Sarah and Oliver Bliss [int. Blish], June 1, 1786, in Chester.

Mary and Ebenezer Sheldon [int. Seldon], Jan. 25, 1787, in Chester.

Mary and Ebenezer Emmons, int. June 6, 1791.

Lois and Jacob Robbins, Sept. 17, 1794.

Lydia and Stephen Wood, June 21, 1795.

Mindwell [int. adds Mrs.] and Ichabod [int. Ichabud] Emmons, Dec. 9, 1799

David Jr. and Independence Peas of Sommers, CT, int. Feb. 21, 1803.

Salla and Russell Little, Apr. 2, 1804. [Sally. CR1]

John T. and Lydia Randall of Worthington, int. Feb. 25, 1805.

Anna and Isaac Clark of Becket, Apr. 17, 1806.

Amos and Betsey Ingham, July 4, 1808.

Phebe and Uriah Church Jr., Jan. 11, 1810.

Zilpha and Azariah Smith of Manlius, NY, Aug. 29, 1811.

David Jr. and Mary Ely of Longmeadow, int. Dec. 29, 1811.

Thankful and Royal Cooper of Windsor, Dec. 17, 1812.

Lucy and Selden Spencer of Hinsdale, May 13, 1813.

Laura and Solomon Root Jr., Mar. 16, 1815.

Abigail and William Elder, Sept. 21, 1815.

Charlotte and Amos Cone, Dec. 19, 1816.

Hannah and George W. McElwain of Peru, June 10, 1817.

Josiah and Maria Ward, Sept. 26, 1822.


William of Chester, and Dolly Hamilton, Feb. 12, 1816.

Peggy and Moses Hamilton 2d, May 9, 1822.*


John and Theodosha Skinner of Glastonbury, int. Feb. 2, 1796.


Harriet E. [int. omits E.] and John C. Drury, mercheant, of Rowe, Aug. 31, 1843 [dup. 1844]. [1843. CR1]

MANN (Man)

Nathan [Man] and Betsey Parker of Partridgefield, int. Sept. 22, 1791.

Laura Ann and Avery Tracy of Blandford, Nov. 1, 1836.

Eliza, d. John, and Orrin B. Todd, farmer, of Blandford, b. Blandford, s. ––––– of "suppose" Blanford, Mar. 1, 1843.

Lydia M., d. John and w., and Daniel Phelps, farmer, of Chester, b. "supposed" Chester, Oct. 5, 1845.

John L. and Lodemia A. Todd of Blandford, int. May 8, 1846.

Sarah Elizabeth [int. 25], house keeping, d. John and w. "and Carlow Wait [int. 24], mechanic, of Blandford, b. "supposed" Blandford, s. –––––, of Blandford, Apr. 26, 1847.


John of Chester, and Mrs. Louisa Bartlet, int. June 10, 1801.


Aurelia B., of Chester, and Nathan C. Brewer of Wendell, ––– ––, ––––. [rec. Apr. 18, 1837]. CR1

Pamelia, of Chester, and Jonathan Prentice Jr. of Worthington, Apr. 5, 1837, in Chester. CR1


Willard and Rebecca [? Belona] Randall, of Amherst, int. May 9, 1813.


William of Blanford, and Judith Jones of Blanford, June 21, 1796. CR1

Clark of Washington, and Anna Smith, June 19, 1806. [Clarke CR1]

Anna [int. adds Mrs.] of Washington, and [int. adds Capt.] Daniel Root, June 9 [sic, int. June 10], 1826. [Mrs. Anna of Washington, and Capt. Daniel Root, June 29. CR1]

Anna and Elisha A. Wells of Washington, June 25, 1828.

Asenath S. and James Noble of Hartford, CT, Apr. 3, 1832.


John of Westfield, and Sophia Tayior of Montgomery, Feb. 22, 1798, in Montgomery. CR1


Lydia, Mrs., of Hinsdale. and Philip Meacham, int. Mar. 21, 1819.

Oliver E. and Nancy M. Little of Otis, int. Mar. 27, 1830.


Jesse [int. Mainaid] and Rebeca [int. Abigail] Warner, Sept. 2, 1816. [Maynard, and Rebecca Warner. CR1]

McELWAIN (Maklwain, McKelwain, M'Elwain)

Timothy [McKelwain] and Jane –––––, Jan. 9, 1772, in Somers, CT.*

Timothy Jr. [M'Elwain] [int. Makelwain] and [int. adds Mrs.] Zilpah Gates, Jan. 31, 1798. [McElwain. CR1]

Anna [Maklwain] [int. Macklewain] and John Shaplee, Nov. 27, 1800. [McElwain, and John Shapley. CR1]

Sarah and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Solomon Hatch of Hamilton, NY, July 31, 1810.

Jennet and Lewis Taylor Jr., May 30, 1815.

George W. of Peru, and Hanllab Mock, June 10, 1817.

