MACOMBER (Macumber)

David William[Macumber], s.George and Anna, Jan.28,1813.

Batse Barker, d.Georg and Anne, May25,1805.

Esther Hodges[Macumber], d.George and Anna, May18,1811.

George Washington, s.George and Anna, Sept.26,1807.

Sarah Blair, d.Georg and Anne, Sept.15,1802.

William Harkness[Macumber], s.George and Anna, July11,1809.

MANLEY (Manly)

Elen Maria[Manly], ch.Chandler and Lucinda, Mar.2,1840.

Martha E.[Manly], ch.Chandler and Lucinda, Mar.2,1838.

Mary Elizabeth [dup. E.], d.Chandler and Lucinda, Mar.25 [dup. 23], 1836.

Sanford, s.Chandler and Hannah J., Sept.27,1829.


Levinia[Manard], d.William and Hannah, Apr.13,1806.

McCOLLOCH (McCollah, McColluch, McColluh, McColoch, McCullah, McCulloh)

末末蔓[McColoch], d.Robert and Margret, Apr.24,1748.

末末蔓[McColoch], s.Robert, Apr.9,1751.

末末蔓[McColoch], d.Robert and Sarah, Sept.3,1752.

末末, s.Robert and Sarah McColluch, June4,1756.

末末, d.Robert and Sarah, Dec.25,1757.

末末, s.Robert and Sarah, Oct.9,1759.

末末蔓[Mcolluch], s.Robert and Sarah, May29,1766.

末卜a[Mcolluch], d.Robert and Sarah, Sept.8,1770.

[Ale‡]xander, s.Allexander and Ann, June7,1747.

[Alexander‡], s.Robert, Jan.14,176[3‡].

Allexander[McCollah], s.Hanery and Marthew, Apr.17,1791.

Alford[McCollah], s.Hanery and Marthew, Oct.16,1797.

Amos[McCollah], s.John and Molly, Aug.10,1797.

Anne[McCollah], d.Hanery and Marthew, Aug.27,1799,

Daniel[McCollah], s.Honary and Marthew, July18,1802.

Henrey, s.Allexander and A末末, Mar.3,1751.

Isaac[McCulloh], s.John and Moly, Oct.10,1792.

[J‡]ames, s.Allexander and Ann, Apr.22,1749.

[Jan‡]net, d.Allexander and Ann, May12,1744.

John, s.Allexander and Ann, July9,1742.

John[McCollah], s.Hanery and Marthew, Feb.20,1794.

[Mar‡]garet, d.Allexander and Ann, Feb.19,1746.

[Margaret‡][Mcolluch], d.Robert McColoch and Sarah, Nov.13,1754.

Melinday[McColluh], d.John and Moly, May16,1788.

Nathen[McCullah], s.John and Moly, Jan.9,1789.

[S‡]arah, d.Allexander, May2,1760.

Sarah[McCollah], d.Hanery and Marthew, Nov.29,1788.

William, s.Robert and Sarah, June10,1761.


Jonathen, s.Ephriam and Ester, Nov.17,1782.


末末 [?], s.[? Robert and Mary], 末蔓1,1749.

末末, s.Robert and Mary, Apr.28,1751.

末末, s.Robert and Mary, Mar.18,1753.

末末, s.Robert and Mary, June7,1755.

McMILLEN (McMillin)

David[McMillin], s.Thomas (McMillen) and Martha, Mar.23,1780.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Mar.27,1791.

James, s.James (McMullen), and Sarah, Mar.5,1781.

Joel, s.James and Sarah, Apr.20,1783.

Martha, d.Thomas (McMillin) and Martha, Oct.21,1781.

Polly, Dec.11,1778.

Rufus, s.John and Mary, Dec.22,1787.


末末 Caldwell, s.Patrick and Mary, Jan.25 [? 21], 1751.

末末, s.Patrick and Mary, Mar.23,1752.

末末, s.Patrick and Mary, Apr.26,1754.

末末, s.Patrick and Mary, Mar.29,1756.

末末, s.Patrick and Mary, Feb.7,1758.

[D‡]avid, s.Patrick and Mary, July8,1762.

David, s.William and Hanah, Aug.4,1783.

John, s.John and Mary, Aug.1,1785.

[Jonatha‡]n, s.Patrick and Mary, June9,1764.

[M‡]ary, d.Patrick and Mary, Mar.7,1760.

Molly, d Thomas and Martha, May10,1783.

[Mary‡], d.James and Sarah, Mar. [1‡], 1786.

Meriam, d.Thomas and Martha, Oct.23,1778.

Nancy, d.John and Mary, Apr.25,1781.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Martha, Apr.20,1786.

Sally, d.John and Mary, July3,1783.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Martha, Nov.19,1784.

William, s.William (McMullin) and Hanah, Dec.23, 末末. [rec. after David b. 1783].

MEKLEM (Maklam, McKliam, McKliem)

末末, s.Robert and Rebakah, Aug.27,1752.

末末, d.Robert and Rebekah, Aug.21,1754.

末末, d.Robert and Rebekah, July27,1756.

末末, s.Robert and Rebekah, July13,1758.

末末, s.Robert and Rebekah, May28,1760.

