REYNOLDS (Reynoulds)

William Stiles[Reynoulds], ch.Stiles and Adaline, Aug.2,1835.

Jane Ann, ch.Hezekiah and Nancy Adaline, bp. Oct.22,1837.CR1

William S., ch.Hezekiah and Nancy Adaline, bp. Oct.22,1837.CR1

RHODES (Rhoades, Rhoads)

Susanna[Rhoades], ch.William and Mary, June12,1783.

John Ester[Rhoads], ch.Isaac C. and Cynthia, Oct.11,1784.

Naham[Rhoades], ch.William and Mary, Sept.16,1785.

Katy[Rhoades], ch.William and Mary, Mar.10,1789.

Hennery[Rhoads], ch.Isaac C. and Cynthia, Mar.29,1791.

Lydia[Rhoades], ch.Silas and Lydia, Apr.5,1791.

William[Rhoades], ch.William and Mary, July18,1791.

Eli Truman[Rhoads], ch.Isaac C. and Cynthia, Sept.11,1792.

Silas[Rhoades], ch.Silas and Lydia, Feb.10,1793.

Justus[Rhoades], ch.William and Mary, Aug.28,1793.

Katharine Sibble[Rhoads], ch.Isaac C. and Cynthia, Feb.11,1794.

Sarah Snow[Rhoads], ch.Isaac C. and Cynthia, June11,1795.

ROBBINS (Robins)

Job, h.Polly(Wright), June末,1779.GR1

Samuel[Robins], s.Job and Cyntha, July8,1782.

Polly(Wright), w.Job, Apr.末,1784.GR1[Apr.8. Birth record.Chester VRs.]

Joseph, s.Job and Cinthy, Mar.3,1785.

Sally, d.Job and Cinthia, Aug.27,1788.

Samuel, ch.Jacob and Lois, July24,1796.

Job[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Aug.14,1803.

Samuel[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Feb.28,1805. [Robbins.CR1]

Job, s.Job Jr., bp. May24,1805.CR1

Amos[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Jan.20,1807. [Robbins.CR1]

Nathan Wright[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Feb.3,1809. [Robbins.CR1]

Lorenzo Cushman[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Jan.25,1811. [Robbins.CR1]

Marvin[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Apr.15,1813. [Robbins.CR1]

Jesse Whittemore[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Apr.25,1815. [Robbins.CR1].

Jacob[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Oct.8,1817. [Robbins.CR1]

Mary[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and PoUy, Aug.19,1819. [Robbins.CR1]

Thomas Durant[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, May15,1821.

Ambrose[Robins], ch.Job Jr. and Polly, Jan.3,1825.

Julia A.(Schofield), w.Ambrose, Mar.末,1825.GR1

Sarah Ellen, ch.Job 3d and Sally, Jan.31,1826.

Ambrose, ch.Job Jr. and Polly, bp. Oct.15,1826.CR1

Thomas Durant, ch.Job Jr. and Polly, bp. Oct.15,1826.CR1

Alfred Alexander, ch.Job 3d and Sally, Oct.14,1827.

Amanda Malvina, ch.Job 3d and Sally, July28,1829.

Hattie A.(Elder), w.William E.,末蔓末,1843.GR1

Charles Wright, s.Thomas D., farmer, and Mary, Nov.10,1844.

William Earl, s.Jacob, farmer, and Jane, Feb.8,1845.

Charles King, s.Thomas D., farmer, and Mary L., June4,1847.

Edward Clarke, s.Jacob, farmer, and Mary J., June10,1848.

Allen Kingsley, s.Thomas D., laborer, and Mary L. [b. Lee], Mar.12,1849.


Ann Elizabeth, d.Rev. J.M. and Elizabeth H., May10,1843.GR1


Daniel, h.Electa,末蔓末,1768.GR1

Mary(Seldan), w.Solomon, Aug.末,1771.GR1

Solomon, h.Laura (Mack),末蔓末,1790.GR1

Sally, ch.Daniel and Electa, Aug.19,1790.

Timothy, ch.Solomon and Mary, Dec.4,1792.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Electa, Apr.7,1793.