Luna and Reuben Smith of Becket, Sept. 18, 1817. [Lana. CR1]

Jonathan and Lucy Smith, Oct. 15, 1818.

Martha P. and Charles Wright of Chester, Oct. 20, 1835, [McElwaine. CR1]

George W. and Fanny Fitch of Becket, int. May 14, 1837.

Jonathan Jr., 28, farmer, s. Jonathan, and Clarissa J. [int. Jane] Lyman, 25, housekeeper of Chester, b. Chester, d. Moses of Chester, May 20, 1847.


James of Washington, and Molly Taggart. Jan. 7, 1781. in Washington.*


Orrin and Orilla Bestow [int. Orrilla Bestor], Oct. 25, 1821. [Orrina Bestow. CR1]

MEACHAM (Meachnm, Mechem, Mechum)

Tabatha [Mechum] [int. Mechem] and Martin Starr [int. Star] of Norwich, May 16, 1793.

Dorcas [Mechum] [int. Mechem] and Parker Fellows of Norwich, May 29, 1793.

Ambros [Meachum], of Suffield, CT, and Lucy Risiny of Suffield, CT, Mar. 31, 1794.*

Phillip [Mechem] and Nabby Leland, Nov. 20, 1794. [Meacham. CR1]

Andrew and Celena Hawes, Sept. 7, 1813.

James and Huldah Ball, wid. Windsor, int. Feb. 27, 1814.

Lucy and Allyn Payn [int. Pain] Jr. or Peru, Dec. 27, 1814. [Allen Payne Jr. CR1]

Emily and Levi Olds, Oct. 9, 1818.

Philip and Mrs. Lydia Matthews of Hinsdale, int. Mar. 21, 1819

Philip 2d and Sally Little of Peru, int. Mar. 5, 1820.

Parsons P. of Cato, NY, and Sally Smith, int. Sept. 10, 1820.

Laura and Milton Coomes, int. Mar. 4, 1821.

Abigail andDavid Hamilton of Washington, Apr. 26, 1821.

Sally and Ambrose Newton, int. May 6, 1822.

Tamson and Pierpont E. Newton. June 23, 1825. [Tamsen. CR1]

Harry and Electa A. Bottom, July 22, 1830.

Parsons P. of Cato, NY, and Asenath Smith, int. Sept. 3, 1838.

Amanda and Lyman Church, int. Apr. 18, 1839.

Sarah A., 26, of Peru, b. Peru, d. Philip and Sally of Peru, and George W. [int. omits W.] Ayers, 24, farmer, b. Hauly, s. Moses and Jane of Hauley, July 1, 1847. [George W. Ayres. CR1]


Oliver [int. Meryfield] of Becket, and Expiriance Norcott [int. Mrs. Experience Norcatt], Mar. 15, 1798 [Experience Norcott. CR1]

Ozem and Jenny Grayham [int. Mrs. Genna Graham], Apr. 17, 1798. [Jenny Graham. CR1]


John of Herkimer, NY, [int. omits NY,], and Lucina Root, Sept. 28, 1795. [of Herkimer, NY. CR1]

Walter and Mary Ward, int. Sept. 10, 1820.

Sarah and Alexander Dickson 2d, int. Oct. 14, 1821.

Lucina and Samuel Smith, int. June 24, 1822.

Mary and Alpheus Smith, Apr. 9, 1828.

Thankful and Thomas D. Durant, int. Mar. 23, 1834.

John and Mrs. Nancy Taylor of Chester, int. Mar. 24, 1838.

Harriet and Morgan Pease, int. Apr. ––, 1839.

Julia, d. John and Lucina, and Asa Smith, widr. [int. omits widr.], farmer, s. Calvin and Anna, Mar. 11, 1846.


Flavia and Edward Crane of Becket, July 4, 1826.


James and Lucy Starr, May 14, 1824.

Daniel and Jennet Bisbee of Plainfield, int. Nov. 5, 1826.


Dolly C. of Washington, and Amos Cone, int. Mar. 24, 1849.


Heman E. of Belchertown, and Electa S. Elder of Chester, Apr. 26, 1841, in Chester. CR1

MOORE (More)

Anna [int. Moor] of Chester, and Tabor Pelton, Apr. 25, 1790, in Chester.

Ruth [More] and Seth Partridge of Worthington, Nov. 4, 1805. [Moore. CR1]

Benjamin G. [More] [int. Gillet] of Cambridge, NY, and Polly B. [int. Bigalow] Cone, Mar. 24, 1806. [Moore. CR1]

Cynthia [int. Synthia] and Capt. Simeon Leonard of Hinsdale, Apr. 18, 1811. [Cynthia. CR1]


Archippus of W. Springfield, and Pamela Taylor of Montgomery, Sept. 25, 1800, in Montgomery. CR1

Edmund P. and Laura Nash, Sept. 16, 1834.


James L. of Northampton, and Nancy E. Church, Oct. 23, 1842.

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