紡beth, d.Robert and Rebekah, Jan.5,1765.

Hannah[Maklam], d.Andrew and Isabel, Apr.11,1741.

Jean Thompson[McKliem], d.Andrew and Isabel, Mar.12,1753.

John[McKliam], s.John and Eunice, Mar.19,1788, in Blanford.

Margret[McKliam], d.Andrew and Isebal, May15,1750.

[Ro‡]bert, s.Robert and Rebekah, Aug.15,1762.

Royal[McKliam], s.John and Eunice, July7,1791, in Blanford.

Samuel[McKliam], s.John and Eunice, Sept.27,1799.

Sanford[McKliam], s.John and Eunice, May15,1794.

MILLEN (Mellen, Millan, Millin)

末末, ch.Patrick and Judith, Dec.5,1827.

Achsah, twin d.William and Jean, Mar.16,1790.

Amy, d.Jeremiah and Nancy, Sept.20,1798.

Anne, d.Jonathen and Sally, May10,1790.

Calister, s.Jonathen and Sally, Mar.27,1798.

Catherine Elvira[Mellen], d.Patrick and Judith, Jan.17,1832.

Charles Witherbee, s.David and Laura, Mar.29,1819.

Cloa, d.Jeremiah and Nancy, Jan.2,1793.

David, s.William and Jean, Aug.4,1783.

David, s.Jonathen and Sally, Sept.3,1802.

David Rankin, s.David and Patty, Apr.2,1816.

Eliza, d.Jonathan and Sally, Mar.10,1812.

Battsey, twin d.William and Jean, Mar.16,1790.

Betsey Elizy[Millan], d.Pattrick and Livony, Dec.15,1810.

Betsey Eliza, d.Pattrick and Lavina, May11,1812.

Betsey, d.Jeremiah and Polly, Aug.16,1812, in Brookfield.

Erastus, s.Jeremiah and Nancy, Oct.13,1800.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Mar.27,1791.

Hannah, d.William and Jean, Nov.6,1794.

Hannah Pach, d.David and Patty, Feb.20,1814.

Henry Loring, s.Jeremiah and Polly, July3,1819.

Ira, s.John and Mary, Mar.26,1799.

Isaac Rowens[Mellen], s.Patrick and Judith, Apr.28,1829.

James, s.Jonathan and Sally, July12,1807.

Jeremiah, s.William and Jean, June7,1786.

John Linsey, s.William and Jean, Aug.24,1793.

Jonathen, s.Jonathen and Sally, May15,1800.

Levi, s.William and Jean, Dec.2,1787.

Levi Smith[Millin], s.Rufus and Eunice, Dec.10,1809.

Levina, d.Jonathen and Sally, Jan.9,1796.

Lucias, d.Jeremiah and Nancy, Nov.2,1796.

Patty[Mellen], d.David and Laura H., Oct.14,1820.

Polly, d.Jonathen and Sally, Dec.8,1792.

Mary Augusta, d.Levi and Polley, Aug.1,1811.

Mercy Charlotte [dup. Marcy Charlott], d.William Jr. and Sally, Oct.23,1816.

Nathen Freeman, s.Jonathen and Sally, June21,1788.

Pattrick, s.Jonathen and Sally, Oct.27,1785.

Rebeckah, d.Jeremiah and Polly, Oct.5,1816.

Samuel Porter, s.Pattrick and Lavina, Apr.2,1814.

Sally Hastings, d.Jeremiah and Polly, May27,1814.

Silas Bigelow, s.David and Laura, Dec.29,1817.

Sophronia Relief, d.Levi and Polly, May28,1813.

Susannah, d.John and Mary, July4,1793.

William, s.William and Jean, Dec.23,1784.

William Proctor [dup. Procter], s.William Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Sally [dup. Salley], Sept.9,1814.


Mary L., d.Job S. and Marilla, Sept.9,1848.


Ashal Mathews, s.Brigham and Abigail, Aug.15,1810.

Fanney, d.Brigam and Nabby, Mar.10,1804.

Martha Jackson, d.Brigham and Abagel, Aug.6,1808.


Agness, d.Thomas and Martha, Mar.5,1790.

Anna, d.Thomas and Martha, Nov.17,1777.

Carolina twin d.Thomas and Martha, Aug.14,1792.

Hannah twin d.Thomas and Martha, Aug.14,1792.

Jane, d.Thomas and Martha, Sept.8,1781.

John, s.Thhomas and Martha, Sept.29,1779,

Martha, d.Thomas and Martha, Sept.5,1774, in Greenwich

Mary, d.Thomas and Martha, June29,1772, in Greenwich.

Olive, d.Thomas and Martha, Aug.15,1785.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Martha, Oct.14,1787.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Martha, July23,1783.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Martha, Sept.12,1795.

MOWRY (Mowrey)

末末蔓[Mowrey], ch.Osborn and Eliza Ann, Nov.10,1819.

Alice Chase, d.Osborn ond Elizaann, Sept.7,1822.

John Osborn[Mowrey], s.Osborn and Elizaann, Feb.10,1324.

Lavinia Buffum[Mowrey], d.Osborn Mowry and Elizannn. Dec.20,1820.

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