Hervey, ch.Solomon and Mary, Apr.26,1795. [Harvey, h.Sally (Pease).GR1]

Fanny, ch.Daniel and Electa, June14,1795.

Amanda(Emmons), w.Timothy,末蔓末,1796.GR1

Sylvester, ch.Daniel and Etecta, May11,1797.

Selden, ch.Solomon and Mary, Sept.23,1797. [h.Mary.GR1]

Justin, ch.Daniel and Electa, July25,1799.

Mary, ch.Solomon and Mary, Feb.16,1800.

Electa, ch.Daniel and Electa, Nov.26,1801.

Eliakim, ch.Daniel and Electa, Oct.26,1804.

Nathan, ch.Solomon and Mary, Apr.11,1806.

Laura, ch.Daniel and Electa, Feb.4,1807.

Independence, ch.Daniel and Electa, May9,1810.

Julia, ch.Solomon and Mary, Mar.11,1812.

Laura, ch.Solomon Jr. and Laura, Mar.11,1816. [Laura M., w.L[ewis] D. Boise.GR1]

Mariah Delight, ch.Solomon Jr. and Laura, Dec.31,1817. [Maria D., w.Matthew Smith.GR1]

Elvira, w.John Smith, Sept.24,1819.GR1

Mariett, ch.Selden and Mary, Sept.3,1822.

Franklin Harvey, ch.Harvey and saUy, Nov.5,1822.

Emiline, ch.Selden and Mary, Aug.24,1823.

Solomon Francis, ch.Solomon Jr. and Laura, Aug.31,1826.

Sarah, d.Harvey and Sarah,末蔓末,1827.GR1

Anna S.(Smith), w.Solomon. F. July末,1828.GR1

Mary Ann, ch.Harvey and Sally,末蔓末,1829.GR1

Sarah Ann, ch.Harvey and Sally,末蔓末,1829.GR1

Mary Jenette, ch.Nathan and Mary M., Sept.14,1833.

Ann, d.Ebenezer S.S., fanner, and Electa, May1,1847.

Clara, d.Ebenezer S.S., fanner [b. Westfield], and Electa D. [b. PA.], Mar.28,1849.


James, "a member of Co. F. 46th Regt. Mass.Vols.,"末蔓末,1825.GR1


Polly, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, July22,1788.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Justin, s.Gideon Jr. and Jemima, Feb.5,1787.

Silvestus, twin s.Gideon and Jemima, Feb.10,1789.

Silvester, twin s.Gideon and Jemima, Feb.10,1789.

Ebenezer[Russel], ch.Gideon 2d and Jemima, Apr.18,1791.

Lillis, ch.Abel and Silence, Oct.11,1793.

William[Russel], ch.Gideon 2d [s.Gideon Jr.CR1] and Jemima, Dec.8,1793.

Alpheus Clark, ch.Alpheus and Rebekah, Apr.7,1795.

Abell, ch.Abel [dup. Abell] and Silence, Sept.30,1795.

Gideon 3d, ch.Gidon (Russel) 2d and Jemima, Mar.25,1796.

Rebeca, ch.Alpheus and Rebekah, Mar.13,1797.

Lyman, ch.Abel and Silence, Nov.19,1797.

Jimima[Russel], ch.Gideon 2d and Jemima, June27,1798.

Mary, ch.Alpheus and Rebekah, Sept.11,1799.

John, ch.Abel and Silence, Apr.4,1800.

Sarah[Russel], ch.Gideon 2d and Jemima, Sept.22,1800. [Russell, d.Gideon Jr.CR1]

Alpheus[Russel], ch.Gideon 2d and Jemima, May27,1803. [Russell, s.Gideon Jr.CR1]

Maria, ch.Abel and Silence, May31,1804.

Alpheus Clark[Russel], ch.Mrs.Rebecca Nash, bp. July1,1804.CR1

Mary[Russel], ch.Mrs.Rebecca Nash, bp. July1,1804.CR1

Rebecca[Russel], ch.Mrs.Rebecca Nash, bp. July1,1804.CR1

Milton, ch.Abel and Silence, July31,1811.

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