William of Chester, and Esther Whittemore, Sept. 21, 1813.


William and Betsey [int. Betsy] Smith, Mar. 3, 1806. [Betsy. CR1]

Erastus John and Vesta Dickson, May 21, 1807.

Betsey and Amos Mack, July 4, 1808.

Daniel and Anna Smith, Sept. ––, 1808. [Sept. 8. CR1]

Mary and Andress [int. Andrys] Loveland of Smithfield, NY, Sept. 10, 1809. [Andrus. CR1]

Lydia and Reuben Blossom of Onondaga [int. Onondago], NY, Jan. 20, 1811. [Reuben of Onondago, NY. CR1]

Mahitabel and Abner Wing of Hinsdale, Oct. 16, 1816. [Mehitable. CR1]

Tryphena [int. Triphene] and Zeri Wing of Hinsdale. May 15, 1817. [Zera. CR1]

Mary and Walter Pease, Feb. 23, 1831.

Maria and Romeo Alderman, Nov. 29, 1831.

Samuel and Clarissa Alderman, May 15, 1832.

John M., Lt., and Melita Ballou of Peru, int. Oct. 12, 1833.

Alexander and Sarah Foote [int. Foot], Dec. 1, 1836. [Foot. CR1]

Maria of West Hampton, and John P. Loveland, int. Mar. 29, 1845.


Jedediah and Mary Jones, Nov. 27, 1794.*

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