

Larissa Monitta, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, Sept.11,1829, in Washington, [This entry written later in pencil.]

Harlow, ch.Amasa G. and Sophronia, Nov.22,1831.

Maria, ch.Ambrose and Ludy, Apr.2,1835. [This entry written later in pencil.]

L. Mariah [? m.], Apr.末,1836.GR1

Martha M.(Wright) w.Harlow,末蔓末,1838.GR1Calculated birth of Mar.29. Died Feb.3,1890, a.51y.10m.5d.MAVRs v. 410, p. 21.]

Sophia Bardwell, ch.Samuel and Mary B., June23,1840.

Edward Francis, ch.Samuel and Mary B., Mar.7,1842.

Mary Dresser, d.Samuel and Mary, bp. May5,1844.CR1

Lewis Clarke, s.John P., farmer, and Maria, May17,1846.

Franklin, ch.John P., laborer, and Maria, Jan.24,1848.

LYMAN (Lymans)

George Webster, s.George W. and Susan B., bp. Sept.12,1841.CR1

Charles, s.George [George W.CR1]. merchant, and Susan B., Sept.2,1843.

Nathan Wright, s.George W. and Susan B., bp. Nov.末,1845.CR1

George[Lymans], s.George W., mercreant, and Susan B., Dec.22,1847. [Lyman.CR1]

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